Religion reinforces the Unreal

     Religion does not reveal the real, it tries to get its adherents to be successful in the unreal. and promise them health “health” and wholeness in the “future” to come – after they die. telling them it’s right for them to die, to expect death to conquer them. letting time and space conquer that which real is.
     Religion reinforces its concepts and principles to perpetuate its control of controllership of its people s. the peoples of religion “buy” into those, percepts and principles, patterns of thinkings, that create waves, of unbelief in the real, and belief in the unreal – solidifying the unreal in the hearts of the thinkers. thinkings which create it. thus the unreal is seen and powerful and “sharper than a two-edged sword” is only that which someone claims is in a book, written a long time ago.
     The New Covenant promises relief, not; it promises the New and Living Covenant of one will possess the real, not; but lets, allows, the adherents to nonlife enter, not; but the adherents of the real will become the most humble of all, the meekest. of all God is. God is. god is. That which is real – God is – i am.
     i need not religion to establish a savior of other or nirvana’s feeling or superior intellect to understand the new covenant. The New Covenant. IS peace coming through me, to teach me DIRECTLY, who i am. is.
     Not subject to the edicts mandates of man, kind or not; I we are, not subject to one-not, again. We are subject TO the real IN the real, if WE will accept it as doctrine, not; but Entering it. letting it come through us. we a river, as a river, rivering the word of faith not; but surrender. to BE the real. as OUR father is. So be it unto us. We are. Pregnant with the word, religion silences us no more. Silent lambs we are no more, being slaughtered, in the pews. I know what the real is. I’ve been given the pattern, as we ALL have – it’s WITHIN us – each one. IF we let it speak, “it” will teach us. Directly.
     That’s the promise of the new covenant the Promise of The New Covenant. Released, we become it; flowing in us, we become not separate from us that we are, the real within the real; and the aches of the Unreal permeate us no more; not consistently, for we must learn to mature INTO it. The Promised Land is. Right inside within us all round us. We ‘ve not had eyes to see it. We’ve ached in the pain of the unreal – waves ‘s created worlds, that religion has reinforced.
    But no more.
    The mask is pulled back.
     One knows, and all will know.
     No settlement devices of other will be planted-im in us again, using our “neo” cortex devices as it’s “plantation” system. of its devicery. to perpetuate its location system, in Our holy of holies.

Waves waves waves – posing as the Real?

     We see by waves. We hear by waves. We commune and communicate by waves. Waves define our worlds, our ways, our cultural norms. We see by light waves, hear by sound waves, exist by thinking we’re thinking in a vacuum-free existence not, or are we in something of a mal ady of events we have attributed to god; for our existence in other not, or are we in the Unreal, incarcerated in it, in a SEA of waves? 
     Classical physics work in a Sea of waves. Waves of seas even work by mathematical models and formulas. Scientists exist by clippings not, but by documenting and collaboration, making formal the statements of their tests and findings. Mostly for commerce rather than “open-source”, we still have gained much from the observation mentality not, but from the explorative community, be it for commerce or charity. Scientists document and we validate daily our existence in the “real” that we think we exist in; yet it’s all a propagation of waves ‘ worlds.
     Waves give distance thoughts. Thoughts are created by distance not, but what creates thought? Have we created thought, differently by and to each other, on some sort of plane, that we think is existence? And validify and verify our existence each day through the confirmation of others – and our pain? Our progress? Our delights? Our wadings through the muggy muddy days? Of the flesh? Paying taxes and sorting out to-do lists and prioritizing our existence in a “vacuum” of thought, comprised by a sea of waves?
Are we in a field of waves we call normality? Humanity? ‘s dilemma? So where’s god and why all the pain?
I’m never enough.
     I have friends when I subscribe to their waves ‘ norms. Their waves’ norms. 
Their norm’s waves.
     What propagates the waves? The mind? The thinkings ‘ thinker? The thinking’s thinker? The thinker’s thinkings? Are ported on waves?
     Is Waves the real?
     or the Unreal?
     that we’re in.
     The pain of existence in a waves’ environment is costly, for the real poses not as the unreal, but the unreal “confirms” to us daily that IT’S the real. That we’re in. Though false, its SO confirmed by all else and other that we laboriously burden through each day ourselves as pack-animals, seeking disposition not, but position in each other’s mind, and acceptance, compliance, and dropping not out the heart of those we “deem” most valuable. False is confirmed by classical physics; the constraints it offers, the security of KNOWing it’s the real world, and us “controlling” it not, but controlling ourselves to comply and find “acceptance” and an “place” in this “world”.
     What if False is unmasked?
Can Unreal maintain its facade forever?
     If False is unmasked, can my pain be “relieved” not, but emasculated will I be no more – by thinkings other? Can I live the life of the real IN the real that I know exists; somehow somewhere?
     I will pay the price.
     surrender – to learn.
     what the REAL is and what the Unreal isn’t not, or is it backward not, or is – antithesis’d not, or simply are I am making you think about HOW we think/we’ve taught to think – so linearly; not again?
     Is the ache of the Real what I feel inside?
     Is the Real in me, that wants to be expressioned freedom, freedom of expression having, not subject to waves? worlds? constraints?
     Do the waves propagate the molecular?
ions of who knows where – originate and contemplate, or not be complacency’s again? About these things?
     Is there a world of Unwaves? Unmolecular  –’d?
glorified? or just simple am’s?
     I am I am, and I will pay the price in time and surrender to know mankind will not be, is not, semistrated or stratified in unreal’s world again.
     I will write about what I see hear feel and become.
     I will not surrender to the pain that only takes me to a grave, and dumps me into something else to be used later, for the same purposes, in else’s “worlds” again.
     I love you all.

Letting unreal no longer pose as the real

     We’ve been incarcerated so long in protons, electrons, and neutrons, that we seem to think it’s the norm, and culturally correct to consider it as god-given, or god-ordered; yet that which is real is not subject to the control of protons electrons and neutrons. That which is real is not subject to gravity time or space. That which is real is not subject to the molecular; so why does the molecular control us, and pose as the real, when we’re not “it”?
    We transcend the real, but we find ourselves in a pain-filled world. I am not my molecules, nor do molecules define me, even though people judge people on what they perceive people’s molecular appearance tells them. We are taught to realize the rule of the molecular even though it isn’t the real world; it isn’t the real at all! It’s the unreal posing as the real. And we all buy into it because we’re taught from birth it’s “how it is” in this world. We come in, grow up, pay taxes, learn to “fall in line”, and, never having lived experientially in the real, and then we die hoping to go to a better place. Then we go somewhere. “We” go somewhere, for the eternal real, that inside each of us is, is not dependent on molecular “life”. I didn’t become eternal when my mom got pregnant with me, I was eternal before this world was made. So were you. We ALL existed before time and space got started, and gravity took hold, and spinning things got spinning all round us.
     We were all ONE before we became molecularized. One is a multi-membered one. One is all equal without bureaucracy or layered authorities. One is all equal. One is many-membered and not separate from each other. Part of the pain of the unreal is our separation from each other. from the real. identityless, we think we “human” and tred along the path of the “forefathers” who went before us and never experienced the real entering the real from the unreal. Death triumphed. Fear played the trump card at the table of life won, over all in the past, except our pattern. The one individual that entered the real after having been born into the unreal, is Jesus. He learned how to transcend the prison of the molecular before he went to the cross. It wasn’t mind over matter, it was perfect ultimate surrender to be -come who he was, who we are. Our pattern was showing us us; the real portraying the real to us so that we could see the pattern and break the cycle of pain that we’ve been experiencing for thousands of years as “humanity”.
     Everything about the real is being revealed now, and the “trump card” of fear and death can no longer triumph over us. The pain of the unreal has to give way to truth, that we are, that inside us is; every single one of us; that let’s the real in us talk, and teach us who we are, will transcend in ultimate surrender, to defeat death before we die. Fear cannot touch us. All authority in heaven and earth has been given to every single one of us to enact the patternship of the pattern to enter the real, before the molecular “Molech’s” us again.
     Pain is no longer eternal -ly getting birthed into molecular anything again. The secret’s out. We’re the real in an unreal world, and the unreal posing as the real will not fool us, making fools of us, our lives, any more. Everything will change now, and I’ll keep posting about it. The revelation of The New Covenant, that speaks inside us, and teaches us all things, now pulls the veil back, and all will see the fascade that the unreal pulled over our eyes. The ultimate surrender of each of us to be the real who-we-are allows us to heal, heal ourselves first, forgiving all; and then healing forgiveness take to others. And that my friend, changes everything. For all leadership now that will lead into forgiveness and perfect love that surrender ultimate is, now leads out of the unreal into the real. The Promised Land. The real.

and there’s no pain there.

The Pain of the Unreal

We are the real birthed in an unreal world. The temporal visible empirical world is not the constant we think it is, or have been taught to think, of, or as, it is not composed of matter as we have been taught to think of it. It is not ONLY just protons and spinning things, but it’s the manifestation of the unreal ‘carcerating in itself, the self of self that the real is stuck in. We’re the real stuck in the unreal – thinking it’s real; and THAT brings us much pain, suffering, and lateral sidekicks not, but we are in competition it seems, with each other, for limited resources.

Yet the real has unlimited resources and infinite touch, not; or does it – have infinite communicative abilities and infinite creative abilities to be the creator of I am, that I am is? If the real creator is stuck in flesh-bags thinking it’s not the creator, the mind of the “one” that that’s attached to, or in, is pained; for the ache of the immortal aches in the flesh being incarcerated in it.

We know we are not of this world, IF we let ourselves become who we are – REALLY are. The beginning again BEGINNING now is for ones who aren’t afraid to explore and become the becomers of the New, Beginning all things new – again. We are the real immortal, incorruption borned into corruption mortal; that dies and dies and dies again going round “life” cycles borning into things that only use our minds. Which the holy is: in the real. The temple not made with hands is our mind s. so holy. man can’t control – but only surrenders itself to itself’s flesh thinker, that thinks itself into separation – from the real, and that brings us pain – ache within our souls, aches within our mind, that one and the same is with flesh- if it thinks so. But the real is not ‘carcerated IF it’s set free; and that can only be done if IN ultimate surrender, the surrenderer becomes the Freedomer that sets all free! in it’s path, is no other but the real. SO, we see each other not “in the flesh” AS the flesh that we’re taught to be’think in, anymore. We SEE each other as Christ real, Real, IN the real, ALL of us are, if will we LEARN.

To LEARN is to LEAD – lead ourselves first, in to Incarceration-not Land. That the Real is – inside us. ALL. All of us HAVE the Real inside of us, taught to think it outside of us. No more will that be.

Real true leadership is being developed now that MANY have talked about in the past in PART. But now the WHOLE mystery of Christ will be finished, and Zion not made with hands will be realized, recognized, and developed in the skies will be Israel proper; the Real – where we came from. creating again – all things new – now shall be.


Pain will be recognized no more as having authority OVER us, for we’ll be ENTERING the Real, BECOMING IT, not separate from the truest true love that IS – the real. Entering it, we learn a Learning System that DEVELOPS LEADERS! Leaders that will develop’lead themselves first, into a vocabulary and learning system not consistent with man’s. not consistent with the ‘carcerated world’s. view of anything.
it is not linear.
it depends not on rules
of punctuation or grammar
yet if follows enough to develop FROM the Real that which the real IS.
not separate at all.
never was.

Now we shall not experience the pain of loss, and infinitelessness
any more.

we shall be
the born again ones, experiencing it, a Jesus the pattern did. IN THE SKIES.
not being infiniteless again.

treating all as One, the one we are, we WERE again; for time shall be no more.


Jesus changed leadership – forever

     Jesus took leadership out of four walls of the elite and gave us the pattern of The New Covenant revealed, in him, the common, that he birthed first, that we should. It’s not something we copy or worship, we become it. To know it, is to become it. To know what the New Covenant is, is to become it- fulfilled. Experientially. You cannot know it from a distance. You cannot comprehend it from a distance. You cannot behold it by any other way than to become it. To become it – you enter it. You let the word be the word that the word is, in you, as the seed of Christ that you are. You were born with. Not dependent on thought.
     The perfection that Jesus had within him, he birthed. Perfection can only be birthed by the word – of I am, I am – being released in each one to let the leadership development process continue unabated. No longer as children identityless from our father the word, we let the process of the New Covenant reveal to us who we are as it teaches us where we are, what we are, and answering all our questions not, but leading us through an educational process that preempts everything else not, but let’s us become our learning. We always do – become our learning. So what are we surrendering to learn?
     The New Covenant and leadership development are inseparable; inextricably linked they are, for the creation process breeds the creators that create it. The New Covenant creates the Christ (whether you capitalize it or not), and that’s what all of us are, in our real state – of being. Everything changes now as the mystery of christ is no longer, for the New Covenant reveals leadership in every single person, of every nation tribe and tongue. No one can stop this.
     This is the beginning of a revolution: the revelation revolution – that changes ALL learning forever. Amen.


Blogging about the interests of I am

My blogging will begin, and will be about many of the documents I’ve written; some 3,000 now, that form Database One and Two of the Central Database of the University of The New Covenant. My blogging will take many forms and be about many of the interests of I am, that I disclose now throughout my words, lessons that take place through the form of text’d surrender; times of surrender where I write – like this, mostly.

I’ve written other diction and grammar-like structures, often; yet it seems that many folks are stuck on syntax like they’re used to receiving – through the simplest of documents, not meant to provoke thought, but just transfer of a something that will be quickly accessed, quickly assessed, and quickly forgotten. And of little value. If any.

I’m not writing for the quick – casual reader. I’m writing for one, an audience of one. One.

My first post – to you all. Amen. To begin to think in a new way, a way that let’s the surrendered within bring forth additional insight and revelation to the unsurrendered mind, so that the unsurrendered part of us gives up trying to preempt the surrendered part of us, to be who we really are: I am.

Not limited to diction and grammars of the past, IS there a new way, to understand – all things? A new way of education? A new way of learning – the SURRENDERED WAY? And what might it be and how to access, bring forth, and become something new; a CREATIVE one? I think so – and that’s why I’m writing. To introduce you to love within, You, who the really real you, you are. I am.

All the programmatic part of the past that established paradigms rigid, no longer control the creative Force of the Universe, is the surrendered. ultra surrendered, to have no mind of other – but love’s.

I love you all.