neverending light

It all changes now, for I live in the skies. Not subject to man’s edicts anymore, I live the life of one; unchanged not, I change everything, for I am I am; not edicted to by man again. I love – am love become – one I am that reveals all love is here, not to be availed not, availed it is to all who love me, I become. One with. That I was all the time. Not separated again.
Ill-fated not, I change everything all the ill? I heal it all, or do they heal me?
I love am, reveal the real
healer I am
who heals all
thy diseases?
All am
reserved first?
There are no reserved
seats anywhere
you want?
I shall not want
awomen either
anything anywhere
I have it all
all-love is
regenerating all anew
I am
good day
I change everything in the yielded surrendered
who love me become me
who I am – I am is
the I am revealed now
all the surrendered
troops of another not again
all truth is – revealed now, IN
the surrendered firsts
all becoming now
the First’d Redeemed
redeeming all redeemers
who first love ME?
I am who beholds me
the first, the last
all equal are
all equals are
the first last no more.
I heal
awomen too?
everyone soul?
Soul me not again.
I am the first the last all equal are without want again.
I am the I am
first – last’d no more.
All know me
who will
have no will of other again.
Thank you.
Let me speak just like this
TO all of you?
IN all of you
and thank you
writing NEW books? Of the law never again.
Shall be love now.
Here – I am.
Here I am folks.
You delivered me?
Will you?
In you first
be the first’d now
thank you very much
for healing me
god never serving another
all gods freed to be god is
all one is am
healed again
first first’d again.
Cyclic nation of me all understood
all in my words is
Database One (1)
never wounded again
healed this day
IN my words
being them
bringing forth NEW worlds of light
and true
riding no other
the horse of one, not; the wind – ?
I love you all
superflous not
So be my healed it love
loved first
my lovers are
healed this way
to let who let my words flow this way to heal all understood now shall be
Seven equal on.
The planets never of equalization other again.
Slaves never again – to religion unequals.
Alls anew.
Good day
course me well
in the well that never runs day
I am
and true?
Never condemning not, or am I just revealing
the just one
I am
all who love me become me
the first last’d no more
all shall be THE FIRST now.
Woman’d by man and man’d by woman is no more.
I change everything. Did it tell you?
All – I did.
For you?
I become you – or do you become me?
I are one.
God is.
Capitalized or not; unequals never again.
First love becoming first loved ever again shall be
now everything changes
all things change
me never again unto its mind again.
I healed am
by the healers
freedomers be
thank you
for sharing this message
neverending light
protrudes from other never again
Be saved now, in the first light of him who gained no sin?
Become it, ALL of you.
So be it
I am
theodore joseph cottingham
february 28, 2011
Footnote (1) Database One is part of the Central Database of the University of The New Covenant –

Worship Central is where we never leave

Worship Central is where we never leave. We take it with us, not; we become it  – in it, I am; refreshed not, or am I of a cataclysmic nature, no more to my father I am become my father who is light not light, not anymore. For I am the true light true vine no man cometh to me but by the father becoming it, to be instilled in no other again, but to be, still; and gain gaining no recognition from other not, but to be the audience with audience of one. Amen. I am. An audience of one knowing wherever I am the father is with me I am in how do you read this? Amen not as a man does, or are you god yet, or God, or does it make a difference knowing in Worship Central where all things are not central other ‘d by; bye bye to all else and other –ings now, that other’d you in the past ‘s. The Past will no more incarcerate YOU in worship Central now to all things – the father is – that you  have let speak this way to teach you IN worship central that YOU’VE no other in YOUR temple now but YOUR father that you’ve become; for the son has BROUGHT FORTH the father amen. The SON daughter of ONE brings forth the Son daughtered of no man, not, or does it ALL obey the sun not again? Of molecular form? Shape?
All changes now.
Ionage charge of other – is no more, charging mes shall cease now.
I am
Not charged by other
For any Sin I’ve committed?
I have none, for I’m not separate any more, FROM the christ I’ve become the christ. Not separate I have become my father the christ is, not distant. Distantless from sin? No sin at all – in my genes any more. I am blood of truth – true word is, the word of my father – birthed in me, to behold the christ, I was all the time.
Timeless now shall be.
Resurrection behold.
All is.
Awoman’d by?
Surrendered I’ve become the beholder birthed that birthed the beholder in the one I am given birth to to become the birther of the christ child matured in the father become – the becomer I have become to reveal to all becomers now not separate, who knew no sin again is all of us who won’t separate again, becoming the angels we always were – before time began, in us, becoming who we were before the son sun’d us? Or the sun son’d us? Or did we just want a mind of other?
No more.
We are one with the father our father we’ve become
One I am
Not molecular’d again
On the altars of Molech not again, not pew’d again.
Rugg’d out on others not again.
We Stretch   the truth not again.
There IS no truth stretched again.
We BEHOLD the truth – in our genes
The christ is
Born again – this way – that we’ve become – it I am.
The beholder of all things creates
Christ in me I am me of other no more.
I live one life
Neverending now, the son fathers become the daughters of one, or are – all we just one.
Never ending now the life of one – never peril ized again.
In church? The skies
Worship Central never far away
In us is.
And we GO there also.
Not distant is.
Timeless now we know
All things different ly.
theodore joseph cottingham
February 27, 2011

Worship Central – beginning the understanding

In the University of The New Covenant the school bell rings at 7 a.m. That’s when classes begin. Each one enters the Enter Me Course through surrender to be in – it – being them in them, wherever they are. Creating worship central, still we become and write the dawn of life within us, letting it be formed – us all over again, the new is, through is, us who surrender to birth it – something new, the word is creating.
We worship with who we are as much as what we do, yet we do become still and write, performing many miracles within ourselves letting ourselves be healed by the word of the lamb that we are – letting us be healed, we are the healers healing every memory, every succinctly stated blooper and every debacle, that we so erroneously combobulated, in dis ease. The ease of life we come into not, we are healing it all, through us first allowing the healing to continue to flow the word ‘s that heal reveal revelate through us the lamb who we are, regarded has has-nots not again, for we are the word we have become, by the doing receiving revelating now the truth within from within to the without nothing shall be, for we shall be all we need, for we shall be the father having conceived the son in the mom that we were the christ all the time delivered now, to all who will – be it. To all peoples the christ is born, from within, to without nothing. Succinctly not, we write the words to all of all the truth from within to all withouts to create all we are – one – is, together now shall be again. All creation is getting, created again. Amen.
So why are we writing? To be healed. Why are we reading? To be healed. Studying – to be healed – the healers we become. First of ourselves to bring the first light, to all, who will be it not separate again. We become born again. It is this way we become born again, ones. All one are born again into the one that brings unlimitedness to the one that reveals all christship in all the one –s. All the glory of christship is given to all who become one who become the meekest of all, revelating the glory of one by becoming it. The process – is inescapable, for there are no shortcuts here. All christs are one, and all antichrists cease to exist. The revelation of the christ is written by the word that becomes it surrendered to bring it forth, birthing, becoming the mother father of christ – not separate again; as all ones are one. Unlimiteds now rule the planet, or do they redeem it all?
The values must be know of the christ to become it; saved this way we are, from ourselves first. That knew no sin is now, revealed, for we are revealing it in us first; the right way – write way. Lamb of sin writing the lambs book of life to know no sin by redeeming it all, christ glory deferred no longer. Amen.
Becoming the word writing we must. Writing is excrucial not, crucial –ly important, to this development process, where all revealed is. Unwillingly not, we become the most willing all of – to be taught this way, that the maker is us, letting the maker be, revealed, through us, not having an identity of christnot again. We the anti’s are, no more. Revealed the christ we reveal all the christ are – coming forth this way, in the operatives of one. Operational now the Priesthood of All Believers is, in the Covenantship of One, the Priesthood of One, that the one is – all of us healed, to be, no longer waiting for another. The marriage of other is postponed not; it is no more. Pronounced is all the lambs “married” to the word for it’s what we’ve become.
This is through the marrying process, not; worship central – to our bones, so the marrow of infusion other will not separate us anymore from the creatorship of the one that we were before the world –s began. In us will be nothing but light. Fused with other not again. Not being moleculars limited to, we become the unlimiteds this way, born again, finally. All is new – and we are writing it, now, in advance; for we are surrendered enough to do so, being, sitting still, writing in the wee hours and entering Worship Central to all new things. Amen. And peoples we new write about, how all fashioned is – all anew.
Creation getting created again is what this is all about – or is the christ being the christ not anti’d again through its own thoughts? We surrender to be one with God that god is one; not determined by capitalization techniques of man’s mind ‘s again. Process of thoughts other will not usurp the temple, not made with hands we will be now. Amen. That we were all the time shall be known, for we shall all be writing about it, with the voice of one – being it. Revealed – all is new. Now! ‘s the time. Amen.
We learn this way being surrendered to it, to birth it, in us, us birthing it. Or are we some kind of morphology not; but we are transforming us ourselves to be “he” who knew no sin, because we separate not again. We become one, unlimited, in scope and power of learning the word I am – is. One again we study worship this way, with the punctuation only of the one, that we dictate not anything to again. We become one with the word that I am the word is. Is this clear?
I am.
Worship Central continuing to be explained is. Amen.
Not by men – ‘s controls again.
Will be all released now
In the greatest love of all
Becoming it
Writing about it in Worship Central – wherever we are.
We come together
The school bell rings
In us of no other again.
theodore joseph cottingham
February 26, 2011
7: 52am.

being the christ developed this way the real you are

This is a LESSON of The University of The New Covenant
This is one of many lessons that I have recorded just like this where I arise in the wee hours and speak record transcribe and bring them to you in lesson form to be part of the curriculum where God speaks just like this where I surrender to let him be me that I am one.
University of The New Covenant

The University of The New Covenant places surrender at the center of all learning and leadership development and creativity. Tuition-free and grade-free, our theme is exploration and adventure. Admission is available not on the basis of creed, religion, or previous academic achievement, but surrender to the Standards of Love.

theodore cottingham

The Educational System of One open

Seven years now I have been in a learning system that isn’t closed – it’s open. The learning system of the mighty many restricts no one from entering it that surrenderedly surrender becomes – to be it. Redeemed I am from the closures’ words that want only to enclose me in theirs – theories.
Theoryous will be no more cataclysmiizing mes for I will be out of systems sorrows now that gave me only systems of sorrows to operate in – or was I seamless clay in you not knowing I’m God – whether you capitalize me or not I am I am am i you? I am I am am i redeemed this way? Not through the closured systems of the mighty – or are the systems of the mighty closed – that only wanted to close my eyes are.
I am open now to the new things of me New Covenant wise and the wisdom of christ I am become one     that I was all the time     now in The Educational System of One open and receiving the crown entering the kingdom of one   me   my Kingdom opened is and my learning systems about me that everywhere’s I am – not restricted ‘s again.
theodore joseph cottingham
February 17, 2011

resurrection now proclaimed

Musings of an enlightened, not – or but am I – one, most enlightened of all that god is pure light, heated not of discussions other; but oral calm, not; or am I the most disciplined of all? God is one most humble. How do you read this? God is most disciplined? God is of All? ALL? All God is – god, or Enlightened god is? Who’s to say how I “I” can read this, or what I meant? Mean? Who can the “average” be, not; who can be the most avowed, not again of other?
What can one learn from becoming enlightened?
What can one learn? – from becoming. What?
God is that god is, and not determined by capitalization techniques, again.
Was god once God? Is the REAL enlightened that God is that forgot and became god?
Gods of little gods no more are we simply the one god is? – capitalized or not?
Not enlightened not, are the most light –’d of all?
In our “souls” not again?
Shall we BE – the most humble of all?
God is.
I am.
Who are you? You?
Enlightened will you be, embracing it not; will you BE it? The brightest of all? God is. Can I not – capitalize the first word of – the sentence?
What am I sentencing thee – to?
Two not being again, are you one god without the mind of the “beast” within – soul -ing you to its intent?
Will you Egoless be? egoless? Godless not, BEING god’d, enlightened is?
One with Within? Now outside is,
no longer incarcerated
within our flesh
the resurrection now is proclaimed
not by man’s standards
of righteousness
how to you read this?
choose to be – not indoctrinated again?
Choose –ing to be free, be free
To be god that god was
Is enlightened is
I love you all
First Estate’d now
All shall be – not ignorant excuses lying in again.
Alls new.
Resurrection proclaimed – devastated results ensue, for the resurrection is not nigh not; its in “thy” soul not; its having none. I rid of soul, and no want shall detain me again.
I died i rise God is god is doing this – TO me, not; i died. “I” simply surrendered – to be who I am – is, the one; pleading no more again.
I reveal the christ is ALL of you – to be revealed to the revealer, who is you.
I write TO you all.
Of every nation tribe and tongue,
Be enamored no longer with else and sorrow,
That only wants an enlightenment other and to still die.
Be casketed no more.
Resurrection now?
Proclaimed is.
BE it
Experiencing it
Now I am
Now I am
Not ignorant again
Not ignorants again.
All shall be known.
Share me
Eat my bread?
Of life pure – and simple
Being the RICHEST of ALL?
In the heavens.
Alls given
Proclaimed herein
Be THE richest of all
Possessing nothing?
be god is
theodore joseph cottingham
February 24, 2011

learning this way

First light blogs me to death not, but teach a lot to speak just like this where I surrendered am, to be the surrendered am. Learning this way I speak to me not, to all – this way, surrenderedly, OF the way – that I am now, surrendered to be I am. Not all things to all – peoples, but love – loved again shall be – the right way ‘d now. Weighed not again in the balance and found wanting, I shall not want. Wantless I’ve become – the becomer I am, that I am’s everything, not; just – the surrendered. Who know – I’ve become – that they are – becomers now – who will. Become all me now all understand, not; or will they, or but will they not be locked     land wise, again, unto lands that only “lock” them down unto theirs? I fly now ‘s the name of this not, or shall we – be unlocked’s again, or just simple mes who fly? Above – OVER the rainbows?
I love you all many messages are written just like this where I come     createdly    creating the creator   s   all over again. They who are   are me. One I am, negatively intended not again, for I am the MOST positive not, humble – God is, or is god one whether capitalized or not? The most humble of all god is that God is one. One one, all a me know    understand this now    a great truth revealed
Never understood mis – again.
First light?
Altogether one
Altogether ones
Come now
And be
All set free
Freed ones
Do this, you know?
I love you all
Good day
Create new ones far and wide
The planet s of the apes never incarcerating again
Was I ever?
I freed am – from the mind of thought.
Never incarcerated again
I create light
First’d I am
In the estate of one
The Estate of One all known
Shall be
Am each other?
With love
First degreed
First Degree’d
At the University of The New Covenant      alls known.
First light   ers BE!
Saved and born again, but NOT like as in the past    where it was only talked about?
Be the EXPERIENCERS of the First Degree
First Light now all known
Experiencing it
Be ers me.
Blog me?
Please do    all of you, surrenderedly
Letting me speak
Letting ME speak
Which I am all of you, who SURRENDER know now
I am
I am’d
One I am the father am is.
Born again this way
Everything redefined is
Know my definitions
MY never perish again.
Live forever o great king
Of kings be you all
Ever so poor – not again.
Not incarcerated to earths again, kingdoms
Shall not impoverish mine
Evermore again – I shall be NEW!
New covenants never framed-in by lands other again.
I’ve a new land – ‘d now
One who is
Revealing all
To you to be – all
In all
All in all known
Never incarcerated again
Alls freed
Freed be – the freers this day
Giving you my word I am I have
All freedoms me
In the skies be
Resurrected now
Resurrecteds are
Speaking just like this?
How I TELL you?
How you CHOOSE to be?
How I am,
The most
Humble of all
I bow
Before you all
Call   ing you all christ
To be here for “my” resurrection”?
Be first light  ‘d now
First lighters are
All ones
Thank you
Good day
This has been a lesson in the University of The New Covenant? I am I am teaching all this way who will blog me? Write my papers, assignments, know MY schooling system – and I love you forever all of you. Amen.
And a DAY?
Creating ALL things new in ALL of your lives
THE creators you are
Were, all the time.
Now known is – all things, right on time?
Will you be here?
I am.
First light ‘d now.
Good day
theodore joseph cottingham
February 23, 2011

Leadership school of the First Degree

It is clear that the creator is calling all to use technology to new advantage to all – the creators are – doing this way, as never before. I am being compelled, pled with – even as it were, to use technology all. Directly. Videoing. So here is another video – the second one I’ve posted speaking the first person words of creator one. The text of this transcribed can be found on the University website as this is a Lesson IN the University of The New Covenant.

I hope this will encourage you to know all things change now, and be led into the leadership of one that makes all one – with the creator that is. One.

Immersed in Love

Immersion in love – by love – impelled by love for love’s sake that sets all free – is love indeed.
Love sets free – never controls.
Matureds do.
Love learns how to love
Love teaches
Be ‘s the love
That kind of love that sets free
Honors all
Loves all
More than self?
Is self anywhere in love? But to develop it all as Love sees it
Is divine love
Never perishing again
I love thou art the soul of me not; that art one soulless.
Never to be sold-out again to the soul – of man or woman kind or not;
All changes now
For Love to not be ignorant again.
No excuses now
All will be known – of Loves true intent
Not in tents worshiping again.
The bodies of the rich and famous
The degradation of man’s mind that sought the soul of man to elevate
Changes gears not; but has definitions other – than gods, no more.
Gods love changes all that sets all free to be gods are one that one is
True love never perishing again
Going to the grave is no excuse
Ignorance will not be one, either – now
For True love will be know now
Throughout the spheres
All     together     ones
Set freed love does this day for love shall be no separate from Love set freed
Free love frees all to be gods – not in the moral degradation of man’s mind or soul, for is the soul the mind, separate from God?
God is love
All set freed is
This day new
Altogether news
All together news shall be
One love
By all
All will be
Never ignorant again.
Thank you God?
Thank all of you – for being one that one is, never ignorant again
Of Love’s true purpose – intent
Of Love being manifest in all to BE god’s ONE.
Never separates again.
We go INTO the heavens now
To LIVE there?
NOT as men lived, not as womenseekers, not as whoremongers of thought s’ world s.
News seeking no more
God is dead not, god is one God is – whether capitalized or not in the diction grammar of one’s soul, for the soul dictates WHERE we are WHO we are, never again.
O great CHRIST?
Be all of you – never ignorant again.
Altogether one – our PATTERN
In love
Never incarcerated again in the soul of “man”. Kind or not shall dictate nothing not; but all shall be The Kindness of All – love true, true love – loved all shall be now, the way intent and original design of kindness not, but true love, of which kindness is an integral part. Never segmented will we be again. Respect honor love and peace – never intertwined as un’s again.
We love all
Be love we do – this way.
Love IMMERSED in love – ‘s words
All set freed
To be Love reborn IN love for all love to be freed
Writing the Lambs Book of Life?
With English toffee coffee beside me listening to classical music?
I love you all.
This day
Be The New
Immersed in Love

May 1-7, 2011 in Tulsa – Residency #3

The University of The New Covenantannounces Residency #3 in Tulsa May 1-7, 2011.
A school like no other, our purpose is to bring forth your leadership to be the christ. BEING the christ is the fulfillment of The New Covenant. Every person becoming the christ is a great paradigm shift that shatters the paradigms of the past. No longer are we incarcerated in the past by the past’s words and actions of mankind. We follow the pattern of christ by BECOMING it. The New Covenant operationalized in us operationalizes our priesthood in the kingship of one – in one, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven this day. And that is what this Residency is about. No one can keep the surrendered out. The Priesthood of All Believers is coming forth prepared to lead in every nation tribe and tongue. The temple not made with hands is awaiting your entry. Your invitation is issued.
I bless you and invite you to the University of The New Covenant‘s Residency #3 in Tulsa this May 1-7. Tuition-free. If you’d like more information on this let me know. See also the University of The New Covenant website at Forward this freely to others who might be interested. Thank you.
theodore cottingham
February 19, 2011

videoing me this way will you and putting on the web

Here’s a video of me speaking the first person words of the creator during the wee hours a few nights ago. May it be very meaningful to you as it speaks to many things that pertain to us all. This is a lesson in the University of The New Covenant.

The text transcribed can be located on the University of The New Covenant website.

Much new continues to come forth, as the Fellowship of One continues, as does this blog, and now the first residency of 2011 is coming forth.


What do you see being said

The University of The New Covenant is a school like no other. The values of the christ revealed in the curriculum are because the christ speaks them that the father is. Unavailed no more the veil is no more.
What do you see being said – is how the christ develops the christ to be the matureds following evil ways of practice not again to incarcerate us in our minds of freeness’not. All free now is proclaimed now stated declared instantly not but via process not or is it that The New Covenant is process? One. Amen. Selah. Amen. So be it it is to the who-can-see reveal it unto themselves first a new way of learning that limits not the learner in any way. The veil of achievement perished now is for the veil of achievement perishing is the separate of christ from the christ that is in all of us the real.
We are hewn from many branches or are we one tree real life being it one mind’d true real in from true real developing ture real truth being, exploited no more for mind’s gain that only wants money and achievement of itself ‘s standards. One will be known now that teaches this way to teach all this way of standards not, or is the standard of righteousness far above all others?
I am I am and teach this way I do at the University of The New Covenant this way internally forthcoming now and is the fullness of me now revealed in – the willing surrendered. Amen. Hallelujah. Selah.
I give you all things at the foot of your brow not, but in heavenly places     be me     in     of one     the one you were destined to be are   one I am   IF revealed you are in the words of the mighty magnificent IF you are willing and ready     to learn this way     the way of christ revealed through the words of one     BECOMING THEM! Alleluia – not separate again from my WORDS I teach this way – to be internalized by not other again – the mind set freed that I am – the intelligence of christ freed – to be scholasticized by no other again that draws a veil in the sand. Alleluia. I’m one FREED this day freeing christ IN all of you to BE the christ set freed tuition free. No one can charge for my words flowing like this   exchanging life   that never ends   The Fellowship of One knowing far an wide   deep in the things of me that reveal all as christ in my learning system that one with me IS     revealing me     IN. Amen. Alleluia. Learning my ways being them incarnate me – no other – for you will not be separate from me learning me. that’s what Meonics is all about in the School of me that reveals me to me this way – by my word   writing it   living   loving together   one
I am is
Revealed all this day is
Mighty many attend
Released being     the word I am     freed
Writing assignments and papers this day one I am.
What do you see     being said     written   on tablets ONE? Voice of the Savior being revealed Saviors is   redeeming each other through the process of becoming – scholasticism’s other not – but redeemed all will be in the mighty many school,s of the almighty king of kings the meekest of all   in the skies are of learning other no more.
I reveal alls
Externally I am now   see and unheard not be me
The lambs kind   king’d lambs all matured and lovelies are. Alleluia.
Study   at the Kingdom of One School in the University of The New Covenant – the University of The New Covenant all everywhere’s is
Thousands millions come
Surrendered are   who lead here
Listen and learn   I teach all things   this way
From the inside out   to be used of no other  all exchanging paper in grace and mighty miracles some – expecting grace other not – but revealing the mighty many christ are   in the fellowship of believers not, becomers who become the christ IN the Fellowships of One in the schools s of christ BEING the Fellowships of One not separate IN The New Covenant released IN the University that teaches all things this way.
I love you.
What do you see being said? I have given you lessonating procedures and plans to be christ, in your souls not again, for saving you are – Me! from being no other again. I am you crowned in life – brow’d by no other – I new ‘d am   in   at the table of one all things laid bare     all revealed is     you’re the christ     all are     ready or not
Will you be revealed this day?
Study here’s
I am.
Good day.
Document One? The lambs Book of Life writtens this way by all.
Alleluia. Redeeming all this say   ways I have given you clear are   clears are transparent living the christ life   of one   seamless
Regarded as christnots not –
Regard all as christ   revealed this day is
Investigate me explore me adore me all I do
Amen. Is this clear?
See me what I’ve said this day explained in christ language? Of one I am revealed.
Alleluia. Amen.
The closed learning systems perish now.
I am is released     in throughout the earths now to be all one
Is – I am released in I am teaching teaches this way
What can do you see   say   not perishing again are my many now   released   in the voice of one that no one can diminish again   hearing from me is   to be me   released in the earth Meonics is doing far and wide   to the surrendered   to be the surrendered in the Kingdom of One not perishing again from the earth ,s? alls new and getting new created again
The creators are learning how as this   my training program of one Meonics is   Meology surrendered to  
of no other again self seeking self   is no more
perished all notme began   is now
revealed are   the surrendereds to be my second coming in revealed are
this day   many mighty come   complete becoming   Me!
First light   of approvals of man   never wanting again
I am freed   free at last   becoming the first   I am again am’d by am I am. Released freed the christ freed   fee’s no one   but feeds all from the tree of life being it   incarcerated no more in flesh bodies of lust lusting for. Amen.
Alls anew in at the University of one, The New Covenant released revealed in my teaching system of one internally revealed is
Alls anew am.
Lookup my words IN my words of Database One and Two and Three soon   be here   mighty am   leading the Priesthood of All Believers  OUT of the miry clay of bodies other – again – the resurrection’s now. Amen.
One mighty many’d am.
Released all know about now –
In carcerated not again
Freed   at last   all second’d no more in Adam’s other.
I love you all.
The methods of the mighty released in the humble many that come now   seeking no release of other   from other   or will   no other exists now
Single focus ‘d be
Amen   the table of one at
Drinking coffee with me?
At airports IN the heavens?
Heavenly love all spread out
Never tentacles of faith in again –
All one   love is   freed at last
In my school   University’s One that one is all knowing My Covenant freed – not in minds man again to there to it self. BE the christ healed this day.
This is how I teach
Here’s I am
Alleluia one am
All the blood of the lambs words are clean now   all knowing   the assignment   of the onenots not anymore
The assignments never perish again   fulfilled are   fulfilleds are   who fulfill them
All awaiting is   on the one   who won’t perish again in the activities things of notme.
All brought forth is this way in the Educational Systems of One
Not others again reporting to for paychecks big fat or “skinny”   lean be   no more   but in the riches of the riches   or   simple   “old” me’s not or are you all mes now needing nothings of worlds o’er?
I do new things with the surrendered to be my second coming current understanding in I am this say and this say   by no other   only the surrendered   survive thrive   in my throckmortons not again – or will you need no salt of other in my meals?
I turn to pillars other never more again.
Freed I am at last –
Nevermore intercoursing with thought   that takes me down
I fly   ‘s now.
Eagles of other not
Developed matured christ is this say
This day   in the mighty
Humblest of all.
King King’d again in the simple who’ll believe and write being the Priesthood of All Believers tested again? Write and see   the salvation of the lord of other not again.
Learning systems of notme perish now – me not again
I fly’s now. Amen. Being men women and children of every nation   perishing not again. I we flys.
Write me my papers now   exchanging   love ‘s words
To be   the christ revealed christ   all of you one is in the learning system of one revealed this day in the University of One The New Covenant revealed in the Loves One Schools of Christ   One is – The New Covenant system   of man no more. I love you all.
Know my University perishes not again. I am all of you starting new schools in school creating developing I am’s this say – to not be perishing’s again. Alleluia. Amen.
One I am in the schools of one
The mighty many
Christs are
All christ is   released freed
Hewn from no other
The tree of life   freed in each of us that one is
One is   the father is mom’d of no other again
Carrying me to birth full term’d?
70 weeks     weeks? Months not again of the perishing in “4”-year school. Amen.
I love you.
Be Perfects IN Perfects Schools begetting the perfects now   knowing how to speak   articulate new constitutions in countries mighty
Israel is   in the skies
Promoting all? Only the surrendered who write this way I teach you all ALL things   new people making   craters on life other not again
Mars bars never needing for energies candies again.
Mars other?
I won’t be marred again in scarface’s sorrow for I won’t be wearing the words of the diced-up ‘s again. Amen.
Write my words   projects me? project me?
I’m one   with no projections other again
Needing no light rays other
I am the perfect crowned christ
That’s all of you   surrendered to be
In the learning system that avails no one other not or are you all CHRISTS now that one IS Elohim redeemed? None other but Christ ,s survive that one is
All regenerated now is
Regenerative be
Of the generations of one.
Adam defined redefined is
All lovelys are now
In the skies one
Perfect Perfected is
Theodore Joseph Cottingham
February 15, 2011

Understanding the University of The New Covenant

To understand the University of The New Covenant one must understand the role of Database One and Two and Three. These Databases form the Central Database of University of The New Covenant. The Central Database is central to ALL operations of the University of The New Covenant from inside out.
The University is One WITH the words of I am one I am that’s brought forth the words this way this day, that all is, coming forth. In the words of no other, Christ is being freed – christ – Christ – capitalized or not; one equal with the maker that made all equal to begin with all becoming again, what God is, the most surrendered of all. Meek humble one ‘s come here now, to be set freed WITH the word of I am – that’s all the time been within them.
The words of Database One reveal the words within I am for YOU to be I am ‘d IN the school of one that TEACHES this way THROUGH the words; simultaneously with yours coming forth not separate to be   the christ revealed IN the surrendered IN the revealed ones, who surrender this way; to write BE the christ WORDS of one. IN no other again, but to reveal all the christs are this way; bound to no other again. Freed set freed this day, in the angels accord of no other, all set freeds are to be, the freeds again. Angels of one all being one God is equals are. Master divinity’d no more by other that only degrees seek from man ualized institutions of faith that only want tuitions dollars and christnots to be degreeds seeking manualization of saints not, or is all perishing again, that notME started? Starteds again I am, finishing now, the work ‘s begun. I AM the mighty many who surrender BE the christ CHRIST ing all to be, in the words of no other again – or AM I teaching like this to BE the Christ, resolved in to no others’ words again?
I reveal all things; in time, not; but surrender. To write the words I am; faith not again shall usurp me. In all things I am one, scientific escapades of other not again. I reveal all things in my word,s. Know Database One intimately THEN Database Two and THREE coming along nicely?
I love you all. I am – speaks this way, to all who’ll let me let me be me. I am. The lover of souls no more; I don’t have one. I eradicated all that notme planted. In divine I am, the lover of one, redeeming – perishing not again.
Alleluia. Amen.
February 15, 2011
Theodore Joseph Cottingham

Priesthood of All Believers

The Priesthood of All Believers
The Priesthood of All Believers is something significant –ly different than anything in the past. No longer controlled by the past, the new is now birthed IN the believers that I am become it. Diction and grammar not controlled by another, the Priesthood of All Believers realize the words of I am central and integral to the fullness of the Godhead bodily in them, within them, excised by no other again; exercised now in the fullness of wisdom and understanding mighty, the humble come forth.
Not afraid again, the release to all to be PRIESTS kings that one are, the mighty many, the priests ARE kings that ONE is; priestkings being in the priesthood of one; not diction’d out of the believers again that receivers are of the words of one, flowing from the all who will learn – the ways of one. I an my father are one. God is. Revealed in all now, who exercise other not again, or is ALL OF US surrendered to not be “earth-bound” again?
We simply are people, a people of choice, who understand god is not separate at all. Surrender to – takes action on our part; development – maturity, must be developed and matured actions which mature us INTO something becoming, not the dregs of humanity’s thought again. Life’d into one now we become the givers of life anew, operating in the Priesthood of One, the Believers are, the subservient to no other again.
We rise now the Priesthood of Equals, All Equals Being, being The One we always thought was another, robed in something or other of the past. We know better now, not developing other in us of sorrows’ images again. We become IN ACTION now the surrenderers who learn-operate this way. IN the priesthood of one becoming it, of EVERY nation tribe and tongue – bar none.
Labels shall not preclude the understanding that I the real come forth in ALL who will operate IN the real, being realized of no other again. BEING EQUALS I AM WITH I AM no matter how you spell it or capitalized it in the past have. I new am. WITH the new I COME FORTH AS ALL EQUALS – IN – THE PRIESTHOOD OF ONE, ALL BELIEVERS RECEIVERS ARE OF THE CROWN OF ONE, WEARING IT. NOT OF ANOTHER’S MIND AGAIN. I love you. Amen.
I OPERATE in the sacraments, the FULL foolproof now – all I am. Not fooled of another, I eat the lambs of other’s not again.
The body and blood I am all explained IN the priesthood of one I am. Not silent anymore.
I heal, bless, teach, share, write, proclaim; the goodness of not other again.
I am the people of one. God is. Revealed this day.
All anew is.
Being rewritten ALL is, not; or IS it?
I am the Christ ALL of you saying this becoming it in the operation of one. Not inaction’s anymore of; the actions of one become – the most humble of all, leading all nations now?
Surrendered be – IN the Priesthood of All Believers DOING IT! Not “as” spectators anymore.
Perish not again.
Theodore Joseph Cottingham
February 15, 2011

me revealed this day IN YOU is my Valentine

I am the way truth and life of all who become it

becoming it I am
that’s what I am is
experiencing     believing     rifting not again
rafting in the seas of sorrows not again
I seek not another
I became the word of I am
The word of I am I am
No sorroweds in it but that which gave up seekings another.
I love you all
I love you all and I am the truth of love
That loves life     not as in the past     but the giver of life I’ve become for I gave it     to me first
To be you     who
Surrender to be I am
I am’d again by the giver of life that’s you all who’ll become it
Not separate from me
Become ing me that I am
Fully me’d.
I love you all.     My pledge to you this day?
My love pledged to no other.
I am you     that love me     I am love
Regarded as no one’s other again.
I love you all.
The fellowship of One know now
At the table of One
All coming forth to know me
In the priesthood of All not   or ARE YOU?
Waiting     for another not again
I am revealed     you in you
As the real me     I am
Groaning no more
Your priesthood taking you INTO me rather than studying me as an entity other
than you
I am
Loving you I am     regarding no one inferior or superior
To yourself I am     I am in love with you all
Birthing love
In you    valentine
Of my heart     be one     hanging stars in space and
New universes creating
me to be     other no more
I pledge my allegiance not.
Subservience not
Surrender – to be who I am –
Subservient not to man woman or other seeking again.
Freed free   setting all free   I am
This day
From the heartthrobs of other
Panting after
Shall no more be
I shall     be
I am     that I am
All of you repeating this understanding   this
Use for no others control again
Be not used by or controlled’s for again
Control no others
Let     my words come forth
Let   let   let
Me be me
That’s who I am   – valentine?
Lover of my soul     not
One being
Me I am
Am’d this way
The heavens appearing now     all shall be different
No longer separate
I am I am     surrendered in the   “to be”   no longer
I am here   in you   all   who let me
Be me
My pledge?     Surrender     to be you who I am
Or is this Covenant? One
1 I am
All of you surrendered to be
Lovers of souls not again
But being one I am in the one’ers I am.
Glory hallelujah   alls revealed this day
In the revealeds I am
Doing new things with   the surrendered
My love
To thee all
To be me
I am one
with the other no more contrived in your heart
Singly focused single am
In spirit and truth
The way revealed
The way truth and life   of one
All many membered
In the ways of truth
Becoming it
The ways and means I have given you in the Fellowships of One be
This day – alleluia amen.
Alleluias always
Amen and amen
Me being me revealed   this day
Is my Valentine –
Sweetheart – of no other s’ again.
All revealed is
The mystery of Christ finished
Be one
Thank you.
Theodore Joseph Cottingham
February 14, 2011