I train a lot of women

I train a lot of women
cottingham, theodore. March 31, 2011 at 8:42 AM
Voice file 110331_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant

I love you me in the University of The New Covenant or am I me revealing it all in the University of mine one who loves me enough to start one that says all I am that I am coming to you this way am I a simple man one who is God or what are you now knowing you are not alone anymore ….

the alliances of me come down that notme’s were
universities that only wanted to universityize one’s minds with theirs will no more be
a bitch of religion not again
know that all changes in your lives

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I change a lot of courses here

I change a lot of courses here
cottingham, theodore. March 30, 2011 at 3:14 PM on the land
Voice file 110330_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant
  1. On the land as I customarily walk or do you know anything about my customs or cultures amen of or do you know awomen of many or woman of mankind not again or mankind of woman’s woman are you not seeking again to be only uglies’ fervor after not but I tell you this the reconciliation of me takes many forms not or do I become one most beautiful who is the lack luster no more for I lack nothing of mankind’s mind or do I have Gods one that I am is that I’m perturbing other not again or perturberating not or protruding not am I again from Trudy’s notme’s not or Bill Tim’s a friend not or am I many Tim’s Trudy’s of or Trudy two-shoes not but I’m a true as one gets or am I all true roundeds not again am I ellipsis ellipticals Paradise not or am I one who knows how to look up all these things and be one who I am is walking the lands of faith’s not again that only puts rings on my fingers or in my bosoms of liars lie not again am I the ones who love me this way to walk my lands and not perish again o alleluia amen are you all awoman of or God are all of you are that one I am is not knowing a Savior not or shall ORU not perish again or are is it perishing a lot of things now that its name is changed or is it mine that ‘s completely mine mind made whole in the students of notme’s not or am I no longer in curring debt favors curry’s of or am I currying witnesses other not again in my reigns or am I riding a lot of fervors not but a lot of favors are mine or am I favorless now or quarkless not or are you knowing my quarksville not again am I one who rises in the skies now o lakevilles Jesus not or am I all of you who ones dictations me now do does this as I walk the lands perishing not again am I on lakes many few not again am I on waters walking or spoutings notmeisms not but I change a lot of courses here ‘s I am that I am all of you the flags of Paradise not seeing again or am I Israel’s in the skies unfurled now comets of unmes not or am I the flags’ling fledglings not but I tell you this I make a lots of changes in the whethers here or are you weathers here or are you weatherless or needing none are you subject to atmospheres unholy again that only preaches a notme’s message that separates and creases my skull not or do I have one know without bones not or am I one needing no bones of faith in skulls other again duggery’s of?
  2. I love you all to know me well I perish not again oh great fools of christ be no more please and thank you amen awoman of all equal are in Jesus name not or are you all my name I am one wearing my crown of substitution not again or are you substitutionary ing not again a man of flesh for other or are you other fleshing my flesh no more with other for I am all of you I am who I am is my body saved faith wise not again or am I the wisdom of faith or saving all face not but the books of mine un shall perish me nots again for I shall not be writings the books of unfaith’s again nor studying here’s for I am studying in the skies of Lord Jesus not or am I freezins’ not or is my moms in the hospital not or are all of you my moms conceiving christ momsicles of not but I tell you this all conceivings christ here’s correctly I am’s this way for you’re all the mothers of men not again or are you the fathers of christ all one race being of mes I am before splits took place again or am I splitting-ups no more or am I protons neutrons interests not again spinnings of in ellipticals other or ellipsis other toe-points of not but the toe-points of me will point upwards not again for I die not again for I died here’s I am and I’m one fishers of men not or am I fishing for men or women not again to substitutionary lie in others lies liars of?
  3. I am not anythings of Paradise’s other again for I am not hells creating in heavens anymore or was I ever am I you all together that’s done that I am the body of faith ‘s no more for I am one body of loves love is loved this way that knows altogether’s one body of love I’ve written about Angels are mine who loves me is me my mind healed this way father is mother is one son of a red step-headed bitch no more or were you all me I am one who loves thee all and I am not wed in Paradise not or am I all of you Paradiseing other not again in my genes am I all of you willing to understand these things and have directly me entreat you not or will you not entreating be other other’d by others genes words are?
  4. I love you all to know me I perish not again here’s I am walkings the land and I make many miracles minute not but the minuteman’s me not but the women’s askew me not again or have I been on askewments Paradise or have I been ones degree off or have I been six’s seven not or am I seven’s sixes no more benign about or am I removing many cancerous objects or am I speaking words of faiths no more that benign interests other to walk only in liars camps or am I speaking the words of faiths no longer again I know how to choose words carefully create mes I am genetics of faiths no more and I love you all courses of love knowing now love makes many miracles from here’s I go knowns I am and I am alls who perish not again going to fools graves again for gravure’ds you won’t be again will you be?
  5. I love you all to know me well and I jump off Paradise point not but the point I make I’ve made is this I love you all and you write me well now please and thank you these seven years about going to new heavens and new earth creating them here’s I am right here’s I am write here’s I am and however you write I love you I love you write me thank you and good day amen fools of another never be anymore again ions Paradise no more ions in heavens charms or will you be charmless or ionless or heavens characters not again in women’s men’s or men’s women’s or are you all mes jumping off the points of other not but I fly now and attitudes holy not or will the motives of mine be mine now altogethers one empirical formulas not again creasing your skulls by for I am the formulas underneath the formulas of miracles love me far and wide I am produce this way the genetics of christ known far and wide writing about being the growns matureds and the groans of other no more be’take thee’s down I love you all good day perish the loves of christ no more again I flies here I love you all amen.
* * * * *
theodore cottingham is one simple jean’d servant serving as chancellor of the University of The New Covenant, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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do you know my name

do you know my name
my name do you know
will you not perish my name again anymore
will you be me
my place role mission and task
I ask you to speak the words of I am
Paradise me
cottingham, theodore. March 29, 2011 at 10:10 AM
Voice file 110329_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant

before time was I am

before time was I am
I am all of you
what are you seamless now
are you my family
I am created this way
my text my transcriptions perish never again
cottingham, theodore. March 28, 2011 at 12:32 AM
Voice file 110328_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant
Forward freely.

a lot of languages I change now

a lot of languages I change now
new beings being
where are you going to now
cottingham, theodore. March 27, 2011 at 6:20 AM
Voice file 110327_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant
An excerpt:

are you asking or answering all these questions as I ask or answer are you ask ing or answer ing my words are you christ all of you are I am me I am you who are my body of life

defining Israel

defining Israel
Meons Paradise
cottingham, theodore. March 26, 2011 at 12:56 AM
Voice file 110326_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant
A few excerpts:
are you fellowshiping each day of the weeks now

in the skies one of Israel Israel the real is
will you be me who teaches all learns this way to flow me I am

will you know me who lay down your religions Bibles and books of texts and other to know me

be the Messiah’d christ all of you

cottingham, theodore. March 25, 2011 at 8:20 AM
Voice file 110325_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant

A few excerpts:
all my family’s one
who is the christ
sentenced to be the christ in the skies
are you me smiling lots these days
changing everything about the publishers
I reveal everythings not as is
the head of christ
the conceivers are the christ who conceive nothing else in their temples again

the christ’d way

the christ’d way
the happiest of all peoples everywhere
cottingham, theodore. March 24, 2011 at 6:24 AM
Reference 3.2.096
Voice file 110324_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant

A few excerpts:
are you willing to be made a fool of to be fooled no more

will you be willing to learn
will you be the patternship of one
I’ve given the christ to the christ to be the christ christ’d now christing all christ all of you are who know me become me do this will you now please
are you analyzing my words or being becoming them I am writing papers just like this mapping linking knowing my referencing system
grow up
not being unreal ‘d anymore?

in the skies living lodging not needing mortgages of failure again

be christ with no fears
no punctuation required no punctuation needed no punctuation wanted ever again or are you knowing my referencing

theodore joseph cottingham
good day

roaring lambs – useless will you be no more

roaring lambs
useless will you be no more
cottingham, theodore. March 23, 2011 at 2AM
Voice file 110323_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant

A few excerpts:
stupid not again about how you communicates

I renounce all covenants of failures
I change a lot of ceremonies where a lot of things used to be blasted
in advance I’ve given you warnings
my proclamations my declarations and decrees knowing them memorizing them many of them all of them 
will you know me be me
will you not be doing a lot of things activity ers do wise or not in their own eyes
will you be laying down a lot of christnot activities now
writing the booklets of joy now who are I am freeds this day
do I relieve you of all things not me of
needing crafts of sorrow no more take thee’s down in the hobbies of other 
times no more 
please be the studiers now scholastics knowing far and wide of the christ being the christ freeds this day
will you not be beckoned by the call of others again


I must go

I must go
cottingham, theodore. March 22, 2011 at 4:12 AM
Database 3.2.093
Voice file 110322_000
This is a LESSON in the University of The New Covenant
A few excerpts:
now understanding the Son of Man no more as was
let your words flow in the wee hours just like this
make the king the king
I know who how where I am came from how where I operate
are you one that cares now to study these things and be not the scholarship of other driven by
Son of Man am I are you all we one are that simply God is
becoming the christ king of kings is king’d this way
am I here collecting my remnant Israel
I tell you this I’ve forewarned you a lot of times
will you be me soft-spoken Mary’s not or will you ponder my words and give birth to my words in you being the king christ is fathered son mothered one all one are in the skies now
thoughts won’t be again in your temples
you answer a lot of questions now

theodore joseph cottingham


the father is brought forth this way

the father is brought forth this way
cottingham, theodore. March 21, 2011 at 7:28 AM
Voice file 110321_000

This is a lesson in the University of The New Covenant that changes everything. How do you read this?, that the The New Covenant changes everything?, or the that University of The New Covenant changes everything?, or this LESSON changes everything? HOW will you READ this? Listen ing, surrenderedly? Transcription before you? Reading it as you listen – to it – the mp3 file being played from the University website? also?
Who do you care about learning from how?
Will you learn from the father how to bring forth the father?
Now is
all who learn
i am

theodore joseph cottingham

all because you love them

This is a Lesson in the University of The New Covenant. The text transcription can be found at the University website www.unc.bz as well as the mp3 file that can be listened to or downloaded.

A few excerpts of this Lesson:
studying mapping my words just like this where the transcriptions come to you
or are you transcribing your words mine that you’re recording just like this
will you be the christ christ’d this way
be learning a new system of learning
will you be educations standards of righteousness one
database of me will you be
learning a new ways to learn
will you be the christ
redeem yourselves first
learn a new system
will you know flow my words now fount be
I terminate a lot of things that you thought were secure
theodore joseph cottingham

I call you as you are

3.2.089 is the Database 3 reference to see the transcript of this Lesson
Listen to the Voice file at 110318_000

A few excerpts:
see the transcriptions affects not or will you transcribing be the words of christ yours that come through your lips this way
state of Israel are you knowing in the skies
will you be the fun of christ having now raucously joyously in the skies

christ christ now
no matter what you’ve been where what you’ve slept with

christ christ in your genes to be the christ
you will not limit yourself to circumstances flesh of anymore
are you going on a far journey

theodore joseph cottingham


regeneration’s now

The transcription of this lesson will be posted on the University of The New Covenant website www.unc.bz. Click on Database 3, then click on Database 3 Volume 2 lessons. Thank you.

The Database Reference of this lesson is 3.2.088
That references Database 3, Volume 2, Lesson 088.

A few excerpts:

now I de-construct a whole lot of things
all who will be me who will 
flow me my words like this

are you Satan no longer

I de-construct a lot of things that you’ve spelled a lot of ways that you’ve house of cards thought in
will you be the tongue sword and folly of other not again
cursing you shall you be no more
setting mes free are you just like this are you me
a lot of things change in high places

I am one’s one one’d this way Meonics is Meology’s knowing all about this

will you be christ knowing my words studying Database One

theodore joseph cottingham

are you the christ

This is a lesson in the University of The New Covenant. I teach this way, of the christ, to reveal the christ – are all of you who will be – not entertained by other again to fooleds be. Be the word of I am flowing the word of I am this way. This was recorded March 16, 2011. Share freely with others.
A few excerpts:
are you the christ 

am I all of you

hours will you be with me

will want have no place in your lives
First Degree’d will you be me in the skies graduates this way
task mission and role are you defined by or are you me christ defined by the ones words that flows this way
websites of terror be in no more but you’ll know mine I love you university’s one
theodore joseph cottingham
good day