Lie in a new bed

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November 29, 2016

I invite you to lie in a new bed, of yours, not programmed by others, religion, parents or friends. Society cannot tell you who you are, where you’re from, or what you’re to do here. Society imposes a mass “think” thought of, where copiers copy copiers, of DNA, that make up us to feel we must adhere to certain norms, regardless of their logic or rationality. It’s just “how it is” or at least, seems to be. We seem to be seamed into flesh suits that we “agree” to wear and behold the operation of “as normal”. But is it really “normal” to be normal? Who’s establishing our normality, our operating system of life? That “we’re living”?

Maybe a new bed you lie on to sleep will not be in your past, but your future. Will you control your future, instead of someone else? Or how your “feelings” feel?, about all these things?

Maybe your posture will change, because you are willing to change it. Are you? Willing to dance now? Lie in a new bed? Physically or mentally? Both, and?

What happens when willingness sets in to explore a new option, opportunity, alternative to life as we’ve known it? Thoughts enter. Thought is generated about thought. We curtail it or we expand it. We dwell on what’s being generated within us as new thoughts emerge, us in, on, something? Is what we exist on, neurons? Or are neurons controlling us? Or what bed of thoughts, form us, in what field? of thinking??

I ask you to think for yourself rather than consuming the assumptions of those who so readily offer their conformity to you, to conform you to it. You are not their thoughts controlled by anymore, for I am not, either. This is a life long quest not, but one that’s accelerated for me greatly this year, even in the last month, few months, and recent years.

I’m interested in leadership that will expand women; awareness of their posture, thinking, abilities, to come no longer under men or their authority or their definitions of how to act or be. Your life is yours. I ask you to live it. You to decide about it. You to consider new definitions of new “norms” are being fashioned to come out of the Stone Age of man telling women how to think, and what neurons should be doing, and what bed to “lie” in. The “bed” of lies no more control the light of the mind of women who will be the light the king of, who king all the light not, but the light that sets each free, to be the light energy of. Thinking shall conform to that, for light is the most powerful form of love at all, to all now released, by you who will be it, the creators of. The Creator be, of you lovely you.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my thoughts about your Creatorship that you can develop the “memory” of from/through the inner voice of you, to you to be it, the living undying word. Birthers. Under no one’s authority to put you in “your place” under them again.

Word be, birthed in you this day.

Be freed from all thought otherwise and lie in a new bed of thoughts this day, basking in love, that I offer you all to “feel” and field to each other, changing our nation and world.

Love prevails,

Grace Cottingham
Tulsa, USA

It started with a bed

From Grace.
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November 28, 2016

It started with a bed … or that’s where I’m starting the story now. It changed me, because it changed my posture, or at least began to make me more aware of it somehow. It was so much more comfortable, and I found that I could lay for awhile on my stomach or my back, stretching out my frame in more comfortable way than I could do on my previous bed, which was way more expensive. I traded my big queen expensive bed to my sister for this regular size wicker bed in the picture, which I had no idea would suit me so well, much less play a part in a major change in my life.

Change? I soon after acquired another car; I had owned only a motorcycle and/or motor scooter for a couple of years. My new car, a red 2007 VW Jetta allowed me to attend some things that I might not have in colder or wet weather. And what else have I attended with my car? Tango lessons. !!

Posture!!! First thing in tango. Posture. My teacher telling me how to stand, even before how to walk, was even before the first dance step! But I was hooked. I was on to “something” that would change my life even further.

Now after several months of sleeping in my new bed, and a month having a really nice car and enjoying tango lessons, I find myself launching out into even more new territory: blogging about it. 

I share with you not because I want to improve our posture, our confidence to do new things, and find and do things that enhance our life in a spectrum that is not narrow, but “broadsides” everything we do, so that our “bandwidth” of perception, perceptible happiness, begins to accelerate in our life.

I bless you, to be The Christ – women! It’s not a man about. Christ is not a man. Christ is a woman who births the word, to be a new creation, speaking into existence the newborn “word”. This newborn once birthed must be developed into a maturity of confidence and ability to do new things new ways, without the permission of men, or any other people that may have exerted an undue influence on you. So many influences are so subtle. Mine is overt, plain and simple. I’m on a path of exploration and adventure with new peoples, new activities, and a willingness to overcome my fear and reclusiveness.

So I bless you to start with where you can start with who you can start with, even if it is alone in the awareness of your posture and your bed, dancing may come, and believe me, dancing tango can be fun. Challenging but fun. Challenging but worth it. It’s like there’s an entire language of it; such subtle nuances of movement; invitation and acceptance in, by movement. And meeting new people and doing new things is changing my life. I’m enjoying this and I hope you do also; not just me reading about, but you recording, dancing, and lying in a new bed maybe.  

I provide confidence free, to those who will provide it to others. Follow me. “Follow me”? I make leaders who make leaders who heal themselves, by healing others. I release you into the leadership you have within you already. Why? Because I believe in you as a person, a woman who will be called into new things now doing with others new, helping each other be fearless. Changing our posture in part of it, often, and how we “dance” with others in conversation, and even our own energy.

Be no more a recluse in your own world. Let “your own world” expand now, and willingness be to encourage others now to explore and check out new possibilities in their world, beginning with you. Maybe there’s a new bed for you. 

I love you. I love you all.

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Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA