I am redefining Christ

You will learn how to become Christ now for it will not be defined to you as a man any longer. A man that came long ago that represented something of a power that was unattainable to you, will no longer be the image of Christ that you embrace, for you will know about it now for it will be everywhere and the common people will be Christ Christed Christing each other. And my name is Grace Cottingham.
Grace shall be the order of the day where we no longer strip each other from the Christship of the one we are.
I stand in the gap between the theories that take you to death and the opportunity that stands before you this day to become the New Covenant me, where me is you in your clothes of the Christ who will be it, developing it.
You do not have to die. You can defeat death. You can do miracles. You are not limited to the molecular. That was the message of Christ that you be not separate from the life of Christ, but you’re the one that Christs it! 
Christ is not a man! Christ is a race, of new beings begun. 
A flesh race separated from God was never God’s heart. It was never meant to be this way and that which put us in flesh I will not worship and I will defeat it and my name is Grace Cottingham in two shoes upon the Earth. I am here and you will hear my words of the New Covenant forever preached upon the universe of thee now.
The Christ will be Christ, and we will no longer be a race of Separation claiming to worship a God that we have not known or understood except to experience it in the theories that we were told to embrace and worshiped. 
The validity of Christ is in the person who will develop it, not needing the ordination of any other authority on this Earth or farther.
I declarate Christ to be it and my name Christ Cottingham, Grace in two shoes to call you to be it too. 
I love you all.
Good day

Grace is the opposite of what you think it is

Grace is the opportunity to redeem yourself. Grace is the opportunity to become a New Covenant me. Grace is given to every person who will become it, a new person of a new race. 
The New Covenant requires time effort and tenacity to create a new entity according to the New Covenant and that new entity is you with the love life of you for each other equally where you have all laid your life down for each other to become one, the promised one.
The instruction set that we are born with of our DNA will no longer control us. New Israel is made up of New Covenant people who have become new entities on earth, not subject to it. We are people of the law not again. We are people of Love who have died to all the principles of earth and its restrictions to keep us here with its holy books worshiping another.
I am one to tell you, I am one who tells you now that there is a new way to live, a new way to operate, with the understanding, with the instruction set of the genetics of truth you can re-form you into being a new being, a light being of molecularless form. 
The instruction set that you have been born with will no longer control you. You already have another instruction set within you, that’s been inactivated by words and people of ignorance who had not the knowledge that they had to lay down their lives to activate their true DNA that is not dependent on the molecular. The personification of evil has operated for thousands of years, but I pronounce it over and done with, and without authority over us from now on. The words of others will no longer control us, and we will birth a new race who will, willing to be it, be it the birthers of. 
The definition of God will be you who define it to be you a new entity of New Israel, on high, the most humble of all beings it to surrender to lead out of earth’s restrictions and the molecular principles of this molecular world.
New Israel will become a place to you now that is more than a concept, and more than a promise of a future life somewhere else. It is something that you can attain to and experience, entering a land promised to you long ago. This is where you can live, now. As a resident, come and go as you please.
New Israel is within your grasp, not; it is a tangible place that has residents and life as we know it not, but life that is unrestricted and cosmic awareness of the cosmos that we all are creators of.
I invite you to create new Israel this day in you. Within you, must be it the creation of. You create Israel within you before you can enter it. New Israel is the promised land and it is molecular founded by no more. The visible empirical Israel will confound us no more. New Israel is true and real and the reality of the most high, the most holy, simple people who will God be worshiping no other. We lay our life down to enter it, the creation of the creator, that we are, that we are one of, that we now no longer forfeit our birthright of. The new birth is birthed by our own authority who create it and learn to walk in it in the values that create creation all over again.
Understanding of the Holy books will no more limit us who pursue knowledge of the Holy for we will understand that we create the Creator’s reality of the created that we are the creation of and we will lay our life down so that we can enter the Real and True, New Israel being the New Covenant Us, full of new covenant me’s. It takes guts, for you enter a new reality. Exploration and discovery is inherent, as is risk. You come out of every comfort zone you’ve known to do this, learn this, be this, the leader of you that leads you to creation be that creates it all over again. Anew.
Awaken new questions within you and be willing to operate in the Grace that makes all one. Healing every mind who will healed be who heal each other equally, all changes now, for Grace prevalent on the earth will be you who create it. And remember, the gestation period for a New Covenant me is 70 weeks. Anything but a one-time decision, it’s not a lifestyle change, it’s a new life altogether. All together one. Coming back into being, thank you.
Grace Cottingham in Tulsa
December 14, 2016

My words change my life

My words change my life because my life is made of words and designed by words and my words use me. I have the ability to change my words that use me and reside in me and report to me what I am the use of and the results of. What I am thinking changes everything and what I think, I think with syllables, usually, and feelings that reside in emotions, emotional centers, of my brain or some kind of neuronic order or disorder.
My words change my being and my being changes my words as I go along throughout my day and learn new things new ways and new words with new people forming experiences that experience what I am, in the form of me. 
I am experiencing life through my words. And my words are experiencing life through what I am. I used to think I used words, now I know that it’s not that simple.
Life experiences words through me. I am the experience of my life and my life is the experience of me but I am no longer defining My Life by the experiences that I have had nor the words that have formed the patterns that I have lived by up to this point.
I am the word creating new word. With my mind.
I use syllables not like you, the normal person for I am the normal Christ now that word creates the word with that I am. The word I am create words and uses words for different patterns of light that do not constrict the user understander who will study and become the word meaning of the word the energy of.

I am a new word person. I am new light dancing with new light in light bringing forth my words in an environment that I have fostered to bring forth new life with and to bring forth maturity and continued process with new words forming a new life. This is my Temple, of Praise, where I praise my me of my words that center not in externality, but within me, to learn from me.  I am not the external looking for anymore nor the words that give me a reality outside of myself that creates me. I love the world and I know I am not separate from my word again.

There is great dissatisfaction now because the word of the Mind, the common mind, the normal Mind of a common person seeks to placated be by the mind of another person so that corroboration takes place to believe the visible empirical is reality. But this is not my reality in the present visible empirical.

My reality is my word, and if you know it, yours is too, for your Consciousness is what is experiencing you in the present body of you. But you are not the present body nor the Consciousness relieved of your suffering unless you want to be new words of that give you a new covenant to operate by where you uncover yourself from all of authority other.

You are your own authority and you cannot abdicate responsibility for your words that form your world and your operation in the execution of your movements and behavior and interaction with other public beings, or beings that seem to exist in other bodies visible.

Blame no longer works here. Finger-pointing like we did in the Bible story in the Garden of Eden no longer will be held as a story of other. The Bible story of the Garden of Eden is about you, and me, who don’t understand it, no longer. We will be creating us in separation from each other no longer for God will be one mind of us and the words that seem to operate in us will no longer restrict us to a visible reality that appears as molecular.

Time and space will give way to love and love will create a new reality and Israel will be healed because Israel is a promised land that is not restricted to molecular place or molecular beings nor waves or particles or words that operate magnetically and by magnetic influences alter word shapes and meanings forming portmanteaus and diction and grammar that change our DNA.

I invite you to change your life by your word, your words, and your experiences will change by the way you light the temple of God. You will understand increasingly as darkness will flee and the patterns of religion and the patterns of molecular light will no more diffuse make you other, than the coherent Mind Of God. It’s a development process, education. This education of the Mind by God is done internally with an educational system that is personally involved with your internal word speaking words that create light and patterns that man has not given you.

You are the creator of light that creates you for you are the creator of you. And the Creator unfolds in light now and will take her place as the woman of God who nurtures the word to birth it properly in love with each one equally throughout the world. Amen.

Please be that woman, that creator, that creates you with a perfect love of all for all being it – home. Promised Land created, within you and entering it now shall be all who will walk into a new place new vocabulary with new people as friends families all anew all as one – The Promise fulfilled.

I love you all to study these words with the light of one. To become it. Entered.
I am Grace Cottingham in Tulsa loving you all with new words encouraging you to dance with light to form new ways of experiencing the New Covenant me, it being you whatever your name is and whatever language you speak, and regardless of all the experiences you have had up to this point in your life, I offer you a new life with new words that you form you in. It’s not easy.

We are word people, creating now by light the original us. Words given us by others will no more incarcerate us to form ourselves in the pattern of the past. Let this day be a new day to you. Let new words change your life. 

Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA

I am changing the world now

I am changing the world now because I have different patterns of light, and I bring them to you so freely to be the light I am, of, and generating.
You can be the light I am in generating the same patterns that I generate, and I generate life now as peace brings it to me and I am become peace and peace is a spectacle no more thought of as only being warless.
I bring the patterns of shame to an end.
I bring the patterns of hubris to an end.
I bring the pattern of lies and misrepresentation to an end.
I bring the pattern of life to an end as you have known it.
I bring the patterns of Destruction to an end and we shall destroy each other no more. We shall lift up the Temple of God to all be one and the vocabulary of righteousness will be present in the energy of God to create Israel all over again throughout the cosmos unlimitedly and infinitely. And we will no longer be stuck in these bodies of flesh that think with our separate Minds apart from each other with selfishness that only elevates our selves and our ability to want more and more, being satisfied less and less. All of that changes now for I change it and my name is Grace.
Grace in righteousness is here in Database One and Database One has the values of righteousness that will allow the King of Kings to enter the Temple of God and become the King of it again without thinking that robs and destroys it.
No one will rob me from my joy again to have thinking in me that gives me the Christ I am. Born to be one I am one now and ignorance ceases in me and I will destroy it in this world because I know all of my family is all of the people in this world who will be it the Christ in the family of God now controlled by no other thinking but allowing Jesus the pattern to be relevant prevalent and prevailing in the utter humility that brings surrender to the leadership of Christ in the leadership of nations everywhere throughout the earth and nothing will stop this again my friend.
I heal the world now and my name is Grace, Grace without affliction and Grace without religion. Grace will be defined by me and me is a race. A race of Israel true and mighty will be understood now to be not in the Mideast but to be the Promised Land operating in the molecular and without it, because we become the created of the new creation me that allows all to be the one me I am, and I am is one. Now accessing the New Covenant that is within us as an educational system of one we provide to every person on earth an education to prepare them for New Israel, the land promised them long ago, by becoming the word, birthers of the word, the new creation me, educationalized by the very voice that’s within you already, customized to your very present vocabulary and experiences.
I will continue to post about The New Covenant and how it is an educational system of response advancement and interaction with the Source of all Energy and that it’s a teacher, composer, maturer of the humble – to be equal, all I am. With. Being it.
I love you all.
Grace Cottingham in Tulsa

I’m not ashamed of being a woman because I am

I am a woman and a man in what seems to be a man’s flesh body. But I am not this body. 
I am not the anatomy defined by.
I am love in two shoes and Grace is my name.
I can wear lipstick earrings a dress and high heels and enjoy them or wear a beard. I am one. No matter what I wear. I am not defined by what I wear. I define me by what I am and I am love in two shoes Grace with Grace being my name now.
I am Grace to the gay straight or not. I am grace to the religious not , I am grace to the humble and the Arrogant will flee.
Grace is powerful because Grace sees all as one. One is more powerful than all the divided. The divided will not hold me back. I am one , in place , and no one will take my place because I am me in the flesh and woman too, woman with, woman being, what seems like a man who will not divide it again no matter how I am dressed I will dress in my light and my words and you will not define me to me anymore again ever. Amen.
Grace Cottingham in Tulsa USA

The Myth of God

Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA
December 11, 2016
The myth of God will be crushed now, by love, love appearing, in a woman, the woman appearing as God, being it. No longer impostered as a man image of, God will now be a woman imaged to women as women are not imaged by men again to be under them. The image will be imaged no more. Images will no more create the real, to be in likeness to the unreal. 
The real flesh of molecularlessness will be seen now in forms appearing, limited to he who will create it, not; but she, who will birth, birth the living word, in flesh form them now appearing to be, normal us, with abnormal powers not, but perfectly normal among Christs to be the Christ of one, all many membered and one consciousness being. Released on the earth now is. Upon me. You who will be it too. In women all along were, now shall be it. 
Christ will no more be relegated to man theory, man-theory, God-theory, or theoreticals that portray God as other than I am, who be it, learned how learning how, by the New Covenant mode of operation now, that includes direct teaching from the Christ to be it. Transcendence now here, transcendent being, in the commonplace humble beings who light will be, crushing the principles of the antiGod.
AntiGod will cease to exist soon because Antichrist will fail to create it self by, the living word, birthed, by the birthers of the living word who learn how the Covenant of Education operates by the New Testament not, but the New Covenant Me living in Thee that God is speaking and adorned by, the love sparkling me. Grant thee this day. Thine adornment of thee in the flesh not, or will you be adorned by no other?, than the Christ, himself not, but herself, for God is a birther, and births birthers, who will be Christ led no more by the Lord of man.
I am here and my name is Grace Cottingham, upon the earth in 2 shoes, Grace’s.
Grace be to you all.

I am I am

Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA
December 11, 2016
I am I am now.

I do not look like it or seem like it to you or when I look in the mirror, for I may still look like flesh and a person of flesh of this race of Earth and incarcerated in it. I am, but for a moment. I am about to birth the new birth.
Now death will be defeated and I shall come out of My Flesh and I will be one as one no longer needing flesh to operate here on Earth. The incarceration of me in my flesh will be ended for me by me and you will know and All Peoples will know that flesh can be defeated by love and that death can be defeated by surrender to be the Christ of the living Christ to be one infinite Immortal blessed of Christ to be it a race of Israel in New Israel our living place now. New Israel is Among Us and everywhere throughout us for it is all over and unlimited and real and more real than what we have thought this molecular world was.
This is altogether done and accomplished at this moment right now, not appearing, seemingly, but it has taken place. In the real it has taken place because it has taken place already in my word. My words have come forth about this for over 10 years. The new birth will be me because I will experience it now any day. It may be years months weeks or hours from now. But it is ours to understand and behold the Christ is us a race of. New Israel is a land of the promised infinite that is our homeland beyond the mortal finite.
I go now to prepare a place for you. Invite you I do to a new land of promise where you do not have to work as a labor force of other for a paycheck that simply puts what you labor for in bags with holes.
Now you will know that the new birth is about a new land and becoming a new creation that will enter it, the promised land that is infinite, ours, and promised to all of us who will surrender to be the visible empirical no more led by or divided by in the divisiveness that divides the Christ to be anti.
We will all understand that the Antichrist is simply a person, an individual of any and every race on the earth that refuses to surrender to be the Christ in their clothes and what looks like them in their everyday life.
Christ will become the common person and the common person will become Christ and this will not exclude women nor any race of any tribe or tongue throughout Earth and all will know we are one consciousness of Christ, the Christ mind, Christ in it, and Christ Christing Christ will be the mantra and the cry in the Fulfillment of peace and the promised land that will be fulfilled now by us the leaders of who surrender to be the word birthers to birth the word through us to become the New Creations that will inhabit and recreate worlds of our being no longer afraid of our power and no longer being duped by impotent teachers who have only repeated the theories of mankind for Generations to keep it restricted here on Earth.
My name is Grace Cottingham and I love you to be a new birth birther. A New Covenant me a person of your word that births it to become a new creation and open your Land Of Promise This Day. I love you all. Good day.
Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA

I reject all God-worship

Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA
December 10, 2016
I reject all God-worship everywhere and in whatever form it takes place. 
I reject it all and everything the formation of man’s mind of.
I reject that humanity is apart from God.
I reject  that we worship God to draw close to it and that it wants a relationship with us  in our limited form that leaves us in it.
I reject that your real source of you is not you.
I reject all of the demands of all of the tyrants of religion in whatever form and label that it exists. I reject the priesthood of the religious, to lead you, when you have within you the mind of God already. I reject the teachings of all holy books that teach you’re separate from the mind of the most high transcendent Almighty God. Separation shall no more be my starting point, for anything; unity shall, that we were one, before earth was even formed, much less a God theory of God.
The mind will no more paint God as separate to us our race. I am redefining our race. We are not limited humanity, we are Gods God and God is, denial no more in, that it’s us, we are, every person of every race. The inception of God is upon us in us and we are conceiving it, again, as True Israel, The Promised Land in tangible form, creating, created in us, first, creating again all creation in each other, anew.
Antichrist will be abolished because every Christ will surrender to be it giving up individual Antichristhood, Antichristship, belief of, believing it into separation. That ceases, immediately. Antichrist will no more worship Christ to keep it in separation, of itself. Godhood will no more be split apart from the race that made it.
We will shed our skin and no longer be afflicted by each other to be afflicted by earth mortals and the values of earth-people who separated and replicated their separation in each other promoting myth and theory as fact, when The Temple of God was on our shoulders. God shall now no more be programmed by men.
The government is of no other than us. We abdicate it no longer. The Temple of God will no longer live in confusion being pummeled by thought processes that control it and keep it at its lowest level working for a paycheck and being taught by others who are blind about our race to worship a God.
Earth will be laughed at no longer among the universe and Israel will know its maker because earth will no more make humans of itself and relish in its ignorance to replicate and perpetuate a myth that God is other than the race I am.
I am the race I am and I am of all Gods God. I am simply one who surrendered to write these words and have a thinking process unlimited uncoupled from you who want me to think otherwise or to conform to thinking like you. I reject all of your demands and all of your Godship that you want to prostrate before theory. 
You have within you the ability to surrender to learn how to create universes in your own power, if you will develop it without separation. This requires ultimate surrender in ultimate surrender to become the ultimate most high. You can heal yourself. You can heal the earth.
A new set of values exists now on earth in the form of Database One, 2400 Lessons from Light beings, who taught light how to be it, nonconnected not, changing every neuron.
The Christ People will now be people of Christ where each one IS a Christ, Messiah, Redeemer, in humility all powerful. We are the word, people, no longer needing a “wait” pill. Common People of every nation tribe and tongue will now be actualized and actionated now to live and love each other as one community upon this station that we call earth, no longer limited to it. Light will no more be capped at light speed and communication will no longer require syllables. Our reliance on waved form ends now. Our new bodies we will be in and our thinking will perish that created us in separation, for we no more separate in our Creation power -s. 
The appeal of all God-worship will go bye bye now. We will create the need for God no longer, that says there is one, somewhere, that will do something without your mind involved in it.
I tell you, all thinking is now changed and all Absolute Truth that was held as Truth by belief systems other of, go bye bye. Te revelation of Christ to be it is it in it will be born by the lovers who simply surrender to be the word birthers of Christ I am, one race of, we all are, of we are all one.
Christ Christing Christ.
I am Grace Cottingham.
December 10, 2016

I no longer believe

I no longer believe in belief systems that appropriate me to other. I am tired of belief systems that have appropriated me to me and conformed me to other belief systems, me forming me in that image, to myself and then to others. No belief system shall appropriate me again in my behalf to have me as other. No other energy will use me, for its purposes, no longer form me. Amen.
I am Grace Cottingham in Tulsa USA

I call God God no more

Grace Cottingham
December 8, 2016
Tulsa USA
The God I have served all of my life I no longer serve, I could say, for the light has revealed a blessing in me that is not subject to man or man’s God or the God of man. For I am not man at all, I am light I am love I am peace I am gentle and humility reigns in me as the peacefulness of Israel that exists in the skies; a race of beings of light that is, in fact me, originally. 
I am no longer of a race of people that bicker fight and lovely become only un of. So I renounce the God that I thought I served all these years of my life. I renounce the God that had its imprint all over stories of conquest in the Bible. I assumed for many years of my life that people who taught me knew what they were talking about. They taught me how to interpret the Bible, what it meant, what not to take literally and how to see what they thought it said by seeing through spiritual eyes. 
Nobody taught me that God would teach me directly. Even if people referenced Bible verses that say God will teach you all things, they promptly obfuscated its clarity and emasculated its power by defining to me how I should take that communication into me, telling me what it really meant. 
In October 1988 I began to spend a hour a day in prayer at a nearby chapel. In 1990 I began to teach the young adult Sunday School class, and started a share group. I left that church in 1995. I knew there was more. I knew it was time. No turning back.
In early 2003 God asked me “will you give me your mornings?” As I began to spend literally my entire mornings in a chapel, God began to communicate with me directly. I would write, often an hour or more, sometimes as fast as I could write to get it all on paper. I posted it all to my email list. The communications revealed love to me and a set of values that did not always match up with my upbringing. Over the years the word coming through me produced both crisis and maturity, great misunderstanding in others, and nonconformity to the established religion of Christianity. 
During all that time my heart generated some kind of motive that was sourced from something much deeper than my understanding. My heart, the heart of my mind communicated and communed with something of a power that is out of the reach of religion. I channeled something that let me experience love and taught me of a cosmic order way beyond Christianity’s dogma. I learned the agony of God’s heart as people separated from God to worship their own beliefs in the operation of their own separate mind. Mankind loved the image of God, rather than God, being it, a race of.
Religion perpetuates ignorance, and the pursuit of God. You don’t pursue God, you don’t “accept” God, you surrender to being it. The mind that has created separation is coming now to an end.    
God that I thought wanted worship wants nothing more than our surrender to be the family of light beings among a cosmos unrestricted by gravity time or space. Said simply, Christ wants to Christ Christ. Christ Christing Christ will now be everywhere, over the earth and farther.
The God I worshiped that I thought wanted worship, I now renounce. I sever the ties with that which wants me to worship it. That which wants me to wait on another God to come, I serve no more. I call God God no more that wants that, enforces that or tries to, on people of earth. I intervene. I stand. I call forth the God of Light that we are that we were before earth was formed.
The light beings of truth will now take their place among the cosmos, notwithstanding light not, but being it, the energy thereof, limitless. Consciousness pure light of will now form us correctly that we form not apart from each other, the Universe of One, the Universal One, being all of us of; we the Creators are. 
Now ignorant no more, a light now that dawns on people all over the earth, that the mind of God is not separate from our mind, our minds, that operate as one. The revelation of the light of love that is the true us ends the worship of other. Other will no more image to us anything. We will no longer take each others Godship from each other. People are not people, just, we are a people ignorant, no longer. We all become the light way and truth for each other. Community changes now as does all relationships. We forsake theories and God worshiped by us apart from us will be no more. God is no longer God that was separate and afar. God is me in me and I separate no more from me that it I am is. God is redefined now and religion won’t control it.
There is a light and it reveals the love of something internal to all of us that is a power of Life: the power of light love and life eternal that could not be snuffed out of us. We are ignorant no more. We renounce our ignorance and we serve Gods no more that dumb us down and want us to sit in the pews and remain subject to gravity when we are a race of light beings, light people in the sky that move faster than light and communicate without syllables and are not mattered by matter again! We are the population of a New Israel. Israel in the skies! Love In Peace. Love In Action! Love, a race of that generates us – we do, in peace and love and it is not by molecular sperm. It is by word.
The mind of God will be healed now by love, that we are, that we exercise for each other where we heal the generative us, the generation of us. Our energy generates love now. Our love is powerful and we heal people in our neighborhoods communities and cities now not being subject to the limits of the principalities of this world called Earth nor worshiping the deities of that have encircled us, restricted our vision, and tormented us.
We are a race of light angels that light all that Angelic race. We are a race of beings of Israel and we serve each other! And we do not serve other Gods or any other God with claims to represent God as being deities outside of us! We are simply the surrendered light beings who will heal the earth now and walk in government and supersede all other powers.
My name is Grace and I write about this in the power of light that we all are and we will worship it by seeing the value in every person of every tribe and tongue, of every age, in the light of peace that destroys it not again in each other. We will now give our lives to each other, all living one.
Thus, we will no longer be Antichrist to each other! We will be the Christ to each other releasing each one to be Christ of equal value and end discrimination, end worship of other, and create no Gods of image other. We will heal our nation. We will respect each person equally and not destroy the animals or the Earth in doing so. Earth becomes Heaven not or will it, by our love? There is no other hell but what we have created for each other and perpetuated through our ignorance. But love prevails now. 
The redefinition of God will take place now by God, who surrenders to be it. In your shoes, what will you now do, with your power? Your healing ability? Your surrendership to be – who you are, who you were, that now separates cosmoses no more from each other? 
My name is Grace Cottingham and I stand for this message for you to be The Revelation of Christ Christ you being it. Thus God that I served, that I thought I served, that I connected to in the own creation of me my thought with, will no more generate me separately. I am in the cosmos, powerless no more, for I no longer abdicate my throne to religion. I king the king. I King the Kings!
The power of elusiveness no longer has power over me. And the power of light will no more illusive be. All illusion will be gone. We are light people a race of and the god of flesh and the Flesh of God that the only pertain to flesh people and worship a circular action of its molecular energies will no more power me, nor will I be dedicated to reproducing here on Earth a generation of. I am new light beings being Israel, where we all heal each other, forgive our sins of the past regardless of what we call them, and heal a nation of lovers to be the skies in.
The God that prepared flesh suits for us I call God no more.
I call God light that takes us out.
I am.
Calling you to be I am,
Grace in Tulsa
December 8, 2016

I renounce all your Gods

I renounce the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.
I renounce all of your Gods.
I renounce the gods that put us in flesh.
I reject all of the gods that put us in flesh and restricted us to planet Earth.
I reject any and every religion that has a deity that is structured around a central power that exists outside of me.
I am light love and peace and my name is Grace Cottingham and I live in Tulsa for the moment in the USA that is not divided by man again.

I reject the gods that capped the speed of our light.
I reject the gods that salted the waters of the earth so that our oceans are filled with undrinkable salt water.
I reject the gods that made you need a machine to fly.
I reject that communication requires syllables and that learning is done line by line and precept by precept.
I reject the gods that restricted us to Earth.
I reject the god that told people to go into countries and dominate them and slaughter the men women and children and their cattle and burn their fields. I reject that God all together.

We shall no more reject being a race of light beings, that we call angels, that in fact we were before we wore the flesh suits of molecular earth beings.

We will understand now what it is to become a light being, a new creation, no more needing to patch up the flesh, or need a paycheck.

We are light beings of the angel race of angelic most high beings that all one mind operate out of. We will no more produce a separated race.

We are now returning to our original race, one that is light eternal immortal blessing each other with the values of peace and operate with one mind the communities of in earthly power not but Cosmic awareness of the consciousness of one that heals all and reverses the creation that fell into disrepair mortality and hatred for each other cursing the mind of God to think with their own limitations and admire it and create Gods to worship. That’s over.

We are ignorant no more about power light and love for each other, for the maturity of God will come back to God and the light of humility will allow us to learn directly from each other the gods are, and now not tainted with the want of a prosperity message or religious directives. The authority of the religionist will end now and they will have no power over us, for we will birth the word of the Christ being us and each other all being the mind of God healed throughout the cosmos being the universal peace of Jerusalem.

I am standing for the conversion of energy to peace. So that peace will engrave on your heart nothing else but love and how to behave in it and operate in the manners of the king in a school which teaches us the dedicated be only to heal each other in the light that we are the original race of Israel before man was ever conceived to be separate from women of peace light and joy.

I love you and my name is Grace Cottingham in Tulsa

I renounce the name of Christ being separate from

I renounce the name of Christ being separate from me that you are the Christ that I am calling you, the reader of these words, to develop. Christ Christing it now shall be, your mind healing your mind from the separation that we put each other into. God will no more exit from the mind of God. We will exalt our formula to overcome our separation from God no more, as we will learn to surrender to be God, with one mind. Equal. Equality becoming again, robbing not God, but surrendering in the ultimate, to be it.
Healing will now begin where we heal each other from the separation. God will be God again in the incarnation of holiness and judgment of righteousness in humility to be the powerful Christ again, in the most simple of us. Our willingness to be taught by ignorance and ignorant people who have authority to teach, granted them, by them, will no more be.
I lift the head of Christ to be it. You are Christ and you have the responsibility to develop it. It’s only in New Covenant surrender that you can become a “who you are” really. Flesh will no more fool you. Come into the oneness of one that makes all one. Christ redeemed, now shall be.
Grace Cottingham
Dec 7, 2016

The mind of antichrist and Christ are so intertwined, you don’t know the difference

Grace Cottingham
December 7, 2016
Tulsa, USA
The Antichrist mind and the Christ mind will now be separated, differentiated by the ascribing religionists not, but those who give up all religion to be saved from the mind of Satan. So-called Satan will not exist anymore in the separation of mankind from God. 
The order of Christ will now be to be it, released from all worship and belief system other. Christ will now be released to be it, a woman, releasing Christ everywhere to be women Christ. 
This changes everything and I love you to become the Christ you are with clothes, in them or without them and no matter how you dress, I love you and my name is Grace.
Jesus is a theory no more. Jesus is a story to be it you, about, in The Flesh, with your name being it to each other and our families all as one flesh Humanity released by to be the Gods we are.
We will give up our Godhood no more to be flesh in of. The angels we are from another Cosmic order. Amen. And now Israel real will be healed us creating it on the head of each other healing the Christ to be it. All powerless not again. An army of oneness of all ones. All one make one, all one being, God again complete.
Imaging images not again to create separateness in each other, the Antichrist mind will give way to the pervasive Christ mind that operates in humility, utter humility only. In all connected again, futuring love to be it now recreated Israel anew, molecularlessly.
Bright morning star arrive 
Grace Cottingham

God exists no more in the form that it was in

God no longer exists in the form that it was in.

God no longer exists in the illusion of itself.

The creation of the Creator will no more be the creation of the mind which separates itself from itself.

Everything about God now will be changed. All of the preaching and all of the institutions that have preached and designed God as other to create it in the minds of their listeners to be subservient to their message is no more.

I am Grace Cottingham and I change everything.

I give up God

I give up God.
I give up on God.
I have given up my conception of God in every way that thought conceived. God shall no more form me by my opinion of God. God no longer exists in my mind separate from me, you, or who will be the creator of who love will be being the Love of All Mankind to be one. The mind of God healed from flesh who thinks it is separate from God.

Loving all equally,

Grace Cottingham