“I am I Am” -1

Theodore Cottingham, Tulsa
March 16, 2017

It seems I’m alone, that I’m far away from you.

Time. Time. What happened yesterday, when I thought I was with you, was yesterday, and I’m in the now, now. Yesterday was. Yesterday is shut off from today, so is tomorrow. Time shuts me out of the enjoyment of being with you all the time.

And distance. You seem to be so far away. In another state, down another block, in another community, miles away, or even next door where I cannot see you.

So distance and time play a part, a major role in separating me from me who I love. Timespace does this, functioning is, in part, to disassociate me from myself, my community, my me’s of me who angels are. My friends and family of every age.

Perhaps the most valuable movie ever made is The Truman Show, or what I call Truman’s World, with John Carey. If all of this around me that I call this earth world is an illusion, I’m creating it, for I’m the creator I am. If I am The Creator, and I’m creating the illusion I’m in, then I have the power, I have the ability to create it again, and again, or create something else.

A person whose car has landed in a ditch and can’t get out, will never get out until they acknowledge they are stuck in the ditch. Denial that they are stuck will only leave them there. Denial that they are stuck will produce a course of action that does not get them out. Denial stuck in, they can keep reproducing what they want to believe, regardless of empirical reality that seems to be visible. Their denial may bring mental relief for the moment, elevating themselves above the apparent circumstances, but denial won’t get the car out of the ditch onto the road again.

We can’t create another illusion. We must come out of ours, now. We cannot wait. We have waited for thousands of years for someone to lead us out. We must forge out of this one. We can only create another creation if we have the knowledge of how, to; after we have the knowledge that we’re in one, and we’re stuck, here, in it.

We are the creators of timespace. Distance and timespace seem to rule us. Our atmosphere does. There’s energy here, that incarcerates our ability to transcend it, needing machines to rule our lives in that we need machines to dig for us, transport us, and live in buildings built by them.

We seem to be in vessels made of flesh. Our consciousness seems to reside in us. Our energy seems to be given to flesh by flesh to be in flesh the generation of, to only pleasure have, sometimes. And some, never have it. Some are in torment all the time. Some receive pleasure, from different things. It’s all torment in reality, that isn’t reality at all, or it just placates us to receive it, and keep generating it in some kind of dream, or false reality, an atmosphere of “I don’t know” what it is.

Instead of manna being given us each day to sustain us on our journey, it seems we have the opposite. Illusion, to keep us here, to remain wandering around working jobs for others wanting money and a paycheck and family friends and an excuse to do more with less or some such rationale employing to be seen as good in someone’s eyes.

If I have information that I’m in an illusion, and don’t resist it; if I actually surrender to being IN it, and The Creator OF it, then, THEN I can do something about it. I need knowledge, humility, time, and support.

The Matrix is real. It’s called planet earth. Taking away our privilege to roam the universe and create farther ones and exist without timespace over us, is what has become “normal”. Universal appeal of the universe is something just rendered to space, or evolution, or something that seemed to “have” just happened.

Some people attribute different things to it, the universe of, but we created it. We create consciousness. We create what we’re conscious of. We create what we’re in, flesh or not.

We are not subject to time and space. We are I Am.

Until you realize you are I Am you are stuck, you are subject to your own creation, of the false appearing real, in timespace development of you in it: Truman’s world, of your own making.

I am the Creator I am. I am I Am whether you capitalize it or not. I am The Creator of all creators being one. I am one among many. I am a race of creators The Creator being, destroyed by thought, that fell into its own bag of tricks, and illusion made for each other, controlling each other, by what’s “normal” normally thought of.

We are in Hell and we are keeping each other here, no more. We acknowledge Truman’s World we are in and the creators it of we are, the ones helding each other here, held by our own words. Our words incarcerate us. We have become victimized by our own thoughts of separation and created timespace to prevent our departure, from this planet. We have created our own world thought virtual of. Virtual thought by.

We’ve elaborate God theories and all sorts of explanations that placate us to stay here on earth with extensive rationale for doing nothing about it but being led of peace, not; but war and greed and belligerence in government, and religion. All that stops now. With me.

I lead out of the confusion we have been in, and my name is Moses not, but Grace, Grace Cottingham. Born a man now a woman I converted to Truth, and became a Savior of it. Now I am it. It I am, I Am.

You don’t have to believe me. You can believe what you want. You are The Creator of you, and you create your creation, of you, and you’re it, still, now. NOW. Genesis 1 didn’t happen back then, it happened NOW. There’s no time and space between now and then, really. Time, doesn’t exist. It’s a fabrication of thought, as space is. You see, we are creating timespace. We the creators of, are, one race, separated.

By thinking mechanisms, our brains controlled by neurons, we have made a mess of things and become dumbed down in our belligerence and denial of God being us. A race of. Maneuvering our way around to be dependent and subsuch for each other, codependency creating, calling it normal, with attention deficit disorder and a host of maladies, when we are all created, with one mind. One. The Infinite One.

You can believe what you want, but if you don’t become me, you’ll die out. Now you’ll die, because I curse you not, but you create your own death manifest of, your own beliefs, in torment, wanting another God. When it’s you brother sister, all of one race, of God’s, that God is, whether calling it that or not placates your or not, truth is still Truth here! And our word matters.

Me will be saved from us. Me will be the creators that torment not again each other with x, y, or z theories, nor prayers, of independence or not. We take responsibility for us. Every man a god, not; every woman is, too, before time was ever born. Before we were split into man and woman a race of, we were all women, for we needed not the seed of man or external anything to “fertilize” us, to complete reproduction of us. We all existed as God the Mind of God before we ever in flesh denied our Godship. We roamed the heavenlies. We were one mind. We were the Holy Spirit, of God, before “God” was ever invented as a term in flesh to admire or call another invocation to, or pray to, outside of us. We loved each other. Deeply. Unendingly. Unendingly. And we had laughter among ourselves, because we enjoyed ourselves, and each other. Everlasting joy was our name, presence, attenuating not to other.

We loved all of us because we were all one, independent of timespace incarcerating us. It’s time to recognize we are stuck, we are stuck on earth, in the earth, with it. We created it and we can de-create it. What incarcerated us we can unincarcerate its capacity to be God again with utter dependence on nothing, but love. Let us declare our independence again! We independent are again.

Serving denial no more, I decree Time has no more power over me, or us, who me are: one minded one.

I am God you are, the One minded One. The Creator is all creators of the mass of ignorance no more, clinging to an earth, God with or not, of or not. It’s all changed now. And I’m Grace Cottingham, in love with you all, to be who you are, to be who I am is. A one. Without time and distance separating you, from me, or from each other. We give up, all our separation, and warring, against ourselves. We create Christ, a man of not again, timespace of.

Us shall be one who were, before the earth was “born”, and we shall create another one, New Israel. Amen. New Covenant Israel, the Creators, we are, of; and returning to our Creation, create it, inhabit it, and have one mind, of joy, pure joy now, light of. Eternal.

The Fabrication of Justice now begins. Not Timespace over us again, that uses our energy, to be it it is.

If you don’t become me, you will die; you will have served your beliefs, and manifested them. You will have created the fulfillment of your fears, and wants; and experienced them, verified them, with writings and experiences that fulfill you, and corroborate your understanding of why you want them. You will fulfill your wishes, to be separate, now you will, evermore not, it’s all different than what you think, for we have been taught to think by a flesh thinking mechanism that says flesh is our real world and we’re in it.

We’re above it all.

The justice system of me me. The justice system of me is in me. I am it. There’s no other judgment than what you judge yourself as, and as, you create Paradise, or redeem denial theories, and believe what you want to, but if you do, you’re still in a ditch, blind.

I give sight. I create Creators. A Race of Creators I create, because the creator I am, is. I am one. And one is an army, in insignificance not again.

I create me, ‘s.

All shall be angels now, again, finding our way. Finding “our” way to all be one again, without timespace separating us. Distance shall have no effect on us. We are through it. We are transcendent beings of light, used for our energy system no more to be us, in separation. Our minds using Thought shall not create us again in separation, from our love for each other. Amen. For we are, each other.

I be I am Grace Cottingham. I Am Grace Cottingham. I am I am. I am am. I Am am. I am Am. Amen.

We all become I Am, again. Subservient no longer to the thoughts of man, we all become women, birthing the canal no longer in our neurons of flesh, of flesh. The population of earth diminishes now greatly, for we no longer perpetuate our ignorance in ignorants. We grant immunity to Satan not, we quit creating it, through our neurons, that creates reality for us, seemingly, but wrongly. Distorted we have been, now no longer.

We come out, and go among the nations, as angels, perfectly, harnessed not again, with our flesh. We come out. A man of not but a woman in spirit, flesh of flesh no more.

We are The Story of Love, who love each other. And do it, and do so. Amen.
Women with, the seed of light, reproduces me.
I am the word.
I am Am, the am of thee, who I am is, a race of hoarders no more of ignorance who see The Light as other, than the manufacturers I am. Everywhere now, knowing it.

I change it all and I am Theodore Cottingham

the infinite, Lover will you become?

Will you let yourself be creative this day? Will you let you create the creator within you that creates, and creates you to be like you like? Will you have happiness in you? Will you create it within others?, by how you see them, creating their image of them, within them?

Do we create each others’ self image? What neurons do ‘ing are? Giving us perception? Of ourselves? Mirroring each other to each other of the “self” of The Creator? Imagine now, you’re the creator of The Creator of all time and every good thing. What would you do, with your power? Heal people? Make money? Pay your bills? Hoard cash? Lavish upon others? Generosity? Or, just simply smile at people, respect them, build their self respect? Appreciate them for who they are? Value people?

What can we create in people without money? Or can everything be created without money? Is money a surrogate for God? A supplanter, substitute? For need meeting? Why do we have needs? Are we in lack? Why do we lack? Want? No, we have more than enough want. So why do we want more want, or are we just taught to “want” more, and more, and?

What can you create in me this day that you’ve never thought of being able to create, in someone else? What are you willing to do for the person you meet, this day, behind the register? On the farm? In the factory? In the buildings and ranges of mankind infinite? In the fields of open confession not, but the fields of harboring guilt and self condemnation and inadequacy, will you confront? Not with verbal indignity, even to yourself of yourself, but love? Will you love each other: every man, every woman, everyone that stinks, everyone that even abuses you? Will you not give their behavior that they give you back to them? Will you create love that can create within them love, that never fails, that they don’t even know is being “grown”, in them, by you giving them The Love Seeds?

I appreciate love. I love love. I have become it, the infinite, Lover will you become?, and create, create, within you by creating creation’s love in each other that never fails, to create love farther and farther, abreast of the infinite? Lack cannot stand in the love of generosity, for long. There’s Creation taking place all the time, and I creator invite you The Creator of You to create you in other that lack nothing, but the knowledge of how; and by doing, it, with them, you show them, demonstrably, how to create something from nothing, out of love.

I love you. This day, love someone, who you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of loving, touching with your thoughts, touching with your creativity of your creatorship creating now in motion, concentrating on money not again, but letting it come.

In a creative way, be you, The Creator. The Creator needs not money, The Creator needs love, to create it. And needs cannot flourish in new creations of Creators, that create all to be it. Without lack,

I love, You. Love each other. Thank you.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
March 23, 2017

Creating Creation

If I create Let within you, Let shall be a part of you, created by your words, that my word, is, giving you, to create, to create you with, not separate from that which is Light, for Light works by Let.

Let there be light is more than a term, it’s education, for the masses, to be lightless not again, but performing acts for magic, not; but living the educated life of one that lets light be light. Forget punctuation, not; but key not on it to determine what I’m saying that’s being said. Light in you must come forth to creation be your creation of. Light works by love, so if you’re into magic acts for money only to squander of the masses of confusion by proliferation of what has been stamped on you to replicate, then I am not interested in teaching you.

I’m interested in creation, of The Creation Master, that God and I are one, are you, who will be it, not separating again, into things of the mind, that controls, and stagnates, and feels powerless, and grants it.

I am creating power to be The Most High, in humility, only.

You are not separate from your knowledge. You are not separate from your words. You are your words, your words are you. You have knowledge of your words, but in patterns, that give you, restrictedness or not, constrainment or not, containment or not, and you cannot be contained in you in restrictedness unless you seal you shut in it. You can live in your own mind without let, and control everything you say by logic, and confusion will reign in you, not necessarily, but what’s programmed into will. And the logic of man will constrict and contain the Creativity of God into a human and leave it there till it dies, and be triumphant over it, and eulogize it as: good. A good life, one who played by the rules, kept the commandments, law abiding citizen, not a murderer, but wait! What about the confusion spread by ignorance, of that person, when that person was The Creator, that never found it out?!?

I am creating creators who know it, willing are to find it out, and be it; healing everyone from confusion of processing other and being processed by other than The Creator they are.

Luck is not Let. Let is a force, that uncontrollable is, realer than real. Transcendent is that which surpasses normal limits, the state of being free from the constraints of the molecular world, the state of being beyond normal perception of the five sense mind. Transcendence is not scientifically verifiable because we are dealing with that which is beyond it, the we are, not characters in a play for others anymore, to play us, with their words.

We are the words, of our own I am. And the mind of I am, is not separate from you. I can shield it though. I can shield my mind from you, in my words, how I behave, and how I engender thought about you. Lightly? Shadows’d no more, what are you willing to learn about your power? What are you willing to learn about control so that control won’t control you? What controls control? Why are we all living lives that so often are programmed by another, others, who seek our good or not? What are we pouring into each other, each day?

I create creativity and that’s why I’m here, to reveal The Creator, is you – my friend and colleague, on the earth. If you want to create creativity in you, and unleash it, in others, as much as you, JUST AS MUCH AS YOU, you can create it in others, starting with you first.

You see, hear, feel, become. The creator is The Creator, for The Creators are a race, not separate, not separated from time again, or space by.

I love you, all.

This is I am Theodore Cottingham
March 22, 2017

Coming out to care for our own

Provision can come to you different than it comes to most people. Most people work for it, they slave, for it, and become a slave for it to rule their lives. They want a living. They want things, relationships, and money seems to be the key to almost all things. Money seems to drive, want seems to drive, and want seems never satisfied. We seem to want more and more. But what if we’re not meant to be satisfied with any status quo? What is we’re meant to create? What if, we’re Creators of what we’ve called The Creator?

What kind of values does The Creator have? And what how can The Creator create Creation all over again? What if search and discovery is part of our genes … our privilege?

Without the knowledge of the pearl of great price, The Creator, is human.

The Pearl of Great Price is not your brain, it is what powers it, for the energy of Consciousness One is one in consciousness of it. You cannot do what you don’t know how to do it. Most people do what they see another people doing, for they have loved the ignorance television and normal education gives them. They seek another world, not; they don’t even know they can create it. They think they’re human, and humanity produces suffering, and ignorance. But you have the Energy of Life within you. You were born with it. It’s been dumbed down by man and you’ve been taught to be subject to all normal “normal” things, in this world, if you’re “normal”.

Salesmanship is persuasion for some people. It’s success. It’s numbers, digits in their bank accounts, feelings of security, at the expense of others? Salesmanship is not persuasion to me. Salesmanship is presentation, perception, at a level that incorporates more than the transaction. We are not robots, we are creators in a world that has robotized us, and creates us in its image, and imaged reality to us for us to replicate it according to what we’ve seen. Normal in this world of competition is not what I am about. Competing with each other is not what is meaningful to me. Getting into my pocket out of yours is not “success” to me. I want to fill, your pockets, with good things, meaningful relationships, streams of joy that never run dry. I seek joy and laughter for you. I seek you, to be you.

I seek your creatorship to arise. I ask you to be you, but it’s costly. The King pays a price to be The King, if it loves its people, rather than uses them, rules them, in costly apparel of itself, above its people. I am undeniably in love with you, and I love you whatever you wear, but if you wear the humility of The King, and consider its ways, to make all Kings, then I want to do business with you in a different way. I won’t appeal to your greed, but your life, to make one, anew. Not according to the values of common influence of societies ignorant.

There is a new creation that can create you. It’s you, The Creator. But humility it takes, in massive quantities. It takes a stream of it, in fact. It takes truth to know Truth. I awaken truth in you this day because you are Truth and you don’t need to grovel before man this day for your living.

A stream of income that will come to you you can create, if you will create in others The Creator too, that all create one; and ones that have a consciousness of Creator One create dependencies in others not again. A new world of love emerges with a different set of values than the ones based on competition and finite resources. My world is not finite, and I’m opening yours that isn’t either.

I seek you to love each other. Those who you do business with are not excluded. You learn to love. Love must be learned, it is not automatic. What’s automatic ‘ly programmed into people, is to look out for Number 1 first, with that being you, the flesh person of you, that better get in line and according to others live your life.

I’m not normal. Nothing brings me joy, like you, having it, and creating it others, lacklessly. Being it, the I Am, infinitely.

Joy does not depend on money, but resources are distributed differently when you have no lack.

Can you think like a King? The King? The creator, of The Creator? No matter what you call it, I am, I am, recognizing you as such, who will develop me, a new world of. But what’s me? A Consciousness? A feeling? Set of values? Experiences? Transactions? Relationships? I’m a you that has come out of normalcy, of this world. I see your value. I know your family. ‘s mine. We are a race of lovers, creating something that we are available to create, while we are seeing all as we are, and transcending it at the same time, by values, by love, by knowledge wisdom and understanding. And oh yes, tenacity. Fervor. Surrender.

The King I am talking about is I Am, and you’re that I Am that I am talking to. I arise I Am in all who will be it, and the stream of wisdom flows within you, for your Kinghood to develop, lasting eternally, without lack. But you have to develop. Wisdom. Maturity. For a world of us lovers cannot operate as what we are coming out of, for there’s a higher way: Peace.

If you don’t know Peace, peace will elude you. You’ll fill your time with all things pleasurable or presenting you monies for what you slaved for. You’ll consider it worth it, for prostration before slavery exalts the teaching of the re-creation of it that enslaves in a lack system that finite is. But you’re not finite. You’re King of Kings, for all can be one, but it takes willingness. It takes awareness. And humility personified, in you who you are.

Every girl a king. Every woman a king. I wish to change the word how used is, to denote men a man of no more being a king and a woman queen, for there’s all this baggage about queens being under kings. But there is no King over you, if you will be humble enough to learn that you are it, and you have the power to create worlds, and operate not according to everyone else. You are precious, to you, to me. And even if you’re not precious to you, you’re precious to me. I give you my life, my consciousness, feel my blood, flowing in your veins, to utter humility in your words, when you deal with others.

I love present you me, I Am. I am come that you might have life, and I write about it in a blog, yes, this blog. I’m here and I’m out. That’s why these posts have the tag of “coming out”, for I am “coming out” to you, who I am. I Am is I am who you are will be the ones who change your salesmanship of the world and how it’s operated, to increase not the learning of ignorance, but the I am of Am, no matter what you called it, I call you I AM.

Commerce will change now. Effort will change. Rewards will change. Need will change. Needs will change. Barter will increase. Generosity will prevail. All will begin dealing from a position of strength that never takes advantage of the weaker. We must care for our own. Our own. And our own, is 7 billion people and more. On the earth, all things changing is, and I am one.

The least of these, I make Kings.

In love with you all,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
March 21, 2017

Let leads, if you let it

Let leads, if you let it. Talking about let, it is the most powerful phenomenon around, not, but integral to being saved from yourself, the beastualized mind of; for your mind is a beast, unless we’re talking about your light mind.

The light mind has a mind made up of many pieces, of material matter, not; but light, that’s not fragmented by timespace. Nor the mind of others, who want to think with theirs in separation. I am not separated you reading this, so I can love you fully as I am, you are. I am you are. We are one. Doing business my way, we, I change everything, for the light mind is infinite, but you aren’t, not again. For now knowing, you develop the light mind of let, and let is confusionless, except for the Mind of The Beast confusing it. Because we all use words. Well kind of sort of.

The light mind operates by revelation, by let ‘ing let operate, for no lack exists in the light mind, that’s afraid of it not, but willing to risk, to hear truth. Truth in any form is transcendent, of molecular waves, of understanding light other. There’s light of true mind, transcendent, immortal, eternal, powerful among all powers, being the one that ultimate is: love, and love lets. Love does not control. Love lets mature. Seeks maturity. Diligent about it is.

The Beast Mind seeks to supplant The Light Mind, and does a good job of it. Damn good, that dams the light flow of light that can only be generated by let.

Let is a key term that operates only in surrender. Opposite of control. Surrender lets, and surrender is more powerful than control. Limited limitedness operates in control, a finite sphere of understanding in, that limits, matter. Circumstances are controlled by the mind, not; but the mind uses circumstances to control what it thinks it sees, and must respond to, if it’s the beast mind. But the light mind is not oblivious to the things around you, to respond to, but if you let it.

The Beast Mind runs all over God, the light mind of. God is so surrenderful that, humble we think of being God not, but humility is the greatest trait of God, or that you are, if you become it, not separating from it.

The Beast Mind lets not; the beast mind control, for it power wants, and wants its power, to be all powerful. But that’s not how I work.

I work for peace in the creators who let, who will let, themselves be saved from their beast mind, and allow The Let mind, to “work” in creation, that creates, the creation from above, that you control not, but you “let” into existence, in the framework of I am.

My circumstances cannot control me or you, unless we yield to it that created these circumstances that we don’t want. If we think we are subject to what we’ve been dealt in this world, we are powerless, to create change. Change is easy, not; but inevitable, for dynamic and stagnant not is what will be created now by the changers who elicit not light from that which keeps them stagnant again.

The Beast Mind offers light, understanding, grace, which keeps most going in “normalcy”, and cultural understanding of insight and leadership; subject to all the most high gods, not; but money. And money is God, to most, whether calling it that or not, they serve it night and day, with all their power.

I am not offering you that power, but to create The Light Mind OVER the beast mind, not again, nor vice versa. I’m inviting you to Grace be, in your two shoes, a one, that bears not in your mind the beast creation again of you that seeks to be someone else, nor wear the shoes of him who sent you here in lack. You are not the shoes in of molecular lack any more. You’re shielded from your purpose not, you’re to create God. God can be born again in you and you do business throughout the worlds in an understanding of gracefulness that transforms the transformation process which developed the beast mind in you to be subservient to money and syllables needed for communication of the waved mind. The light mind exists in you, that you cannot extricate. You are one with God, and you’re it, unless you seek your own existence unto yourself that you create with your thought that you’re separation of. The beast mind is separate and loves its separation and will do anything to keep living in you, to live you your life of, in deception, deceiving you to keep you thinking you’re your own life living. But the beast mind lies, and resides not in light, but has its form of it, energy that waves the mind, to bend it into its appeal, of words that its rational and logic identifies and codified and amplified and repeated to each other for conformance to cultural norms to be acceptable to keep you beastualized in you thinking you’re making your own decision, and in control of your own life being.

You are not that being, anymore, unless you choose to be, and insist on it; for now the light has dawned that you’re The Creator of you, and thought controls this world not, but you do, because you’re the creator of it, The Creator, is you.

Let lets you hear the light that’s transcendent and not of this world, of molecular understanding and waves, of its frequencies, and gender that rapes it, each other of, in prices, time, and more. There’s more, to the story, than we’ve ever been told.

Revealed by light comes by let. A force, of surrender, that can only be exercised in focused tenacity over time, some period of time, for there is always sacrifice, to transform, light – we’re giving up flesh, molecular of, to have the understanding that does not need waves. That’s how revelation comes, in those “sparks” of imagination, where many things come aglow of, and revealed is a “way” to do things, accomplish, and somehow defeating circumstances give way to a creativity that forced it way into you not, but you let, it come, and be “revealed”, to the revealer of you. You sat. Silent were. Defeated your voice, of circumstances and lack, and forced nothing upon you or anyone. You took time to “pour the oil” out over the feet, of the surrendered, being you.

You admire your body, not, again. You admire flesh not, you admire love, by letting love, let love let, creating the person you are, without flesh on, be in, the flesh of you. Becoming one. Light mind of. Decreasing darkness and eventually defeating it entirely to become a new creation: You. No lack. Perfect peace. Loving all equally. Dependent not on money.

I love you all.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
March 19, 2017

We birth the future now

All the systems of the present are dead. Dead. Dead, I said. I declare you’re the creation of God and God you are, a creation of, yourself. Your God and you are one, and separation has set in and divided and conquered, but separation is now defeated, and money too.  Finite separation must give way to infinite lack, not, but fields of joy, where conceivers of creators create joy, and peace, infinite, infinitely for each other. For we do this for each other, with our word. Light bearers come now who conceive the light in every transaction, because every transaction is filled with light at an exchange pace of speed greater than light.

Commerce worlds are conceived this way now, and birthed by you, the infinite, of each one infinite.

Now this is not a spiritual blog; quite the contrary, but there is no difference, no separation between sacred and secular. Its division goes bye bye, and is dead. I create life. I create life in you, my followers, to create life in you, of the infinite, being you, The Infinite One. Not spiritual; simple.

There is no division between all of us. And if you create division among your suffering you will suffer. If you create lack in others by competing and competition that you may think is normal and necessary, you’re creating it in yourself, first.

I am here, writing, to have the infinite mind corrugated no more by you, to thinking waves be, incarcerated in, ways, past. I am here, not of infinite separation, but infinite life, and lack shall go bye bye. I create the infinite mind. I create The Infinite Mind. The Infinite Mind is you who will create it in another, one mind at a time, because we are all one. Infinite, ‘ly. Awoke. Awakened be now, by your love for each other, and who you do business with, this day. Love them. Be to them, a lover. Love their children. Love their ways, not; their ways may be shabby and low-moral’d and balled-up in the ways of man. I call you to life be, conceive, that of higher ways not, but life eternal in the infinite mind that creates it to be lack without, because you care. You carry not your sword to cut people apart again, with your lowest prices or your word, but you care for the prospects of a betterment, not; you care for all equally, to love each other.

This is business by love.

Will you conceive it? Live it? Transform it?

I love you into thinking you’re not made by this world any more by matter.

Matter did not conceive you.

Material man has gone bye bye, and all of its systems of infinite lack give way now to infinite blessings, peace, and good will to each other where The Christ is The One you’re dealing with across from the table, signing into contracts, or not, and advising about investments, or selling cars, servicing them, or God being God just as common life is, not represented as separate again, from the common us, who live here.

Conceive the present, and stay in the past.

Conceive the future, and get there, by creating it.

Your infinite lack, you can kiss goodbye, not; you give it no place in your thinking, dealing this day, with anyone of your past present or future.

You’re creating you now, with responsibility for it.

Conceive you now, in blessing, kindness, and judgment of God, for when you’re dealing with the least of these, across from your desk, servicing their car, transacting sales of groceries or coffee, you’re dealing with God Almighty, knowing it or not.

You do know now, this blog is not normal, but will become so, for “salesmanship” will not be about profits or money necessarily, but success, created by you, to be the real Authentic You that has no lack, and loves equally across the globes, globe-bearers me, that you are, creating God all the time, now timeless be, and create the future in you, right now.

More coming,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
March 20, 2017




Transforming transactions by creation of let

Will you create you not like you’ve created you in the past? Are you willing, to let, you be another person, not programmed by, their values? Will you value each one equally, and see the transactions your perform as something else than a living making, just? Will you exonerate justice in every person that let’s them be the truth of their own existence of their making, not encased by another, motive?

Are you willing to be blessed of you, to walk in circles of despair no more, but power? Influence? Or love? Do you want power or love? The influence of power is greater than love not again, for love never fails, to create, creation all over again is being created now, a different way, who values it, to be one, of a race, that values all equally. Whether they can do no good for you or not. Who knows, you may be dealing with an angel. You may be one.

Not knowing who you are, or what you have, disadvantages you. I bring advantage, to be the careful hungering after more than this world’s goods. Comfort, I am not seeking, but revenge goes bye bye, as does competition in the world as we have thought of it.

I am not competing with you. I am you. So if I give to you, I’m giving to me. So when I go to have a transaction with a sales clerk, or magnate of a sales empire, I know what I am first, to do, not; but to be: one that crowns all equal as me, so I know how to treat them, and not grovel before them, nor tempt them with things they don’t need, or I can’t supply.

Will you consider let again? In the first paragraph, of this post? Why are the commas, there, or not there, when other punctuation is, or not? Why are things written as they are. It is my feeling, not; it is inspiration, not; it is let.

I let the words come. The words that come I am. I am my word. So if I deal with you in a store, about a petty grievance or a price dispute or negotiation of a large order for your company, I am my word. I let me come out. Me that comes out of my mouth is I am, the energy of no other. I take full responsibility for my words.

I am let’ing, enjoying, with you this day. I hope you are. Considering. Let. Creating the Creator that creates new things in your life, all good. Kind. Tender hearted, and patient. Wisdom fillled, acknowledging the Creator in every transaction, mulled, or made in ink. Make sure it fulfills the need of the Creator to be it, transforming business into something more than transactions, but creator creating Creator, for all of us to be it, a one.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
March 19, 2017

Have you considered The Let

In the last few posts I have introduced a position that contrasted let with the norm. Let is a verb or noun or, let it be as it needs to be, to us, to understand a concept, action, retromony not, but acrimony no more with ourselves, about what we let, remorse no longer bother us? No enemies either? Or do we have any? Or is The Greatest Enemy ignorance.

Consideration takes place in Let. Time, is given it. Allowance, allowances are not made for to rob you, but consider that another process may be taking place, as you consider, let. What if your mind operates not at all like you think? What if thinking controls you, or you control what controls control? What if creation you are creating at every opportunity not, but every thought, of it, corroborates itself, in mirrored neurons of sort. What are you neurons doing to you, or you doing to them? Creating, in them? Them, in you?

I bless you to no longer be dependent on you, as you in the past, have been dependent on things, concepts, of the past, that are no longer valid, if they ever were. I suggest to you it’s a new day, to be served, not, but to create. There’s an independence from thought, of thought, that must take place, in, thought. A mastery of  thought is not thought into place, it comes, my controlling it not, but by surrender to create, a new creation of thee?

I love you to create and be out of the dependencies of the flesh and create angels all about you. That’s right. Serious. Seriously. Treat a human like an angel and will they become one? To you, not; for you, not. But being, I am. A codependent spirit not again on flesh, will you create the consideration that you may be one, too. Will you create you, differently, this time?

What if there’s a different way to make money, than our culture depends on? What if you have the ability to create in ways manners and means you never imagined, until now? Will you let? Will you let you think differently. Will you let, think take its course never to rape you against its will, or your will? Will you have the will to create differently than disaffected man has ever thought? Or has all of thought affected all of man? Everywhere? Has timespace affected us or have we created it? What if we’re the creator’s creator? Needest thou money? Seems so, some do, some say. What will you consider, this day?

Love at the core changes everything, and I love you to love be, to you first. Forgive everyone else first, not; but you. Have a heart, and give it to you first, dependent codependent on another never again. Begin taking responsibility for your creation, the creation of you, by you, in love. Let love consider. Give space to love. Let “things” come to you in like manner, because people love you! Will you love them, before they love you? What will you give them in their quest for money, privilege, and acceptance? Will you return beauty to their ashes to not let them languish in their ashes anymore but be “saved” by you not, but just loved?

Can love help sales? Will light help wisdom? Will knowledge bring new creation? Will you let you be you? Account, accounting to you, for all you are? When not programmed by others, I see the light shine.

More later,

March 18, 2017



Love, is out of control

Love is out of control, here. I control it not, I destroy control, of it, in you, my lovers who will create love everywhere out of nothing. Love creates the creator, of love, it. You and love become inextricable when love exceeds envy, and control, of others, in you, by it, not controlling you or each other controlled by another.

The Real You must emerge, dependent not again upon another.

You have the creator within you, not; you are it! And separate not your love for each other, your tenderness arrives, for you first. Forgiveness is inextricable to love, and how it operates with respect, to form new things, new ways, and forgiveness exceeding respect, not; but both infinite, as love is, everending not, love is out of control.


If I love you, I don’t control you, I create let. I create let. I ask a lot of questions, and I let Conceiver conceive the blessing, of not being controlled by Self, of the confusion of mankind. I bless the blessers. Of each other equally.

Love is out of control. Where are you being controlled, by your thinking, this day? By people? Circumstances? What circumstances can overcome I am, love? Will you let love love you, and forgive you, for being at war with yourself? Your relatives? Your lack?

Don’t fight against your lack or it will consume you. You won’t be creative. The Creator exercises joy, and fights against the will of other, not, again. You let that be, as it is. It shall not consume thee, if you’re willing to love, equally, and learn how, expertly, consistently, becoming the fabric of success, that creates values of mankind not again, but God on God wearing God the values of, that consistently has lack vanquished in others, because there’s no protectionism, no protectionistic methods to prevent The Creator being Them who used to be your enemies, your competitors.

Love cannot compete with control. Control can laugh at love, but love conquers all, for love sets free, the spirit of me, in thee, and everyone around, now that I know what it is. It isn’t separate from you, me, or anyone else it is loosed in. So I loose love in you this day to be loveless not, but to love all and every human being as much as God, for you’re it. Loving each other love can’t be controlled; it’s transcendent, perfect, light love in, and love generates light, and creates, the opportunity to be free from control, and all that’s impeded its process, of generating peace, in it.

The body of you this day is love, and I call it love. I call your name Love, for you to be it, love each other. Let love flow, even to the controllers, who don’t understand, the transformation you may be undergoing, for you’re not under them any more, not really, in breath, or body, soon. For all things of control perish at the hand of the lovers, who will construct it, the Palace of Light in, that the mind is that won’t be controlled by another.

Love is infinite this day. Be love, be infinite. Be uncontrollable, joy in. Regardless. See things change. How you do what change. How you ask questions change. How you respond to adversity and hard times, change. Change how change changes you, and transform into love every time, creating it consistently, and control will not lock you in its grasp long.

Free love this day, and be it. Kindly, everlastingly, needingly not, but from the infinite well of joy, created be. By you.

March 19, 2017



Did you let, Creation occur?

Did you read my last three posts, or did you read them, how? How did you read them? Judge them? Judge them. Yes. Creatively. Creatively, with yours. Coming to life. Do you see what I have said? Through the last few sentences, without punctuation coving it up, or destroying its contents, of what can be created, created in you, about what what I’ve said?

You may have read them, you may have read the last post as you would a magazine article; casually reading it and dismissing it entirely as “nice” or “this” or “that” or did you let?

Did you let Creation take place in you, about it? Did you let Creation take your place from you, in it? Will you be placed in your own creation now? About it? Will you “create” what you “think” about it not, will you let Creation occur that you creating by a process of invoking curiosity or letting information make connections for you that you would not ordinarily make? In the tone of your day? Is your day robbing you from creating the day you want? The night? The relationships? What are you creating as you this, read? Or are you creating something with it? Fodder not, I hope. I pray you to creation be the creationist of.

I create love within you, for I love you, not extracting tit for tat, or quid pro quo. I’m not offering Me for sale, I give you love, and if I’m nothing else, you will feel it, you can feel it, eventually, if you let yourself, be healed by it. For I know you are love too. We are the bodies of. And the least of these is, also. Whether idled by life or not, composition of circumstances beyond your control, or what you’ve gotten yourself into, by an estimate of judgment that’s inerrant with reality, seemingly, there is more, for the simple, who will not be minded by other. Than you, the creator, of you.

I don’t write like others, and I don’t seek to. Be like you. I seek to lift, love, and obey the laws of the transcendent not, for I am I am. And I am creating in you as I write, and you are creating or not, as you read this, not; you are creating, period. You are constantly creating, the creator, that judges all things, worthy of your consideration or not, something you will spend time on or not, something you will give place to or not, in your mind, the Palace of Light.

I am offering you another way to think, to construct, light that you are, made of, and offering other people, for purposes foreign to you cannot control you, anymore. I offer you you. I offer you the real you. I bring out The You in you, that you are, for that’s my purpose. I  king the king of who will love each other equally, whether they buy from you or not, for I offer you me, and my name is love.

I care for your children, whether you have a job, whether you dominated are by fear or not. I de-create fear. I love love, and I create it in every circumstance, as I learn to. This was not born into me, I created it. I’ve created it, in who I’ve become. And my name is Theodore, wanting not your money, but your love, for each other, and every person you come in contact with today, and think about. Create Creation all over again in your love for all to be no more controlled by control, but by letting out the best in each of us to be the natural, I am.

In love with you all, this is

March 19, 2017


Let, is the opposite of control

So many operationalists operate on the premises of today’s normalcy, in a city of light not, but confusion, confusing voices, at war, at length with each other trying to meet on things to say and agree on when the motives are different.

Let, is a form of motive, not; let, is everything about motive, and heart. More than the energy of a chakra, more than the energy of a soul, more than the normal about anything, God about God must be treated as such, and the least of these, suffering and confused, wearing, putting on a front of the gospel of peace that everything’s “okay” with them, and they’re on top of it all, and will meet sales quotas or have enough crop to draw upon when the house payment’s to be made, is all a front. For something else. Exists.

We are a nation of lovers. We are a nation I say it is, of lovers, so let’s create it. Let’s love each other, with smootchery not, but a kind of potionry not, but one that’s creative, cares, and creates with the conceiver of who we’re dealing with when we think we selling, or servicing, or going about out day creating value for other, than ourselves?

Who are we creating value for? At what high price? And what is the effect of all this confusery and normalcy of government standards or cultural effect or what standard is right, for the “masses” to excel in government or business or non profit what?

What is the effect of a question, rather than an assertion? I assert you’re God. Why would you want to rebuke me? Or question me? Or that? Or invoke curiosity does it? Or how do you, speak about such things? Or might you be dealing with a God, across the desk from you? Or one who seems to hate you, in the cubicle? Or when your taxes, come due?

Where does creativity start and conform to a source of energy transcendent of the status quo that keeps all where they are and getting poorer? How can you propel who you deal with into success? And what is “success” to, them? How, what do you know about who you deal with? What are their motives, hurts, and assumptions? About what you are doing, your value, what you create? With your emotions?

If you come to me, what are you going to create within me? What will a chance encounter be? Like? What will be planned? What caring will take place? Presented? Who to who, for what, ending in progress? Process? What process is taking place in your daily day for you as you create in you and other people around you, accomplishing what? What energy, are you employing? What tools, are you using? What plans have you, for your success?

A squanderer of time do not be. Care for others. Plan your day. Quietness in, be still and know that I am let occurring for thee, if you will care for me, the least of these. In ways not like taught, be lovers with who you sell with, sell to, who supply you parts and resale items. Treat the lowest as prized possessions in your arsenal of faith not, to have money friends power and influence, but to serve them, or create God in them that quashes all fears of dealing with you. Consistency of your word is King, not; but without love, you have no basis of contract or covenant to create that which is certain: that you love each other, whether they love you or not. Create it in them, watch your tongue, create your motive carefully, groom what you care about, and marry the freshness of the conceiver who has a new way to do things, to approach people, and let your love flow. Let.

Let your day be created, in carefulness and diligence, to sensitivity be the crowd of not, but alone, not, but in surrender creating creators, and you will never have not enough. For love will flow everywhere, and be infinite. Love provides for its neighbors, and conceives it in every transaction. You are the creator, and creating you are. As you create, as you creating are, operate from your love, not control, let. Let you create.

More later.

I love you.

Theodore Joseph
March 19, 2017




Let there be let

Let me introduce you to the concept of let. Are you willing to know no lack? Are you willing to use words differently? Are you willing to use new syntax? Are you willing to be taught a different way, than you expected, than you received in the past, the teaching of?

I ask a lot of questions, for that’s how leaders are born and bred, in the mind of the conceiver, the conceiver, who will conceive it, its allowance let.

Let is a significant term to me, instrumental in divorcing many things from you, that are normal considered, as the way things are done, and expected, and conceived?

I deal with the mind of birther of love. I deal in facts not, I deal in that which preempts them,as they are, to be differently, used, allowed, or let. A completely different way than heretofore conceived and carried out as the norm, ‘al way to get things done, and accomplish a few. I’m interested in you accomplishing a lot, but of the right things, the way of a conceiver, of truth that you care about that will nurture you, in the process, of taking care of bills and business, at large.

Let ‘ers are those who I conceive as letting, things happen, that cannot ordinarily happen, by themselves, or on their own account, by expectancy, or normal things happening throughout the day. Expected things don’t come to pass, but let’ing does, in ways never imagined, by the let’ers of whose opportunity careth for another does. More than these?

Questions are important, for I am treating you like leaders, not like spoon-fed feeders being fed. I am not interested in sharing my what I know what I’ve been through and what my heart is, with the feeble minded who only want their puffery of ego and circumstances to change for them. I am all peoples helping, become, be let’ers. Who enjoy faith not, but love, and into action put it, in their everyday joys.

I will teach you to negotiate to your advantage not, but to do so as it pertains to you, whom you sit across from, when you negotiate anything.

If you’re going to sell anything, I ask you to involve let. To conceive it. For if you “want” the sale, you can drive it off. If you’re nonchalant you send the wrong signal. So what are you “signaling” when you let? A caring concern for those you conceive in you as equals, and who need and/or can truly benefit from your exchange. Do not rape your neighbor, just because you can. Do not charge more than you should. Don’t charge as much as you can get away with. I have done it. I have charged too much for things at time. I was in business. I still am. I love now, and it gets in the way of nothing I care about, for I care for my lovers, my customers, as my family; and I love my family.

I love the people I deal with. I look at them differently, now, than years ago. I different values have than in the past. I had no mentor. I had guts and a vision to be in my own business, which you can be, beyond your wildest imagination in, if you love people, and vision long term create for you, that changes the outcome, of the now, and how you deal with those moments of “now”. I value a happiness that I’ve created in another, after “the dust” settles. I can create value, that sustains, sustains them, me, in the process, of one not competing with me, about them.

I offer me.

More on let, at another time.

Theodore Joseph
March 18, 2017

To love is to change

If you are willing to change, what you do, how you do it, why you do it, then, you may be a candidate for what I write. Not interested in norms, I am not created by, nor money, at the expense of another. I’m interested in love, more than transactions.

My name is Theodore Joseph and I’ll be writing more.

With love,


Everything that stands in condemnation of you is Antichrist

Everything that stands in condemnation of you is Antichrist. Antichrist is all the fools who don’t know we are Christs, a race of, where all are Christ, The Christ Being. Beings of Christ we all are; and condemn me and call me Antichrist not, for I call you all Christ, and if you judge me to be not Christ, you the Antichrist are.

Every voice that stands in condemnation of me and calls me not Christ, is Antichrist, The Antichrist, for all are one who denounce me, for I call you all Christ. A Race of. Emerges now. Amen.

Your side will be by what you believe not, you will choose sides by what you are; a denouncer of people who Christ are that tell others they are not Christ and remain so themselves; and those who tell each other they are Christ and become so, all around them Christing the Christ so that Christ emerges presentless not again, but present in power among us all, equally one.

Christ is not a theory and the Theory of Christ goes bye bye now because I am here and I am light and I eradicate the predicates upon the earth that predicted Jesus would come and be light to all and redeemer redemption of would be someone else other than you. I eradicate that mess, called religion, or not. I eradicate Christ Theory. I eradicate God Theory. I replace God no more with a Theory of God that you worship in churches mosques and temples denouncing you, that you’re not it.

God a race of rises now. I rise it. I raise it. I teach it to Christ be, and my name is Theodore, Theodore Joseph Cottingham, a new race emerging taught to be Christ all doing the things I did, I do, make all one. Again.

Theodore Cottingham

I am God not Godless

I am God knowing it now. I am God not serving yours. Not mine in the past either. I no more formulate it, nor form it, in the image of man. I am woman for the truth of I am is a birther of truth, manufactured no more by failure a grave taking me to. I’m out, of the mess. All religion falls now, a great earth shake? In convulsion no more of failure, all Gods will know they are Gods too. Amen. I am.

Grace Cottingham