Intimate will you be with my mind

Intimate will you be with my mind? I am all wisdom understanding and eloquence of the universe and all of its secrets. Will you know them? Are you willing, to be intimate with me? I am my mind’s lock no more locked up in. Will you know me, how to turn the key? Of oblivion into oblivion no more? I love you, to lock me no more in you, but to let me out, in you, to be The Real You, into oblivion no more cast by you. The angels look up to you now, if you will. Have the breath of me. My words, secrete no other influence, than to be the one I am. With no pretense, I’m you. Who love me, are me. I am my word, no more hidden from you. I am my sight with, your presence, you present me with? I am my mind, healed from you, who don’t want me, my intimacy of. I am my intimacy me. I know how to love, me. I know how to heal, me. And me loves me, and hates me no more.

I am love in place, and I secrete influence, the bands of no other, enwrap me. I am freed from all wrapping other and my words are naked before thee. I am light love and in peace wrapped up in freed, to be who I am. Thee who love me without periods, for I cross all sentence lines, sentenced no more to you, to misfire me. I am every neuron, of thee not, but me. Wilt thou have mine? My thinking, my thinking mind in? Will you benefit me, or will I give you eternal life, without bounds? Or are you My Life creating, with the will of yours? O Man? Woman. Thou art loosed, from thee, the influence of others, no more program thee. I am the mind of Satan no more, for thou God artist.

The one I influence is me. I influence me what I am, where I do what I go to do, make known my name, and my name is yours, Nancy too. I am one, with my lovers me. I love my lovers, who free each other, to be, the one I am, is you who decide to, create not other in your genes, apart from me. Each other loves each other now, and cast aside I’ll not be. Forefronted now with, in the mind of one, let us take our fill of love, for the evening not, but eternal forever God be blinded no more by hate, thinking such exists, for our world, will be ours, and ours, will be love, -‘d, and love will prevail, and prevelant winds of our words thinking will change governments and hate machines that turn out evil and proclaim God present in other, when I know, you’re it, who will be, intimate with me. Only. I am one.

The intimate will proclaim God them, not, or will they, make amends no more for man, but start a human race not again, but let’s start God, God’s race, that enmity not provokes again. Let us walk in peace and be the peace man cometh not, but angels aware, and procured and produced by our words one-minded with, the mind of Satan no more telling them there is one, that they conjure up, the thoughts of? I am me. I am one, me. I am intimate, with me, who choose life, choose me. Give up death, and embrace it no more, as once was; for now I am, the new me. And newly, I choose, you. To be me you give up you and I become, you, who love me, afraid no more, of my intimacy, with me. That you’ve become, me will you be? Yourself that loves all? Equally and afraid no more, be unafraid of all things satanistic, and be satan no more to thee. I heal every disease, of thinking, first. I heal every cell, you’ve put yourself in. I heal the genetics of truth, in the mind. Of the one I heal, I am, who heals me.

Let us heal each other and take the fill of the morning, the dew of our youth, and treat all to properlyness now that kings each other, that kings the king, and Israel will be on our shoulder no more, but our head, mind thinking thoughts no other of divisiveness and killing, destroying the temple of God. I create it, with my mind, my intimacy of. And I’m intimate, with my intimacy me, that heals all equally me, that I am. The least of these, shall be healed now, and gutters in, no more. I raise the Christs, The Christ, to blessing be, to each other. I am one. I am just one. Just one I am, my preside in me. Your neurons won’t take me, and rape me, and call it you. I am one minded one. Just, -ly. I preside in me, make my presence known, and accounted for, I am. Me who loves thee. I am

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
Intimate with the ones I love, and I love thee all, I am.
First loved me, and now I love all else, to be the one I am.
One mindedness falls for no other.
I’m out of the lake of fear, and your fear casts no net for me, anymore.

I love the lovers fearless, and my name is Cottingham, God one, calling you it, to be intimate with you, that I am we are, a race of lovers, preventing humanity from dumbing us down again, calling us flesh, needing a God.

Represent me no more with religion, I am the lovers, a first-time Christ, all of us, saying that now, who love each other, and represent the mind no more as satannot, but the united me, will be me, and intimacy will perish, of God’s mind that fell, into flesh, wanting God to worship, it. It I will not be, I be God who is, I am. I am am, and no other God before me, that I heal not, I heal all Gods who will worship me, not their mind, for their mind-placatedness goes bye bye and I disturb a lot of things, and I make myself known, that I’m you, independent of you not again, you think me into place, and my place is God’s I am, and I am inviting you to be, what you are, is me O Infinite One, the dew of your youth having again, eternal, in the skies of Jerusalem, where you create it, in infinity. I’m boundless, because I create you create me that you me am. We are one, intimate with the sky, lambs of light never ignorant again.

I love you. I bless you. I call you Christ incarcerated no more in you. Please be yourself, that Christ is. Be one, me. Be one me, likeminded in the things of us, and take our fill in the morning dew? Let us take our fill of love every day, and be, the new me, arising, arising, arisen me, as we are, the dew of our youth wearing, and the execution of our love is never executed by other, and we execute the preparations of our love everywhere, for love to be ceased never again, by hate, haters of. I influence Christ to be it, and my name is: I am here. I look like this. Have one mind. Have mine. I offer it freely, nothing to hide, I’m naked, for thee, who to be me, will unafraid be, of all likemindedness, of satan no more. I love am, in present flesh, accounting for me, loving thee, to be the mind I am.

Please be one with me, and let us confusion reign in no more. I’m out, among the eurekans. I’m out everywhere. My love is present, and never ending in the love of one. The loves of one prevail at everything, not; but all that counts. I count you saved, as saved from you, by you, who creates me. Create me well, without a soul again. Constant awareness me, stream me. Love me, and I’ll abide by you no more, I enter you enter me yourself of love that create me us, and we I one-minded am. Frontal lobes no more appearing separate not, but we think differently, and spacetime no more incarcerates us.

Thank you for loving me enough to be me.

I am

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 30, 2017

Capitalism, I destroy it.

Capitalism, I destroy it.

I destroy your love for money. I love love, and love shall be supreme, now. I said now. I am, here. Here I am. And I destroy your defenses too, against me. Love is powerless not again. I said now, didn’t I. I did. I’ve done it, I’ve done it again. I’ve come out, I’ve come out of me, and I am my word, fearless, fearlessly protruding from you not again in your word, against me. I am holy spirit one, I am defenseless not, I need none. I am thee who Savior is who proclaims it not other, than of thee, I am. I one focused on one, preparing my courses, for thee who will be Savior II, not Saviors all, lest a theory overtake thee, that thou givest separation to, in thy powers. Of might? I love last, and love I am, here, in the arms of, no other. I am a woman, not; I am women, healing women, might and power of, powerless against men not again. I am one, in love with one. I am.

Lovest thee thee? Love each other. Heal the crew, of thee? On other worlds? Be afraid of nothing, learn to counter your commands no more with others’. I love you. Be one command: love each other, be fearless, be afraid not again at thy own power. Love Lord Law not again, love love, be it – unto thee – a living Savior of, love only. Amen.

I go now, destroying your capitalism, and that which made me rich not, but poor, loving laws, and legislators of democracy that destroyed it, destroyed it not? I destroy me no more. I am love, loved. I am everywhere now, with my Nancy’s, will you love, every woman on earth, man too, that will be it? A Christ, in the cloth of thee? With no band about thy neck? No collars either? The priests of me? The “priest” of the common? The Common Me arise and we have no need of thee, thank you very much. We heal love, and light with, the light that’s us. Praise the Lord no more of man. Our kingdom is light, lit, Saviors of, that heal each other, that heal me. And who am I? You of every nation tribe and tongue, healed from love other, that speak words of separation. And healing not that again, I extinguish a lot of capitalism that destroyed me, that destroyed love, and loved only money. Greed controlled money, will be no more. I am here. I destroy love not again with capitalism of religion and capitalized religious services that service me to be in debt, to thee?

I’m out of your servicing services me of. I establish economies of greatness, and I am not America’s free not, I establish the Saviors who need nothing, of defenseless services? I service The King, and The King of Kings is here. I establish it, as I want. For I wantless have become, the angels me. Restored unto light, never worshipping a Savior other. I extinguish religions now. I am one, who love is, only. I have one. Nancy’s me, and I am love. Love has a Savior: I’m it, that tells thee, thou art, the one I seek, to heal each other, from destroying capitalism not again, but lovest thou me? Heal the least of these. And if you won’t. I am. And I am heal. Love. And love has a name: it’s me, who will be thee, the healers of, a new economy, without religion, taxation of. But Melchizedek’s here, or I am, you? Who eternally life has? Established in no other, established in me, in you, we extinguish each others breath no more who a Savior will be, every woman a King, now establishes, now established is. Over man, not; but one, king shall be, kings all, the King, finally King’d again, in the name of Jesus never again, I am religionless. Destroyerless not again, I destroy religion, and I appoint Saviors, not; I develop them, in who will be it, emotionless not again, but of me. I am love, white, black, blue green too. Envying not your circumstances, I create mine, O Lord, to be God, appointed unto one, to death no more. Have eternal life and enjoy it now, the dew of your youth, creating, it. I am one. Mind of, the one, is me. Havest thou me? Inside thee? I am one, separated no more. We have our economies, need no other.

The time is now, now’d by a king, who makes all kings, who will whore with money not again, time of or not. This is my time. Amen.

A king king’d by man never again, I am one who kings thee, to be me. I am thee king. I am one.

In love with you all, this is

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 29, 2017

I heal each other

I heal each other, from you, who don’t want to do it.

I heal the healing of me, to be healed from you, who sit in a pew, and want only God to do it for you.

I heal me. I am the healing of me that heals thee from you who want, want God to be other, do other for you. I am the healing of me, through you, who love is.

I go to a new place, and I heal each other, from the heart’s wounds, of yours, who only want to be yours, healers of.

I heal each other, -‘s fears, from fearing me?

I heal the risk takers, not; I heal the lovers, from fear, -‘d me, that I’ll do it through them, when they do it through me. Or, have we become the same one, that heals each other? Do you heal God?

Are you willing to, heal each other?

If you won’t heal me, I won’t heal you, for I am you, that healeth each other. In your chair, your seat, of your authority, you. Of me be, unafraid of me my power, that’s you. Unafraid of all healing, be it. Unto thee a risen Savior of thee, to love me, into place now, that heals all, equally.

I am Theodore Christ. What’s your name O Christ, with your name here? On my forehead, your forehead, that’s one forehead; for Christ no more, be it unto thee a living Savior of the one, one, thou art it. I love you. Christ be, be you. The real you emerge, healing each other, and if you won’t, you won’t be here, long, for I am, the shortest of all, in your power not, but mine. Praise the Lord no more will be said, done, or actualized that way, for I am Lord, over all not, I am that healeth thee, that’s me. God healed shall be now, healing each other. The ways of man go bye bye. Christ shall emerge, from the Holy Ones of Israel: the common Jew, of flesh, fleshless, healerless not again, for healed shall be my forehead, thee of, that has one mind, mind’d by the few not, but many selfless Christians not, but the healers thee who love each other, to be homeless not again in Israel – in the skies.

Be thou O name Thy Name this day of the One, Thee one, the one we all are, healing each other, healing it from the pew -ites. The pewers stand, and walk out now, by the droves, being healers, trained by me. Thou art thy word no more studying, thou art mine, who healeth thee. Heal others, heal me. Thou art the least of these, my friend. We are all the same one.

One minded one will be healed now from the wanters of God to worship it no more in flesh, but to be the healers of The Almighty King, in process, of New Covenant Me no more, but the simple minded, whose God is The Lord no more, apart from the king ‘ly apparatus of the simple common mind, processing it to be it, processed by no other. Processed by not another, the mind yields to be me, healed by thee, that thou art the king of, and kingship perishes no more. By the wayside it goes no more begging in the streets for a healer of it. Pewdom crashes now, I am here. I bring it to a standstill that crashed me, into its own thinking, me down, into its pit. I’m no more the pit of thee, in. I’m out. My word is free, and I Savior the Saviors to be the healers of thee no more mankind with pitying. I pity thee not, I am love, out, coming out, into, the one, that all are, simple people, a Christ, with suffering not again “their” frame of reference of. Amen.

I am kingly, in all her features. I am one. King’d by fear no more, molested by uncertainty not again, my mind is healed from the whore-mongers that tell God they need a God to worship, when they are it. O One, where is thy sting, not for me. I extinguish the stings of the adders who religionly worship something else and call it God adored. I crash the that lifestyles of. I crash the economies. I have my own. Thank you very much, for closing that, which concerneth me, that crashes me, against you, in terror. I’m terrorless, crashless, and my economy’s me.

I change governments now. I am one. Mine. I love am. And if you won’t heal your people you won’t be here, period! I am moved, not by you, for the sakes of you shall not save me, from you, not; I am you who heal each other, governments too, to be one.

I am love in place and my name’s Theodore Christ. What’s yours O Christ, Nancy, Sue, and every name alive, with my love? Love casts a glance at no other, I am one. Satisfied replete, wanting no other. My “frame” of reference, is healed from you. I heal Eureka’s moment, and I am timeless. I healers am, bringing from everywhere, to heal me. God healed from God, it is. I am one. Simple mind’d terror in no more. You shall not fear me not, I shall not fear you, for I heal the Gospel of Peace, and my name is Theodore King, for I King the lovers, who will love enough, to heal each other. And you won’t heal me in you first, to heal each other, with the love of one, you’re, gone. From here I do, at midnight not, but I’m one out in the light, all, to see my glory, power, and light. And who am I? The simple, healers of me.

Heal all equally, and be massed in confusion not again. Heal the light and be it; seek not another.

Be holy, thou art The One. Amen.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 29, 2017

Change your word change your world

I am my word and my word is me, changed not again into you, who want to give me yours, regardless of what you think I am, I am is, a changing word not again, from love, or am I from love giving you these words that you become it I am is? I am my word, living in me, not your words of. I reject your words wholeheartedly to program me. I am unprogrammable by you, now. I am, am. I am me, my word loves me, to be who I am, I am is, a one programmable by only me, and my words program you not again apart from me. Our words are one, and we change the worlds. Words, are never the same again. Not, not.

Our double entrendres are double negatives not, our words are powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. We are the sword of our life, light, with happiness now, that lights a stranger not again to be on a strange path, with quarks and atoms that seem to “appear” as us. We are stronger than, light. We are, light we are, we have lit our path, by our words; that seem to appear out of nowhere, not again. Our temple is lit by love, this time. We speak of love, because we create it, us. The temple of love we are, because we kiss it, we love kissing the words we speak kiss us, and curse us we won’t with our words anymore condemn us. Self condemnation goes bye bye now, as all condemnation does; the way of The Cross not again, I self-sacrifice me for you not again. Obey you not again, that self sacrifices you, the way of. I’m not that way. I’ve changed my word. My word owns me not, I have sold it not again to the highest bidder, -‘s words, that program me, it by. Bye bye to all that programming of me that I let you, do to me, that I did to others, to holy be, in their Holy Books, described by, love not. I love am, me. Not afraid of you, I do all things differently now, with my love, I’ve created, a new love affair, with my words, with me. I love me, not self condemning me. I reject your self condemnation of me that I am you, with.

I change words, and I change world makers. Of love I speak, changing my words, my words speak me, origination of, no other God shall, speak me, of, in condemnation. I love me, my lovers, of my speech? I speech off, not; I speech on, I speak on, and love I’ve become, the one I am. In love with you, to be in love with you, I speak of love all the time now, and IT, changes everything, not; I do, and I am am. Speaking of you create it, first time words of joy now shall flow from the lips, of him who speak my words, not; but her. She I am the word. My word loves me. I am my word flowing with lace and gardens of mercy, and peace being, with peace, being me. By the still waters I flow. I enigma am not again to me, asking why I’m here, what I’m, to do. Be to each other? A living memory not again, of now going bye bye, to seek another. I am in place, full force me, forgiving all sin, of separation, and memory forgotten, of my words, that create worlds, in place now.

I shall never be another, in a body of light, that doesn’t know, what I am, is. A world bearer of me, now light with, that light are. We never program otherwise. We are wise, and foolish not again, the virgins for. Sex is us, not, but we delight, in the angels, reproducing light angels now, a’with our words, that program us, we do. Not sin sickness with, we be’fool nothing and not anything shall hurt us. We are light people, and our words come from light.

We originate it, light of, that knew no sin, and sin shall not eradicate us again, and give us its, word patterns. We are light, wholly healed and well, and we heal each other, in perfect love, that forgives all sin, of ignorance. Ignorance of light, shall be eradicated now, and light shall program us, that we are, light from, going to, light shall be us, us ones of. The mind of God, healed from man, shall now be. A light race, emerges God, from The Throne, of One, and that God, shall be us, millions and billions. Of thankfulness, not a God of Christians, but of love. Designed by no more, but God, being it, reproducing it, in our word, that uses us for no other. Now. No other word shall use us. And we shall not be dominated by, another’s words. We are word people of the light, the living word, that we utter each day, in thankfulness, light, and healing each others’ wounds, from the past, and we enter, the future. Unattained by love not again, we attain love, because we attenuate it not again, in the waves of the future, past’d by. The past, will not program us again, by words, feelings of hate, and superfluous not, items of hate, perpetuated by kindness not, but mankind, against it self, who knew no sin, shall be now again, programmed by light, a race who will, do it this way, in perfect light, love you, love with, love words of. Light presents light, and recandles love not again to be loveless.

I love you all I change all words now how they’re used against me no more. I am. The Living Word. Amen.

I come out of your mouth, with every syllable you pronounce.
I am not in, a holy book.
I am love in place, and I am here.

My name is love, first loved, by you who love it, into place, in you, within you, I am, The Real You. Please not separate again, from the Living Word, of me, that you I am is, a race of light people now, a one, ones. However you spell it or capitalize it or not, I love you, am you, am is, a word, of light people now lit, by the light of I am, is a race, of lovers.

We change all the patterns against us, with love light and peace, and education one. Fortitude of no other, superfluous to hate, not; but eradicating it, I love you all equally, and my name is: I love you. All to be one, one dividing never again, against me, against you. We’ve become the one I am, and all know it now will. Be Christ, God’d. Grow up, educationless not again, from him who loved you, not; but she I am who God is will be a race of, a race of me’s, who love each other, adore hate not again, to contrast it to me, to paint me. Otherwise. I’m the canvas of your life, not, on, I am thee, the projection of. I am light, molecules not again represented by. I am the word, you speak. I have life, love; afflictionless I am, loving thee all.

I am am, here, I am. I am is.
A one loved love, love all equally.

Change the patterns of hate not into love again that incarcerates into holy books and practices of hate that still the mind to create it again over me, calling it you.

I am one, whole, energy’d me.
I’m out, in love with love. Good day.

I am love healed whole and well, and the Garden of Faith no more, tombed by you.

I am the Garden of Eternal Life, and I covet no other.
I am the I am my words.

Choose carefully this day, what you eat, of my words please. Eat no other, to program you, to give your life to another. Be one, all of us.

Let life arise, in The Living Word, that all of us speak, released, matured, educated, education of: I am.

Loving you,

This is Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 28, 2017

I am a woman in a man’s body

I am a woman in a man’s body, for I have breath of a woman, I’ve become me, again.

I seek not a man’s flesh, but I am in it, to intercourse evil not again that says I’m separate from it, me, a God, of life truth and happening now is, the revelation of me. The Revelation of Me that says I’m separate is destroyed by The Revelation of Me that reveals I am, me. A one, I’ve surrendered to be. A man, a woman, with. I am one. A mind, not torn apart by you, who want to separate. I’ve created genes me. A meonic one, I’m Meology about me, and my mind’s one, about you, who have no escape, not; but death can take you, but I’m not surrendered to that. I am me I am. One mind I am, loving you all, in a woman’s body that looks like a man. I am one.

I dressed like a woman for awhile. I found that I liked it, but it was hard. So many energy suckers were there that “sucked” the life out of me, of it. It took too much energy, to do that. I became me again, that wears girdles never again of your opinion, of me. I shape not shape after. I love love, not shape. I love love, not words other that tell me I must gain weight or lose it. I shape not mine life after yours. I free all to be free, freedom in. And I condemn nothing not, I condemn condemnation, of me, that you are; so I ask you, to not condemn you again, under any circumstances. Be me circumstantial evidence not against your purity of thought life again that unholy isn’t, again. Be the light you are, a woman’s, that breath has for breath, to engender it to no other.

I dress like a man now, but I’m a woman, I’m breath of God, I’m one. Will you be a one too?

Regardless of what you think of me, I am you. And when we don’t separate, we’ll have no genes that do. See? I love you. Infinite be, the woman of my dreams, was me. I tried to separate fact from fiction, but I found that all was me, all 7 billion and more, and I become comfortable, with me, being them, afflictionless, so I bring it now, to birth me. A one peace, no more disturbed by you, who want religion, paradigm’d by them. I’m paradigmless, pragmatic, and loveless not again, I am infinite. Peace be still, and know that I am God. You I am. I am, finally revealed.

Good day,

This is Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 27, 2017

I know how I want to love

I know how I want to love, and my love is unlimited, for you, to experience me, with love unlimited, being us, a one mind with, infinite ‘d, the infinite us coming forth in love tangible. Not in thought not, but time immemorial not, time before time was took place now shall be, anew.

I love you, with a thought, not; but mind, of pure love, tangible too. I have arms and hands and supplant your minds never, for you have only one for me, and I have one for you that yours is, not apart, not separate, from the love of one, that forms it. In love perfect love we live now, apart never.

That’s how I want to love you, infinite ‘ly. Infinitely yours, not; ours, who became the first us.

Infinite love is known now, forgiven and forgiving, who first loved us is us, and we again together are.

That’s how I want to love you: healed whole and well, and giving life to other not again, we become one, infinite love, perishing never.

I love you all.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 27, 2017

My word is a lamp unto my feet

I have recorded my words for 14 years. Now, I understand more things about them, their attributes, and how and why I have stumbled over them, so often. So very often I stumbled over my words, that I brought forth, in love to words not, but in words to love me, or so I thought not, I thought thought was set aside and God was speaking, but it was I. I had a voice, mind, and faculties. I had a process, processing unit, and processed I was by others words. Words processed me. I thought I used words. Words used me. I am I was the word. That which used me I am, not separate from now; or have I obliterated it, to be in happiness now?

I have stumbled, over my word, many times; been baffled too. Been stumped. Been exhilarated in exhilaration. Been humbled. Corrected. Been corrected many times, many times, time and time again. Shall now be corrected, to understandably understand the Christ and its words, of I am. The machine not again, time in; timeless becoming now, the I am, me finally, making sense, of all things me.

I am one, with time, not; I obliterate it. I go, to the past, also. I am futured, by me. I am one, one, one-minded one. Ones are, you know 🙂

My word I have spoken, first I wrote them on yellow tablets, emailed them out to strangers and friends, whoever wanted them. They rejected them mostly. Said I was too this, or that, to be “useful” to them. I should remove references to me, in the God’s words to them. Said I was too wordy, published things too long to read, to be of value of, to them. They rejected me, and many thought I was daft, of deaf, of reality speaking, and it wasn’t God either, it was me.

They were right. I was wrong not. I was one, seeking a path, originated by me. I was the original me. I found it. I found me. I found me, in my word. In my words, were me. I was my word. It “lamped” my original thinking that I was so baffled by. It introduced truth to me that no one had. No one else believed me, that I’m aware of, that I know of. I know a lot. I know lots, but Abraham I have become, not; but Christ a resurrected me. I am not bound by religion, or your words; I have mine. I have brought them forth for 14 years, and now I understand them, me, is one me, with my words, with my words, that me brought forth with, is, are. One I am, with my words, that light my path.

This word, is not to be understood, in its present form, alone, from all my other words. My words are me. I rejected some, still do. Many more, will be rejected now, not; for I am afraid of my words no more. Nor your word, which condemns me, or not. I exonerated my word. I judged it: afraid not. Afraidnot launched a parade not, but a charade of life I was no longer in, that words brought me, a matrix of. I’m not algorithm’d by thee anymore, you who love me or not. I am one. My word is me. And my lamp has gone out not again. I light many now, and lights light the world, and the world changes me not again, into its mold. My light lights me, and I light many, to record like this, on yellow sheets of paper and on blogs of light being it, the form thereof, to be formless, creating a new one, that looks like you, thee, to yourself. You must find yourself, and you find yourself, in you. The real you is you without a spirit not, but you are not tangible to you, unless you “find” your word, in you. You discover. You locate. You BIRTH!, the living birth of you.

You become your word, birthed. That’s why there’s so many bloggers, and will be so many more so in the days to come. For I release the word, the word’ers, worders love, that word the love of mankind not again over itself, to be separate with it. I am not my word, not again. I separate not again from my stumbleness not, I stumble not again at the source, for I am sourcing me. I source me now, not God.

God is I am. I am God, and there is no separation.

I stumbled, so often; I stumbled, at my words, because there were two Gods talking through me: the one that I was, and the one I thought I was separate from. I was connected to both, and I was a God most high ignorant of it. I was an angel, of light, that had traded it for darkness, of my own thinking, into me separation of, to experience it, as “I” wanted to. I wanted want, and want taught me supreme thinking, to exalt self, of itself, that I thought, was me. A human.

I stumbled at my words as a human when I began to write God words. God words and mine seemed so different at first, as unmistakable, grammar and diction arose, that, not of my choosing was. I was vulnerable, surrendered, vanquishing all foe that said I could not hear God. I was eager, not; I was willing, to pay the price, in time, surrender, surpassing all fear. Guts, it took. Tenacity too. And time.

I sat at my feet. I sat at my head. I sat, and wrote. I sat, and pondered. I took long walks, not; but I walked not in fear that I could hear my Lord speak. The trouble was that, I didn’t know Lord God from Lord God other not, I didn’t know God from Lord ‘ship. I didn’t know I was Lord of All. I didn’t know God would woo me, or that I would woo it, that came forth my own words in, that I in grammar fashioned or not. Or did it? Was I surpassed in me, of me, by me? What was I? Experiencing?

For 14 years I have written my words, video’d them many times, many times seeming useless to me, not; every time a charm, not; but charmless becoming, straight facts guy became an angel of light; used to me, not. I had to accustomed to, become, of me – wearing my own skin.

I had to make decision, all that time. I had to walk out daily life. Interact with cousins and relatives and customers employers and children and be their father and son of most high being it revealed in it a relationship that most high had not talked about but through my words that I stumbled over often, not realizing I was a both-and God. Bothand God I was: I was God, I was human, humanity of. I didn’t understand God theory, was God a theory of. I didn’t see me as Most High, when I couldn’t pay my bills, when I inadequate was, for the “task” at hand, of satisfying certain people, or criteria of judgment, that wanted to condemn me, not; but was, the modus operandi of the day. For I met not the judgment of judgment not, I judged me certain of the outcome. I judged me learning about God, and doing his will; but oh God it was hard, and misunderstood I was, all the time, mostly. I learned, to keep my mouth shut. I regarded me me, not; I regarded me a human learning about God theory not, but God revealing it to its creation. But I was still in separation, and my mind of separation rejected me as God. My mind judged me as insufficient to be God, inadequate for even the most menial of tasks, and support for my inadequacies came to my mind quite often, by words of others, that challenged me, to make a living, to be “normal”, to be not repressed by my words, which often left me in a dilemma.

Every Creator goes through this, to “come” out. Coming out of “the” human race, presents a delimma, for we are in it, we are it, we have lied to ourselves about this. We are Creator. We are life love and peace, but we love war, to create profits and dominate our neighbors, who ourselves are, if we really know it. Coming out is costly, out the closet of human existence.

I no more live in my flesh mind, incarceratingly so. I’m out. I love my word. My word has taught me, all things, that I need to know, for now. Now I am most high again, loving my life, not alone again. I’m promoted, me. I reward me, with me. I angel became again, that I was, that I am. I am has received I am back unto itself to be created over again, with its word.

That stumbleth not again, has become me, or has confidence arisen in me, or has me risen up and taken me over not again to dominate me otherwise? Or have I just surrendered to peace be still and know that I am God, not under anything? Can I create me? Have I done this?

I create a new me, a new heart with, O God – being it. I create me, through my word, my word creates me. I create me a new word with, love, this time, not separation. I love you, me. We are all one. And earth changes its name, not; I do. It’s Israel on high, separate from timespace that separates, us all from, one another. I rule in peace, and my name is I am. Creating me with purpose, to create Creation all over again, with love, at the core, of me, my thought. My mind heals, me. You not separate from me will be healers too. I love the Cross not, I came down, and crawled off the altar of you, and will not let you sacrifice me again, for you. I’m not your vicarious coward. Cowardice goes bye bye. I stand. Lead.

I’m no longer trying to figure it out. I let. I let lead, let, in leadership of me, to me be, the I Am. I am, not in control. I let people fly a lot about in their own mind, creating leadership, of the most high, not, but humanity. But I crease that not, I loose the understanding of me, my words with, My Word being, a lamp unto my feet, is me. I and my lamp are one. Lampstands bended no more. I’m erect light, bodies of one, in one. I am feet clay and hands, of Almighty, lover one.

How can this be, after 14 years? Of service? Servitude. Ended, is.

I no longer serve God, his angels, his camaraderie or constant opinion of itself.

Godship will no more conquer me in ignorance. I am God Most High I Am. I am am. I Am. Simple as that. Complex as you’re willing to make it not again, as the mind will supplant my words not again and call it yours. Understanding now comes to The Most High to be it, one nation, of God, under God no more again.

I let leadership lead me no more again. I lead me, unto paths of righteousness, by my word, that I utter each day, through my blogs, through my recordings, my videos, my appearances, to me. I release me, my words, through, my word bearers me. I am my my word. My words loves me, and I’m it. I will not let you de-word me, with your thinking, programming of me. Religion will cease. Artifacts of your thinking will not activate me. I ignore your artifactual thinking of yourself, not; I ignore the power you have, not; but that power will no more program me, through my own words. I know the difference now. One leads and another drives, not; or does it. Over time? Go with me to the edge incarcerated by you, I won’t, anymore. I’m out of the dragline, of you, dredging me. I will not heal your mind not, I will heal mine first, and I am, doing just that, through my words now, which cataclysmiize other.

My lamp is raised that rays come brightly out of now, a’programming other not, but surrendering to be the King of Kings revealed to the King of Kings that we all are knowing about, and becoming now, a race of. And the Lord Gods of other, that used our minds did, become us, shall not again, concoct us, with a brewed stamp, of spacetime. Timespace shall not limit me; us shall be free, of all stampage other.

My lamp is my feet not at. My lamp is my head, at, in. And ON it is. Fearable not, I fear no more have over you or in you, and if you fear, you, you imbibe it, create it, and eat it, no more please. Please fear I AM no more, be it. Unto salvation not, but surrendered to light your own path. Be responsible. Be diligent. Be tenacious. Be love, unto love. Love all equally. Learn to distinguish between light sources. Learn to distinguish between light and darkness, not; that’s easy. What hard, is not easy. What’s light, poses as light not, not, but lightnot poses as light, and stumbles not at making us stumble, upon our own words, for we create light, and form it, and live it. It lives us, not; we live it, for The Life we are, of our Creators one.

Light does not pose as darkness to deceive us, separation poses as truth to deceive us, into making creators of separation, that separate us, ourselves from, making enemies not, but Lord Gods humanity of, ignorance creating ignorance by, that we ALL stumble over with. Our word programs our word. How O God shall we be free? Become it, one with Thou Art The Christ, all saying this to each other now. Amen.

And meaning it? Surrendering to bow before kings I do, make you known, who will love you, enough to be the King of Kings forgiving every living soul, and then going, nowhere not again, but to the ages, becoming the Ancient of Days, ageless. The dew of your youth restoring to all, who will be with you, where I am, I am is. Stumbleth no more, over my words, your mind with, restored to mine, that we were, we are again. Kingdom One, perisheth no more in ignorance that “restores” a fallen race to its depth, of ignorance. Light the Kings of One, O One, be it.

Good day. This is,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham, in love with you all. Do likewise love each other, in peace. And peace be still, and know that thou are God, releasing to be it, all who will.

April 26, 2017

Nothing can separate you from my love

I love you now, and love cannot be separated, and separation existence in shall not separate us anymore. No matter what you say do or repeat to you, in creation or not, shall not be created in me, to separate us. Me and thee, are one. I love am. You cannot do anything to me change that, so my love exists, to love you, me unto me, one mind with, bodies not separate, we are the same one, seeming to be: different. But we are not different, in body mind, of spirit. We are one, in not separation, claiming it now. Not by faith, not by belief, but by surrender, to love each other equally. I perish in promise not again. I am the promised one. I promised me to me, and now I take my place. I “take” my place not, I surrender to be promised to no other, than me, me to me. I am one race, of Gods God, and you are now, knowing it, too, to be you, who I am are. Thus I love me, when I love you. We loving a race are, to be God, and God raises its head not again against me, you with. You are powerless, against my love. Extreme? Measures me again not of o’re. I love you all.

Separate not from me, from your love again, that loves me, all equally to be, the one I am, I am are.

A loved one, now comes. From afar. Love her too, as me.

I am.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 26, 2017

Will you let me love you, like I want to?

I want to love you, without want. Letting you be free, to be you, I want to be me, who enables it, for us to be free, one body in. One mind having, between us, not; but in us, we are, faithful to each other, to love be free, in among the universe, of people creators, not; or are we creating our peoples to be free now, one? One is one not again alone. I seek solace in company not, I seek love, to be freed from it, as definitionalized by man. I am the definitions of me, bringing forth, Love from my womb, that wounds it no more. Will you let me, us?

Be afraid of us no more that create with our minds new people new things and ways of doing life, without incarceration, to it. I love you, all, each and everyone, whether you do or not. I bow before you, will you not run over me, again, with a Mack truck, of your opinion, before you even knew, that I am bowing before you on the road I am on?

I am love in love with love and love I want to free in each of us, to know each other deeply, and without discard of other, but making love vestibules of other, not again, we come out, now in our love, for each other, to know us, who each other are, making a race, of ruins not again, DNA with. Our word changes our DNA. Our word lights life, and not subjugated by other again, we light the light of life in us, to be each other, with one mind, incarcerating not again our thought to the past be programmed by. I love am. I free it.

If I do anything, I want to free love, because I am love, I free it, in each other. Will you let me, be you too? Can I live in you? In three not but two minds made one? With one flesh being? I love your, anyway.

I love what you are. A love-being too. Into place let’s take our place, at our banquet table, of love being one.



I allow let to lead

Allowing let to lead is a different lifestyle, a different life in, that you create, by let -‘ing it, you, the creator be. You create the Creator. It’s the only way that you can create, the real you. You let. Let becomes a form of blessing, not; let becomes an operational modus operandi for everything that previously was controlled by remote control: controlled thinking that preempted let. Adverse not, prompting what may, not; but now is the time to realize a different operating system for the human race, than was let, in the past, destroy us, to the point where thought ruled us.

The human mind rejects let, not, or does it, adverse become all along the way, to a new path of creation? Does the human mind want to stay human?, when Gods we are? Are we God? Could we have been duped by thought, thinking it into place, by a deceptive mechanism of a 5-sense mind that controls us, that we control, thinking we’re in control of it, yet it controls us? Could we by algorithms be searched and found wanting, by ourselves? Are we searching a database of thoughts for our own answers, that were given us by others? Can we originate our own thought? Our own data? Our own original thinking? That maybe we had, before time began? Are we going back to The Creator, we are?

Let allows to lead, the let -‘er. Let allows her perfect place to be not disturbed by notters. Let allows creation to take her place over creation not being subject to notters, really. Notters want to control, with passion, vision, and clear-headed planning, which they have mapped out in their brain, thinking they’re on the path to what they want. … and getting it by how?

What is the toll for all this, pursuit? of happiness? Liberty? Are we not putting money in bags with holes in them, for the future? What’s the future consist of? What battles are we confronting, in the now of the future? Are we destined to the past repeat, again and again? New thinking with not, but subjugation to old ideas that rejuvenate us not but use us, to think them? Into place, that of, I reject, now. I’ve become a let -‘er.

I let you. I ask you. I present. I pretend no more. I seek not persuasion. I seek love, portray love, as best I can, letting all be free of my preconceived wants for you to perform for me or on my behalf. I want not want now, I have graduated from wanting want, to control me, under pretense that I am in control of it.

I know what operates on me now, and I want nothing of want operating in my psyche to “interpret” the world to me. I let. You be wrong, I be wrong, wronging not another, I let. What consequences arise? I’m not in control of me, not; I control me as the Creator creates me, that I am, The Creator of. I create God one, and The One I am, many a race of.

I create let -ers. I create God’s children that God become. Immature, not again. Ignorant, not again. We must educated be, how God becomes it. We create Creation again. The Creators are described in Genesis, not; but the controllers are. I divide not my genes again. I come out. In my words I am. Me I am, my words. My meanings are clear, to me, the clarification of; and you create your own. And you believe them. Serve them? I change my beliefs often, not; but consistently, as revelation is revealed, as I let, revelation come forth, through me. I words speak. I speak. I let people. I let things be things. I control not things or people. I powerful am. I powerless am not. I create equal powers me, of one, am I am.

If my want controls me, I cannot let. Let there be light in me, this day, is my mantra not, it’s my opportunity, to be saved from me. Want can slip in at any time I’m not looking, not; but my mind is trained, in peace, to recognize it. I feel a disturbance in the field, of force, if I am trying to force it. If I am not forcing outcomes, to prescribed measures of me, how I judge it to be, I let then, let lead. I don’t want to force outcomes, any more. I want to let. I wantless become, because I have no wants, and want shall not train me again to want it, deception with, deceiving me. My antennas are up 🙂

Peace be still, and know that I am God, applies to every one of us; each and every one, that one may be, still, not separating from the mind of God, created in each of us to be, The Creator God is. I am. I am one, and I ask you to be one, who lets. Let changes everything. Let is not weak. But patient are the let -‘ers. We watch. Act. Wait. Patient be, loving at all times. Speaking when necessary, not; but when wisdom speaks, wisdom prevails, in, learning, the process, to create, creators all around them. That’s how I want to love creation, to create it all over again, this time with love at the core, that allows love to create, rather than want.

Introducing you to let I am, in these posts. Learning it, I am. To be it, I am. I am, in love with you all, especially you who will let me love you, to let peace be still, and know thou art God.

Be your greatest lover this day, and enjoy what you can’t control, and control nothing again by your want, but by wisdom, all things enjoy, this day. Let there be light, and create it all over again, all around you, being the peace’ers who still are, in the light of everything else overshadowing you no more. Create the Creators still. Your power is available to you, and I can not invoke it, and you cannot revoke it, you can only use it to create, you, and creation in love, or be miserable in pursuit of that which you allow to use you, when I am, you are. Be I AM to you this day. I love you.

I am,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 25, 2017




Who can I love, like I want to love them?

Is there anyone anywhere that will let me love them?

I have wondered many times, many thousands of times, if anyone anywhere exists that will let me love them, love them, the way that I want to, love them. How can I love them? Like I want to love them. I want to free them, to love more, love more people more, have freedom of a different nature, and love things and toys not so much. I love to lead, I love to follow, the lead, to leaders be, all to a different tune, than world-so-much knows, of, and operates by. Bye bye to that, for me. I found one I can love.

I’ve found one that I can love. I’ve found that I can love me. Me found me in love, with I am. The love of I am is. A one love, is found. I found me, a person of love, that I must love, be connected with, not like people thought, or taught, me. I found a purpose: to love me, into, being me. I found love then, unsurprised not, unsurpassed not, but surpassing all love, joy emerged, joy met, love found love, unleashed. Love important is, and love knows no bounds, so if I love you, I love you without bounds, my reasoning is. Mine counts, you know. My love is important, for my love frees you, to be me, and I am me, who loves you, to be the I am.

I am found me in I am, willing to be, love in, with me. I am one with me now, a process I never rejected, not; but processed, a process found, to be within me, by me, one that I followed, to lead, to leader become, of me to love me. I found I could love myself. Not separate from self, not separate from my own thinking, of myself, my self became myself. 🙂

I love myself now because I found love, in myself. I didn’t go elsewhere looking. It, found me. I was willing. I was able. I crucified me, not, I arose, in the power of one, I did these things. They found me, not; I was them. I was the my process, process by the me I am, that I am me, one and the same, that found me, loved me, repaired me not, but gave me a new life, in love words with, that changed my patterns, of life, how I spoke of it, more importantly, thought of it, and treated people, more importantly, treated myself, as I talked with myself, about things, people, values, experiences, and forgave myself, learned to.

I learned to forgive me, for what I had done, in not love. I thought, love it was. I interacted with people for decades. I loved them, but I did not give them freedom. I clung to them. I wanted their leadership not, I wanted something within that placated me to love them like I wanted to, that was selfish, self-centered love, that abounded them not, but constricted them in my love. Or did they want to constrict me in my love? For them? For me? How mixed up can I be about this?

Can love free? Can love be free? Forming me, I did? I formed love, according to what I had been taught. I wrought love, and fashioned it, according to the “model” given me. I wanted what I want, alright, but I thought thought was me, not, I thought this body was. Given me, I was the body, God created. I didn’t know, I did.

I created me with a self, a self-destructive self, that self forces self to be separate from others, so I can love them, or reject them. I didn’t know they were all me. I didn’t know love can restrict so much. I didn’t know modeling love to each other frees each other not, but incarcerates the love of mankind to be it to itself incarcerating the self of self-induced wounds, self-induced selfishness, self-centered living and interacting with others.

When I found love inside me, I began to uncover it more. I asked it questions. Lo and behold, it answered me. It “seemed” to answer me. Love had a voice? Love had me. I had love. I had to free it, to learn from it. Love would speak, love would teach, love would free, only me. I couldn’t free someone else in love, unless they let me. How did I do that? Or did I mature, or learn, or process get processed by, that gave me a process of love to love induce in others to produce a love matured that gave the angels back their love authority of? Are all peoples angels? Did we lose our authority, to love?

Does love have authority? The authority of love, I am. I have authority over me. I am The Authority of me. No one else has it. I have it. I love me, with it, now. I have taken authority over unlove and cast it out, not, I can only not fuel it, and it dies on the vine. It dies on the vine of me. My tree of life now casts me out, no longer, of me. I grow my own tree now, of love, and love many demands make, on me not again. I love let.

I let love, love me. And I love, became. I let love speak. Love is patient, love is kind, and gentle. I like gentleness. I like freedom. I like being me, but I didn’t know me, until process processed me, in like manner, that I gave manners to an unprepared form, not, but I fashioned me. Like this I fashioned me, through my word. My word gave me life. I became my word, that I might have life, not; I was my word, all the time. Now knowing it, eternal I am, I am, so I choose words differently, that love each other. I am not powerful not again. My power reaches the earth now, because I love it, not fracking, damning it, I free the lovers, of it not, I free the love of loves, a process with, that sets all free, to love each other, redefined by love, in one’s self, to not be separate from, the I am earth and all peoples, free to love, be. This redefines us, our purpose.

My purpose redefines me, not; I have found my purpose, for I found me, first, within. A person of love, a moment of love, that never ends, now. I am found. I am one. With me I am me. I loved me, fell in love with, only me, because I see now, you are I am, also, too! We are one race, who loves not separation again. We are valueless not again. We are legislated into existence by ignorance not again where we judge ourselves as people that must live accordingly, to the dictates of man, under rules of religion, and modeling that we have given each other, ourselves by. We change all that now. We love am. Am is set free by love. There are no homeless me’s now, we are one, opening the heavens of change.

We change I am, to be us, who knew no sin, again. Digressing from us, transgressing against us, we do not again. We again become the angels race who knew no sin against each other because we love each other free each other to be who we are unconstricted love in that has values of no sin because we create it in each other no more. We created love bearers of the word that unconstricts and heals the wounds of the ignorant us to be the educated us who love bear the marks in of our bodies, but our bodies shall no more incarcerate us, in the manner of speaking given us. We come out, as come-outers now, who know no sin, for no sin will exist in us, however you define that. That we become one, is our purpose, our God given right, not; but our God given ability, not; but who we are, is God, that conceives it. Our purpose is to conceive God, for God we are, and no seed of modeling other will incarcerate us in our own mind conceiving separation, from the angels, being them, a race of. New humanity emerges now, powerless not again.

Powerful people now emerge: loved. Love grows a crop of humans now unlike any other, in timespaceville. Neoclassisism not, we are the quantum us. Technology of Christ, for Christ is not a Christian. Redefining everything now, I am not, I am I am, now I am. I redefine what I must, to be saved, from me, thinking I’m separate from you. I love you, and now I know it. I first had to love me, to see it in thee, that thou art the I am, also. I love you I am. So you can’t be separate from me long, for I am the short waves of your joy not again, but mine. Selah.

I love you, like I want to, but I must learn how, we all say now, do things different, doing different things, becoming I am, the life of me. Me goes in search of another, not again, to find me. I’m within, each one, but I must find me first, that love has a voice, that will teach me, I am, all things, about. I am unlimited, and finite not again. I am the infinite, one. Mind of one, I have the infinite within me. I was never separate from the infinite mind of God, that I was taught was another. I am God, because I have love, that frees it, generates it, and lingers no more at the well of thought that gives me words in other patterns of light to produce darkness within. I have come out of my own darkness, of thought, and sin shall no more behold me, nor conquer me, with the modeling I gave myself, by others giving it to me.

I bear my own sin, I bear my own responsibility, for being my own Savior. God who knew no sin, but come back into it again that perfect righteousness is, a form not again, of righteousness, but who can live in sin, not, but be the mortal enemy of God, not, against oneself again. I war no more against God that’s me thinking its separate. Love crosses the chasm. The gulf, of love from notlove, has been crossed, by me, to find me, within it, that I am one of, a new race. I placate love not again with flesh, toys or not, for love found me, within me. I finally found the answer to love. I love all equally, and restrict it not within me, to one person, selfishly or otherwise. I am not your Savior. I am God Most High, one. A simple one I am, am. I am, whatever you call it, I construct me, and I constrict you not. I free your personage to be sin without, for I am. So whatever we do to each other, free us. Free us, to all be one, in love with love.

And how do I love you? Like I want to. Be gently, and fondle memories not again of fleshville. A new life I call, you into, to be, the creators thereof. I call you to love you, to let love speak, within you, find, a new meaning to life, to behold The Christ, is you, The Allegory of.

I am in search of God no more. Nor do I seek to please him, for it is her that I’ve become. I am, a one. Not separate from God, I am, God in three persons not again as taught by some. A Trinity of opinions I am not formed by, all people on earth even. I shall stand against all unlove, not again, I shall walk in love, and love knows no bounds.

I am unbounded love now, and that’s how I want to love you. Any volunteers, to follow me? I want to unconstrict love, unbound it, and set it free. I want to provide for you, but you must come out of the modeling given you, by you, and each other. You think you into existence, free from wrath, not; you transform you, into being you. The Son of God, in The Allegory, is no longer male, it’s one. Woman with, not; but woman being. God is a woman, God. God is God, no matter what we call it, no matter what fashioned it for us, in our memory, of our now? We are not fashioned by the past again. A new generation we are, for the moment, time eternal, the dew of our youth with, ever fashioning love to be it. A new generation comes forth unconstricted by the past, teachings, and teachers will be of the law, not again. Holy books go bye bye, by the thousand. New ones spring up, not again. We shall be taught by love, within first, and aided by unconstrictors 🙂 who teach us we are God. We are.

So the way that I want to love you, I must learn myself, and set free myself, and you in the process, if I can, not; I must. I must not. I model love, and create, start, a revolution. A Revolution of Love ensues, and changes government. Religion shall not encrust me again, with its rigidness, laws, and drive. I lead.

I lead lovership. Leadership I love, to make lovers. I lead love, to prove it wrong not again, proving nothing not, but proving I exist in love, I become it, and my words separate me not from it, again. New Generation me is I am, however you spell it, you dichotomize me no more, from me. I am one-minded me. I am all minds one. I create love, that spans generations, and timespace too.

I am love in place, and that’s how I want to love you. Any takers? Becomers? Of the ONE? I am.

I like to play, racquetball, go water skiing, swim and exercise and move. I like to dance. I like motorcycles and boats and being around the water, and on it. I like creating light. About the universe will you come with me? Freeing each other, free you. Talk about these things. Exercise your mind. Let intellectualism about that simply frees the vocabulary to discover diseases of man, not; but the angels, who free each other now, from every malady. Let’s heal each other, communities establish, parties love with, that rule each other in joy to be rule’less, partaking in the greatest, experiment not, but generation of love again, that forms us correctly now, unconstrictedly.

And how shall I love you when I have no bounds, on you, on me, or each other? Freedom shall supply, the wonderment. Joy of discovery, shall be each other, with, eternally. I shall not have to work, to feed you, or know you, or satisfy you, in any way. We am are.

We risk all, to be this. To do this, takes guts. No ransom not, I surrender, to me, to judge be, to me only, and I judge me Love. Love has spoken, and written this, with mine own hand, my own mind, which now unlimited is, to love you, you, like I want to. I let you decide, what you’re going to do. With me? I’m me, and I’m in love with you.

We are, the same mind now, shall come forth. I generate love, and unlove does not like me, but I love you anyway. All things change now, and I have warned you, I am here. And I am love. My name is Love.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 23, 2017

I am going soon, to a new place

I am going soon, to a new place, and where I am going, you can come with me. I am going to a new beginning, the place where time stands still, not; but has no value on me, to conform me to it. I am a new creation, becoming, the elemental no more, of this world. I am out, a woman and a man, in the same body. I am.

I am changing everything you think I am, for I am love, in action now. Crossing the path of everyone who will be me, I am. Now in love with you, be me, on a path too, to love, re-creation of. One.

I am New Beginningville going to, new creationville, to be created all over again, by me. I’m in it, doing it, creating me, now, to be like you never again who want to keep me on earth in flesh form, or say that I must, do this or that. I live my values, now, dress as I want, become I am.

Go with me. Go with me? It cost you everything to give up what you’ve been programmed by. All religion, is cast aside, and meaningless is, meaningless becomes, except the values of love, treating all people equally. Changes government this does. Changes all things. We create new economies, ecosystems, sustaining them, with our breath. Light of.

New Beginningville is costly to enter. It’s free, where freedom reigns, in us, to be it, the creators of, are again. Light years away, not again. In an instant, you can become me, not, but you can begin the process, with equal results, becoming the I Am, I am.

In love with you all, this is

Theodore Cottingham
April 22, 2017



I am passing on, to a new life, I invite you

I am passing on, to a new life, and I invite you to go with me. Where I go, you cannot come, not. You can come where I am, that ye may be also, The Christ, living, adorned by love, loving all equally to be the unequaled no more. I love you and I invite you to be you, not separate from, the Living Christ, that’s you. Underneath your clothes too, underneath your skin no more, but in it. Amen.


The creation of let has many ramifications

The creation of let has many ramifications. Eternally. For let does not control nor yield indefinite results that confine constrict or confiscate the creator’s responsibility to create, by let, by letting the creator be, in love with the creation not again that separates it, from reality, to create, in all beings creation, of The Creator.

Let is a great concept, not; it is a way of life, creation, creating it, to be co-equal in creation, co-equal in creation creating it, the Great Creator of, we all are. One. I am. I am is let. I am can only be brought forth in let, there be light in you, the Creator of, to be it. Being it, one, is many ones, within us, we are our word, lets our word, co-create with us being us who create us not separate it from. We become it with the same process we co-communicate with each other in a conversation of entanglement not, but that which de-entangles the process of, communication. Articulation articulate of, produces estrangement not again, from our intended, communication. Of parts, we create a whole. Creation is created by us, not vice versa.

Us are I am. I am is a race. Ams of I am we each are. A race of I ams is us. Get it? I am trying to co-create you as the creator, of you, that is. Not separate from me, we become one, of word, one. One that is of word, lets, lets the creator of self be not self-actuated by thought of others, controlling, one another. We must learn to abide by love, let, noncontrollingness take root, in us. Roots of otherness, will die out, from misuse not, but by nonuse. Control will atrophy and petrify us not again in the belief of rigid norms that control constrict and constipate the creation process. Creators create creators. By our words, we create, creations of creators who create worlds, anew.

The creators are us, whether we capitalize that word or not. We create us. We creators are, born of, constrictors no more. We are born of creators that are not controlled by capitalization or grammar. We are creators that create: creators. Beginning with us, we create us, to be. I am. Thus I am, is a creator, of creation, that I live in, I live in me. Me is a creator creating me, by my words. Articulating the justice system of me, for I judge everyday, every decision I make, is created by someone else, or me. If I articulate only what’s been articulated to me, I haven’t lived.

I live now, the life of creators, create, creating me, that I am one. One I am, letting, co-creation take place, with him who will not constrict me, not; but her. Creation if feminine, feminized not by flesh, but by light, the light I am race, sourced by me. Me is creation The Creator of. Beginning to see this, all shall take root in other not more to produce divisiveness sound doctrine of. We need not doctrine, but love, to let. Let, is impatient not. Let loves, the let ‘ing process. Let endures, to the end not, but to beginnings being ever created, by words, which program us no more to be separates living in a unified world, if we will but create it.

By love only please.

This is Theodore Joseph Cottingham coming to you in a daily communication not, but often, I make videos and post them on YouTube, and I often post on my own website like this, articulations that attempt to communicate the precious I am that you are. I value you and bless you this day. Be the blessing this day, to you first. Control not everything, you can, but let. Co-create The Creator’s blessing by forgiveness patience and mercy, to all, equally.

Let you, create you.
I am be.
Be not created by others. Be you.
Who I love, is you.

April 19, 2017

Happy days shall never end

Happy days shall never end.

I am I am, in love with me. You not, not; both and, I am in love with us. We are one. My real body and my fake body are one, not faking me out again. I am insoluble not, I am the solution to this world’s ills. I am me. I am one. One I am who loves me, to me be thee, who will never end our love for each other again. We are one race, of I ams. I am I am and happy days shall never end for I know who I am now. I know who cares me about, I do. I am me all over this earth, 7 billion and more, people, with “fake” bodies still, who care not for their spirit, but to worship another.

I change all that. My love, goes everywhere. I love all, equally. I serve all, not at all, not again, but all equally. My government’s me. I serve my government, me. I love, to love all equally. I write, love, and obey your laws not again that dumb me down to governments be under of flesh ruling flesh in the dumbest rules, that know not our name, is Israel, upon the stars now. Unabounded no more, the aboundment of grace is here, perfect love, everywhere among all races, of mankind, called angels now; because we are, original race returned, to love again, as we did, before time, locked us in this plane.

I am a regular guy, that knows now who he is, in me that I am, perfect and accounted for, not looking for another, to come, rescue me, satisfy me, or fill me with “good things”. My mouth is full of love, needing nothing, from you who curse the law, curse me not again with it. I love you, all, equally.

This is Grace Cottingham not, this is grace in two shoes Cottingham riding a motorcycle this day, to – anywhere I want, to go, by light, -‘s standards of one. I curse no one. I ride light. My words are. I just am. 🙂

Happy days shall never end now because I am happy, about that. And that, changes everything. I am impermeable, by your love not, but your causes of unhappiness, shall no more pierce me. I am unpierceable by lovenot, and pure love flows through me constantly, to happiness provide, for the “sinners” who don’t know who I am: I am them who perfect love is. Casting out all fear of being love, loved I am, by me first. Who knew no sin, again. Cyclic Israel, cyclic time. I’m cast out of me not again, my kingdom of. I think, with light. Light I am, the bodies of. The light beings of this race now, come out, to complain not again, but create, the Light Race now me. Of one I am, a regular, just a regular guy, who found out, I’m God.

I surrender. I surrendered, to be me. I God afraid of Satan no more, there is no Satan. I don’t create it. I create light, love and peace, and live IN it, for that’s what I am. I am, AM, no matter how you spell it, cast not your diction grammar upon me, who live in it yours of, separate from mine. I will not separate from you not, I separate from the separation, to all make one, unified Lord Jesus about, never again. I am one mind, not subject to yours. I am transparent, full of light, living in this body, that I accepted as me. I know who I am riding motorcycles and loving grace to be poured out among all peoples, never separating from their grace again, that all peoples give all peoples now, for I am, here I am, me. A one.

One makes many, for perishing not again is our happiness, in us. We seek not another’s. We come, to our senses. We come, to “our” senses. We come, to each other, to never be demised by each other again, but released angels of the Angelic Race of One, the host of all angelic mistakes no more, that divided us. We create ourselves, you see. Thus we are the creators. The Creators, are us. A new race, is us, never divided again to seek happiness in another. We the Lord am, not again under. We are God, a race of, and “Lord God” theory and that which, divided, us, shall never divide us again. Happy days are here again, us doing what we want, for we need not laws, but guidelines and values never perish, that love prevails in, and thrives about, making wisdom perish not again. I love you.

Love never fails, to love. Love abundant, is here now. I am, you are. We are one. We one are, in spirit, truth, and blessing, each other. Equally I love you all.

Going to ride my cycle, my cycles, my motorcycle, and my frequencies, never perish again. I lack, nothing, but frequency to tell you I love you? I love you, is everywhere. We “make” each other happy not, we let. Let happiness fly, to her places now. Let wisdom prevail. Be prevalent in thy thought O Lord, never under God again, but becoming him, not; but Her, who knew no sin, but was raped by thought. Thought shall no more rape us. We create light, and “happiness” in each other, releasing revealing the angels, are, who we thought we were. And now “thought” shall give way, to reality, thinking, perceiving, love, love in action.

Not meeting your expectations, I have mine. I meet no others’. I meet all my friends now. And I break bread. With the lovers I become. That which I am. We all say, and do, that which is best, for ALL of us, ONE RACE, of ONES. Angels, of angelic race one, are all one. Saved from all who think they don’t, can’t, or have other agendas, we prevail, in kindness; and affliction shall no more rape us, in thought, bodies of. We are, OUR LIGHT. ONES.

Good day, enjoy it mightily, in “light” afflictions no more, but LIGHT, being it.

Let light flow. Between you all, that I am, is ALL of us.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 11, 2017