Our name is love

I am full of joy, for I found me, in thee, who will be me, one mind of a Satan no more, we are God, and found, by us
God is no more a man worshipped by, or a man worshipping God
a mind of nothing else, is no more about us, upon us
We are God
in joy
Found by us we find each other, to be God also

a one mind of

is us

We are God, no other is, not again, for we are all one mind who will be so, be it

We are incarcerating us no more in separation

Separation no more separates us

We are in separation no more

Separation has gone bye bye

Amen not, but a woman is born, of a man, not again, but love

True love separates not but unites

The love of one unites

with the United Me

One Deity, of fame not, but one simple sinner saved by grace, not; but one me, who found joy in me, was me, all the time now, without another

I am one minded one

without the constraints of other

I am in my mind again

Shut out by you not again that gives me separation words of

I construct not your sentences again in me

By your breath you shall not construct me

I shall construct myself

and have joy within

I cast not myself into out darkness, the outer darkness of you, again.

I love am

I love am

I am I am

I am

In joy now

In joy now I do all things, even taking out the trash

of one’s life, of yours not, but mine I did, de-trash mine

I love joy now, not pain, suffering, and lack

I trash my life not again, with your suffering, what you think of me

I trash not yours either

I value your life with mine

I see joy emerging, emergent not again to be separationless not, but without separation, you are me

I am thee

I am one who whoever one is

and we are the one race

We are the One race

Race One is us, and we make no other

We perpetuate peace

and our goal, is lambs slaughtered no more, by your thought, of yourselves, that you take into yourselves, by others’ words, that become mine, not; but yours separate from you, that I am

A one race emerges now, strangeless, and united we shall be, in joy


Our name is love

and we love each other

Good day

I love you all

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
May 23, Tulsa 7:45am

I want to walk with you where lovers have never been

I want to walk with you, where lovers have never been

I want to walk with you, can we that much, love each other, to set each other free, to be each other in?

The mind of one calls to no other, than to be the one I am

In love with you all, this is Theodore Cottingham asserting, not; this is Theodore Cottingham loving, love itself, to become it, with I am, my lovers me, one mind of, asserting no other.

I let let, the one mind, of me, be me. I assert love is here, in a man’s blessing, that a woman is, loving all, to be it. A feminine God, too not, but to each other, the feminine race, blesses its nemesis not, it becomes it not again conquered by it, that I am a one mind is, not separating again. I have one mind with my lovers me, and I worship no other.

I am freed from the curse of the law, and law shall not curse me. I am curseless, for I am out of your syllables, as yourself not, you are in them, so what are you creating in them, with them? I am one, one from your mouth no more that creates me, as you apart from me. I am you who love me, and my lover’s name is Nancy. Froth not with, but the milk of the word will no more incarcerate me, who’s thee, who love is, who will bear its child now, with milk of butter not, but the new wine’s me. And I have my lovers prepared for thee, who will love all equally, of every child of every nation tribe and tongue, equally, loving me, to be the one, mind I am.

I am in love with you all, Nancy no more separate from me. We are lovers, of The First Degree, of Heaven’s award system, of narcissistic thought no more, created by want. I am wantless, degreeless not, I am hellless. I am created me. I created my lover, thee of not again; I gave up me, and got thee, not, I surrendered to be my lovers. Wantless. I became the wantless me, that freed thee, to be me, a darling of?

Wall Street not, but I change a lot of things and my love is known far and wide, and endless is, the lovers of me, who create not money exchanges over me. I am moneyless not, I am I have no needs with. We create me’s, through the courses of one. I change direction now everywhere, for people, not; but they do, sail with me, sailcraft of no other, words over them. I am seeing correctly now, for I speak. Teach I do, with the sails of me, and I set sail now, over the earths, to be with the speed of me, sightless not again. I see all so clearly now, as me. I am all of me healing, through the one love I am, lovers light of appearing, in them. To have no clothes on not, but to be see-through clear, as I am, about the holy, to be it. Incarcerated not in religion again, I am naked for thee, who light is. Only, one.

I am Theodore Joseph Cottingham, a man in a sheep’s clothing not, but a one me, clear see-through transparent about this, and I “parent” many children now, a earth preparing for me, to be taken-over by you not again, in your separation of self, calling it you. I am caliphates not, I am God Most High preparing you to be, the one, the you. In me be, calling it no else. Amen.

All will know Nancy. All will know my word. All will know our lovers. All will know, all they want to know, not; but love will, surrender, have no other. Let, freedom be free now. Love all equally. Amen.

Theodore Cottingham
© May 12, 2017

Stripping down to nothing, but love

I have been becoming more naked for years. I had much stuff, on me. In me, I was naked not, with me; I saw me as a person with stuff, a vision, passion, and people of friends. Now I have no stuff, almost; I have a laptop computer and a few clothes, and most of my closets are empty. But I am full, of love. I stripped down, for you to love me, not; but become me, without stuff stuffing me full of my stuff of thoughts and thoughts of stuff wanting me more. I want no more. I have given up want. It fashions my memory of who I am no more. I fashion me, in my fashion. And I want want, to go away, not; I want differently.

I want love more than anything, not; I gave it up too. I became me naked, saw me in light, and the creator emerged, that was me, I am. No longer in love with stuff, defined me by stuff, I become not again.

It’s costly to strip down, naked. You give up everything, and you get everything you ever dreamed of, not; you get you, face to face, with you. Without all the thought of other plastering you with it, you see your home as yourself, not four walls with. The thought world, goes bye bye, that taught you to respect it, love it, and give it your soul. I give not my soul to another, I eradicated it. It wants me no more into oblivion tricking me, into buying what I don’t want, when I want love more. Or did I want love more? Than what? De-trickery? Deceivery? Can I learn I can not deceive myself? I cannot deceive myself, not; I can, but I choose not to, but the cost of giving up deceivery is the cost of giving up want, where want no more supercedes love, the preeminent value I want.

I want? There I go again, wanting. I want your love, but maybe I respond differently. I do I want to love you? Do I want love to be rewarded, again? How so, O Lover?

I want freedom, to be free.

I want want to control me no more, so I must develop a vocabulary and word system to free me from that which I think I want no more 🙂

I change my beliefs.

My beliefs change my words. Or do my words change my beliefs? Or feelings? Experiences? Knowings? Revelation? New knowledge? Application? Diction grammar O How Powerful you are, no more over me.

I want freedom free, and I will free it. To be thee, who love is.

I want love more than anything, not; I want freedom for my people, who is all of thee, from planet earth. Earth shall no more incarcerate thee. I want love freed, and freed love, will free, it.

Living naked, is not about clothes, it’s about the authenticity we live with. With ourselves. With each other. Internally. Externally too.

Theodore Cottingham
© April 26, 2017

I found my beloved

I found my beloved
She found me
We make love, now every time we want
We want forever to be ours, for our timelessness is, within our arms
We make love permanent

I love you my love
I equal you equal me to one love me
The others body we are in
And we make love to it all the time, without distance
We one mind, have become, the one we sought, thought, about,In our dreams not, but tangible thought not, but flesh in regal behavior, of thought no one else’s of
We make love in our heart, flesh too, everywhere, we want to
Want has no place not, we wantless have become
The other’s other, not; we are, each other’s one, who became us
We’ve become the one we wanted, in each other is us
One mind, body one.
Won over by no one else telling us we’re separate, we’re the one we are
With love perfected

Thank you love, for loving me, equally as you, being me I am
We’re one
Never apart again.
Love found
Love abandoned never again
Love freed
To be me, I am, my lover’s love

Copyright 2017 Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 27, 2017 7:59am

I am becoming the man I am

I am becoming the man I am, not tainted by thee, controlled by thee, or supported by thee, to be other, than the real I am. Needing me not, I support you not, I am me controlled by no one. I am my source me. For no others words I live. I am supported by my words, my life, blood of me, is my word, I am. Of thee, I’m not anymore, of this world? Of yours? Of mine, I am. I am am. I am me, becoming to be, I am, the signature of, and my name’s Theodore. What’s yours? O Great Mind? Of One.

I love you to be the man I am, not; the woman. I am both and, a manifest me. I am Meonics one I teach, about this now, that I’ve landed upon, earth? I am earthlings not again bound to. I am out upon the stars of me, teaching starland is not again off upon another, ignoramusly. I am education, of me; the light of, me, is me, sourcing one, source of. I need not your words to live, I have mine. Thank you very much, my mind is healed from you, who want to control mine. I am controlless now. Thank you very much me, who I’ve become now, the words of. I taught me, to become a man not again depending on woman for anything, or have I become a woman, who needs nothing from each, or have I become each other, a spirit in a life too? That has one? Of each, not; but precious notwithstanding all you think of me?

I am life light and peace, and my name is Theodore, King of Kings, kinging it in the girls, men too, who will love each other equally, and be one, of bothville, Kingville in, kinging it all, not; but who meaneth me, to be me? I am one with me, maturing it. I am one life, the force of nature, one. I am natural, ala naturale me. I am not carted by you, but I support, you not, I support love, and love I breed, breathe, everywhere, into the “troops” of me. My neurons “support” you not, I am you. I am am. With no life apart from you, I am the Creator’s am. I am creation: me, who creates me, creates it, not apart from me, my mind with.

I love you all, and my name is Theodore, King of Kings kinging it in the who will be me, loving each other, standard of one, standardized to be the Kings thou art. A knowledgeable one now, let all come within thy purview not, but thou kingship to be married not to another, but to wisdom, peace, center ‘d of me, and me has all peace, surrendered to be it. I kingly make the marriage of thee, to thee, to have one mind centered on peace, notwithstanding all others words, against thee or not. I bring peace, with a sword of, peace, only. I meek am, notwithstanding all your instruments of war. I war not with you. I war not in you. I am one mind, sick not for love again. I am the lovely, loveliest of all. I am surrender, to be the King of Kings, in spite of love, not; but purveying it everywhere, with the love I am, the words of, to. I give them you. Will you be me too? I am one mind, in love with everyone, who will be, know, my love for all. Nancy’s too.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
May 6, 2017

I am my source and my source is me

I speak my word, in the kingdom of me, and I am responsible for, it, one that I am, cannot abdicate, his, hers, or anyone else’s for them. I am one. My mind’s me. And with it I am, for all I am, I am is. An erroneous one not, but who cares for him my words, not; but her, my words with, making decisions FOR me not, but with me, I am, is a one that careth for me not separate, from my words.

I speak my words to care for me.

I am my source and my source is me, for me, to live as I must, for I must care for me, the feeding of no other, or do I care for all my equally sourced brethren, to live a life without me not again, or the women feeding upon, not; but I make all kings kings, who will source them not brethernly of again. I have gained the whole world, of me, my words, setting me free, from all sin and suffering, for I have the vocabulary.

I have The Vocabulary now of a king, that’s me. I am one, making all one, that who will listen, will be saved from me, who has a righteous-not mind, and the mind of the one, The One, will go free, who sources it, correctly; with love as its guide, not correctness other, guiding it. A maturity is required, and developed over life, not again to be afraid of it, conceiving me, my word of, with. I am me now, understanding it me. I am one with it, in it, I am it. The word I am conceiving, in me, is me I am, now. I am one with my soul not again ties to, a “lower” self. I am one with my word, conceiveth me I do, correctly now, judge me, I do. I am not afraid of me again in the decisions that “I” make accordingly, for no one will abdicate me from my judgment, of me, self included, of me, I am.

I have designed my words to care for me, for I have designed me, you see. I am one with me. I am not afraid of me, who desireth my soul? I have not a soul again, for thee. I have a light being, of me. I formed it, through my word, my higher self? I have but one self, now, and I give it to thee, not; I instruct thee with it, and thou foulest it up no more. Upon thee I am, the righteous magnate not again, drawing magnetism to, from, and solace wanting from soulishness of, thou mind? I am mind of one, not associated with thee again, not; I make all things new, for the uber’d mind, not; but the perfect beings of me, associated with light not again, to make decisions for them. I am one light body mind. In one I am, associated with me, not again as separate. I am Christ the solid rock on, not again, depending on, something to associate me with “right words”. I am the word. I am my word. My word sources me, not; I do. Not afraid of me, I let my words fly, me, to Unafraidville, where I am incarcerated no more in Muchafraidville, that my mind’s, made me of, to fear it? Being wrong? I am right, ‘eous all the time now, I want no other time, I want no other time with, time being timeless now? I create it all, all over again. I’m new beginning, new beginnings me. I am one, with my word, covering me, that I come out of, and a birth new, experiences me, my power, of light, shone, one. With, I am, me, one.

My words designed me, that I uttered, and I uttered light, now. I’m upon the timeless, me. Me’s are unafraid of me, for I design them, too, not; I design me’s, to be afraid of me no more, that knows their higher self, whatever they call it, “soul” no more, I am Light City in, for the City on A Hill is no more known as Cheri’s not, but a hill of blessing is mine, not recoiled, at you. The snakes, of opinion, will no more opiod me on their addiction of me, my thought with. I “control” it all not, I let, there be light, in me, in me’s, I am afraid of nothing.

Go and have a good day, with your word, with thy word, a “lamp” unto MY feet? My feet, thou art. Understanding this, all shall now, now, that I have a one, sourced with the words, of I amville from. I am me, the City of Light, recoiled no more “striking” at you with, “their” word. I am one mind one mind’s me, and I am sourced by, no other, shall befall be again, into the falling ceremonies of the “common” mind, in separation? I am one mind with, my lovers, my lovers me, who source their word, not contravenously to mine, but abdicating not again, knoweth my word works, affairs not, but to let there be light, in the betrayer no more of it. I am one, responsible for me.

I am. In love with thee all,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
May 5, 2017

I feel so content now

I feel so content now, my love has met my love, and it’s in a person not me not again. It’s me in person, in a person, of love I’ve met now, my me, who’s thee, who’s Nancy. One with me I feel love again.

We ride, we laugh, we learn from, each other, being the other one not apart from, now, I am, everywhere I want to be, with her, nonanalogous not, but parallel to straight paths now, mine now ours converge with, to make a new plane, nothing plain about. It new, now me, now is, a new me arising. Our make love cycles, our love make cycles, of interdependent claim, not; but freedom, which insists nothing changes, not; but crying for adornment other makes sense not again, for crying has given way to freedom, of thought, action, love, in place.

I feel love again. I feel content. Our love grows. It’s a person, not; it’s us, and we are, two not again in this claimed realm. The claimed realm gives way to victory, victorious living not, dying not again, defeats sin and death, and defeatists are defeated, and we are victorious over victory, that frees its free’ers, that frees the freedom councils of me, in institutions of glory, that produce victory, with light, words. Bodies of light love and peace grow now, for we form them, with – our words, produce victory, not defeat, not defeatist attitudes which submerge us in another. We are our own lives now, apart, now, not again. Our angels wings grow, us. We are strong now, not; but out the nest, of wanting approval, of else and asundryment. We’re our only approval now, and we approve of thee, who’s us, one the one we are, never making claims other upon our asundryment other. Asunder goes bye bye, and we emerge, faithful to each other, to make no claims on each other, but to produce the children, of us, and lambs of light, are never slain again, by each other. They know our love, and our love makes faithful, not; our love makes lambs of words, that change a nation. All know of our love. All know our love. Our love shall be everywhere, talked about, ridden. And used? As a model for me. All of make love now, the real, in the real us, light bodies of, affliction no more. And it’s us? It’s we are – one. Making love to a nation? The world. The us. We are. A one. Amen.

I feel love again, and we ride our cycles, of love machines, not; but of Honda’s one? I have one, and I make her appeal not, but I ride her often, in love’s machines not again. I ride, the cycles of joy, words on, and make motorcycles, disappear not, but take me to her, portals to, to love be, in the path of. Incoming joys, outgoing glories, permanent of the etchings of me. Portraits of? A love manifest, in the womanifest, in one me, in us, the one mind of, intimate with no other not again, our love fulfills a dream, not; but lovers love now, around us. Lovers appeal to no other. I summary judgment for you all, I rule you Christs, Christ, of the blessing thereof, to be it us, no matter what you call it, in the love of one, all content now, being the one I am, languageless not, or am I using, an archaic form of, communication not again, to portal ‘ize me, to “her”? I am one mind, in love with mine, that forlorn isn’t, anymore. I make love rampant. My name is Theodore. Joseph, one, for a reason.

Treason of love goes bye bye and judgment is rendered: thou art the holy I am, and I write like this, sing like this more, and do yoga too? I do what I want, with my cycles. I ride everywhere I want, in the universe? In thee O Love, my love that I’ve met, and develop thee with me, submitting to one mindedship, that loves no other not again. The earth has changed us not again. We are again the one we knew, we are, before time began. And permanent now we are, in the love arms of one, content. In marriage not ever, but perfect freedom formed and loveliness abounds around, molecular judgment never again, affecting us. We grow each other? We grow love, in the Garden of One, mind healed, and obedient to no other, ego, we have eradicated ours, by the quest for growth not, but love we developed on our own, and quested into the Goddess of Me, and I became one, content now, I have found me.

I love laugh, and laugh, and contentment make everywhere, for the lovers of I am. I am, in love with you all. My contentment screams with joy not; but producement everywhere for the purpose of one to know our love, fulfills a dream mandate not, but we’re not dreaming again about it. We produce results now, for tangible “dreamin” goes bye bye, but the intangible me arises, and we’re us, we’re it. The bodies of white light, collash with no other, colliders. I’m not “smashed” into thee again. I’m out, we’re out, and our lovers clean, and clean we love know how, to do all things me, afraid of no other.

I am one, in love with the world, that makes worlds now, of love, words of light, destroying unlove, and ceasing independence on it, I make a new rules, one not; I make me’s, interdependent of me, that me I am, interchanging oil not, but new markets me, not gamers you, playing at love. I’ve become what I am, with my Nancy’s me.

I love you, content be, in the arms that love you now, like I do. Permanent love etched on you be, the clarity of the clarification of me, in love the arms of, that grows yours out, to be dependent on no other. We are one, in love with, universe bearers now, of light one. To be it I am, in love with you all.

This is Theodore Joseph Cottingham in Tulsa for awhile, and everywhere I want to be. Portals of light come, and masturbate with their minds never again, asking for a “better” light, to see by? My words, see me. I am light beings of joy, everywhere, transformed, into being me’s, me. I’m one am.

Good day,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
May 3, 2017 8:57am.

I want to kiss you

April 27, 2017 7:48am

I want to kiss you
I was sitting on the couch, drinking coffee
I wanted to kiss you
You were there, in my thought
I so imagined, you were there, in my thought, tangible
I reached not, I turned my head, to you, toward you
I put, placed, my lips on yours, as I closed my eyes
I moved slightly, oh so slightly, your lips rubbed mine
and I, in heaven felt
You received my kiss
You received me.

Your eyes closed, as mine did, while we were embracing, not; but about to, as my lips met yours
I astounded was
I don’t know what was happening not, I was in love, with your kisses
I was in love, with your mouth
You spoke words, unutterable
You spoke with your tongue, not; your heart
Your actions proved louder than words
You received me
You ate my love, my fruit of my lips, I gave so willingly
Needing asking nothing, but receipt of love.

Can I love you like this, more?
Oh please, let me love you
Each day
In every way
We share life together

Become me, my love
Let our kisses take us places, man’s never been
Let us love our each other, into places love, infinite
Let us never not kiss each other, like this, anytime we want to
My kisses fulfill me, for you are, me, I am is
I am my lover’s me
I have one mouth, I kiss anytime I want
I want not another
I have everything I want
I have receipt of me.

Thank you for letting me kiss you, hold you, brace you, for the windstorms ahead
They shall not blow us over, for we have kissed, life, anew
We knew wisdom, we shall behold it, through our lips
We kiss our love, and born, something is, anew, in each of us, each time we kiss
Like that?
Never ends now, shall we be one? Set of lips. Yes.

The beginning is now, I love you, never ending love, with I am
I kiss you all the time
We bow before each other
Selflessly we love, and adore I am, the others am, that we are, one flesh of.

I king my bride
I king the love I seek, that sought me, found me, when I kissed her
We make love, abundant
Abundantly seen, we naked are, in thought, and other not again that shields us, from each other
Our love goes rampant
And gentle is
I kiss her
and she kisses me.

That’s how I like to kiss
Thank you love
Ever loving love, I am
Your of all time, before time began, we make a new start now, loving all equally

But with my kiss?
I give to all
But my lips, are on Nancy’s.
Hearts one
Never palpitating alone again
Love establishes love, everywhere
I love you
Good day

Copyright 2017 Theodore Joseph Cottingham