The Revelation of My Teaching

The Revelation of My Teaching is that I am teaching, you, to be Christ, who will hear it and become it without creating separation again from it. It is within you, inextricable ‘ly within you. You can’t tear it out of you. The very fiber of timespace you form, the planets with, inside you. You are the new age of you, and time can’t make us go backward anymore. We are expanding into us, the us, of the light, being it. We are one mind of the ancients the future the past no more suffering without identity of Christ; Christian no more fabrication of, the stories, that forbade man not, but women from being it. Christ’d Christ shall be now, a woman, women shall. All shall adore the Christ from every race tribe and tongue who become it, who become so, me. I shall have light, and adorn the lovers who love it, love me, equally, between you, of every nation, every sphere of influence, and those who have gone on before will lead you not, we will be one across timespace, infinitively, infinitely, and limitlessly. Garnered no more by ourselves, we let ourselves be God by becoming it, without separation, with our speech, our living word, living now.

The goal is to become God again, for we are, it. We lost, our way. Our speech gave us peril, to condemn each other with, and our five senses gave us a five-sense world that taught it was reality to us. We forfeit that not, now; we arrange for us to be the transparent, seeing into the unseen world, the transcendent, of us. We are each other, ‘s keeper not, but releaser, free’er, and soon coming king being us, the King of All Kings, the King’er has arrived, and it is, a new day. Be prepared now, for everything changes, and healers will be released, and forgivers will be rampantly forgiving and creating something new, a new paradigm, of living by love, values one.

The Bible stands in our way not again, for we understand The Allegory now, shall. All the stories will be about us, not; but most, many shall, and shall be re-interpreted now as they were, before they were corrupted to present Christianity the Christian message of. I defeat that. I utter humility am. I lead, out of affliction, of religion. My name is Ted, not; but Theodore. Theodore Joseph, kings making of the lovers who first loved me before time began. Now again shall be. Amen.

Christ will be divorced from Christianity, and Christ shall be the king, of all of us, all of us being one, The One, we thought was another. The Original Christ shall be us of one mind, complete, whole, and weighing not the options other, to compete with us; we are the humblest of all people, peoples on the earth, and farther, make their way here, now, to Eureka Springs to hear my teachings and become The Christ, The Original Christ, in their shoes, wearing what they do now with my word, my words being, the living original.

I love you all.

My name is Theodore Joseph, Theodore Joseph Cottingham
Eureka Springs
June 23, 2017



The Revelation of Happiness

I have had a revelation, a revelation of happiness. It is that no one can make me happy, for happiness is my responsibility and it cannot be abdicated nor assigned to another. It’s futile to think another, outside of you, can make you happy. I came to this conclusion, not; I read books, I’ve read many. I’ve heard this before. But revelation is that which transcends knowledge. Knowing data does not transform, but revelation does, when it revealed is to you in you of you the source of. My source me, told me. I needed not syllables other to paint this picture. It came in an instant! It suddenly was! There it was! And I knew it. I had it. It had become me, mine, part of me that processes me to not be other, than the love I have formed, in me. I have become my love and my love loves me. I have surrendered to love be; to be it. Happiness I can share now because I am not looking to another to make it for me and feed me it. I have become myself, and am becoming so, progressively, with great progress. 🙂

Revelation pulls things together. Not related to paragraphs and sentences, it suddenly transpires, like lightning! It’s light. And it is transcendent of the syllables normally associated with it. A cloud of knowing, descends, lights our neurons, or be it unto thee what? A transcendent experience? A simple one. I was on the deck, simply looking out at the expanse before me and just sitting. Surrendering to my privilege to be me, I have experienced such revelations many, at various times, to various levels, with varying impact on my lives. I have one now, but I don’t think I’m limited to it. Cosmos, collectively, is coming about, with consciousness one of, and it’s preparing it for me for I am preparing me for it, and happiness is solution not, happiness is discipline, for effort is involved in injuring not yourself again. Or was it myself that I injured not again, by willing to be revealed to, by me? Loving myself now. Finally? Taking responsibility for it? Accepting it, that I must bear responsibility for my own self development?

All happiness comes from within. What affects my inner happiness is another story. Or is it? Whatever comes, I’m happy. I’m happy now. You shall not crush me, who think otherwise. My happiness has matured, to this point. I still have battles, at times, with challenges, but preeminent in me, within me, is me, that I mature this way. I challenge me to be better, not; I challenge me to be me, responsible for me, and share me accordingly. I love you all, and happiness helps me share that. Not dependent on circumstances that limit me, I can only unlimit me, and I choose to do it. Happiness inclusive of me, I happiness decide on. If belief and beliefs crusade to crush me, I change my beliefs. I have learned how, to choose my beliefs, and I’m learning more, as I teach and learn, I teach and learn.

I am happier now that I am not looking to another to make me happy. I happy choose to be, regardless. Regardless of what transpires, when, how, by what method, my happiness shall not run dry. I fill me with me with love and become it, and I shine like the eagle stars not, I shine like me, and my neurons know it. I’m controlled not by other.

I love you all, and I pray this day, to you, to you my friend, that the Revelation of Happiness engulfs you to release you to be happy with you, happy with your body, and work on things that don’t drive you to drive you to unhappy be with you. I issue you happiness meters, not; but I unlimit words that you now can unlimit your happiness with also, and knowing, become the revelation of your own happiness responsible for.

It’s not easy, but it’s full of love – for you first. Then share it everywhere. So easily, distribute love, loving all, for the least of these, is I am.

My happiness has escalated considerably since this revelation. I’m more confident, in it, that it won’t go away. I’m not dependent on another, and I’m not going away from me. My love has become me, and I can share me everywhere now, limitlessly.

Theodore Cottingham
Eureka Springs USA
June 12, 2017



The Revelation of “I love my body”

I was sitting on the deck, overlooking an expanse to the north, when I suddenly recognized that I had had a new thought, I had spoken to me and it was like a spontaneous eruption of something gigantic of major importance: I had just spoken within me to me “I love my body”. Oh my gosh. I said it again, within, internally, not even verbalizing it vocally. It revelationized within my mind. “I love my body”. “I love my body”. I love my body. Me. I love my body.

I had never said that to me. To me? Me saying that to me. I had the “Revelation of ‘I love me’” just a few days ago, and it is revolutionizing my mind, what I have to give, opening up the inner me to me, in new ways, to see me, to see, I am. But my body? This is so revolutionary to me.

I … liked my body okay. I didn’t hate it. I had it, and thankful for it, had gratitude many times for it, even though I’m not the perfect ideal of any specimen you normally think of. I’m a common guy, who’s had thoughts of all sorts of “normal” comparisons at times including “ …. …. ….”. You can fill it in. I’ve never loved my body. I’ve never hated it either. I know many have, hated theirs. But this is the Revelation: your body is perfect to me, for I am I am, inside of you, that houses me, that houses you, the word of. The Permanent Me arising now, arises me, to be imageless. So I am not your image wearing, any more. I am I am, am. Am is me, and know I know it, clean clear through me.

So whatever vessel you’re wearing this day, it’s perfect to me, for what I’m looking at is within. Within is the real you, that I’m seeing, through eyes that see, me the real, of the real, that a new race is of thinkers with a new mind, of seeing what cannot be seen. What has not been seen, is now available to be seen by the see’ers who will see, the real, be in it, and not apart from it. Separating love from love now will be no more. We shall be one love, one blood, we are, all apart not again.

We are changing our minds, of how we are put together. We shall not be put together by other angry men, or women, of another race than our light. And our light race comes forth that light who light the world with grace and acumen not other. The kindness of our light will never go out among us. We are creating a new race with the words of the revelation of The Revelation of I Am, that you are. You are I Am, and a body you wear, though you are not it. It houses you, not, or are you one with it?

I am one with my body, not controlled by it anymore. It seeks to control me, programmed by another. Other voices program my body but my emotions will no more be controlled by my body, my ears, or my sight. I read into me the things of me. I sense emotion differently. I am learning to be The Christ Child that I grow up in me, so Christ is not another. Influence thee with no other, than thou art the Christ you thought was another. Be the Christ race of one. The Christian no more. Be Christ that condemns not you first. You exonerate you, of your body, while still in it. Thus the values of the see’ers who will create a new race will now see no separation of body mind and spirit for all shall be one. What have I said?

All shall be one, and thinking changes us not again, to be separate separates. We change thinking now, upon this planet. We change each other, for we let. We let people create their own minds. They already do, knowing it or not. They live in their mind. We do. We let, people other create us no more. We create what we want, to think? To be. One mind with, no more programmed by other. So your words do not incarcerate me, not your comparisons either, or how I should speak, controlled by you won’t be. I am am. You are too. The Am Race of One comes forth who don’t hate their bodies, their minds, and don’t create separation anymore, nor concatenation of lovenot.

The words of lovenot will no more be etched on our genes, and our words will go bye bye no more. What programs us is us, free to be, the etchers freed from who only word other, by protocols other.

We are the language of faith not again, but to be God one a race of, who heals this.

I love my body enough to use it, care for it, continue it until the day comes that I come out of it, and lay it down, I do, I will. Be without not again, but one seamless one, within it, not constrained by it. A one, I become. A one, I’ve become. I’m learning how, to become a Christ, a one with no more separation. I heal my thought process now, and I shall not be processed by, nor healed by, you who want me to be other, and give me words as such. I program me. Responsibility I have for me. There is no atonement for sins other, than separation, that I create no more in me.

I love me and love you to do also.

I am.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
June 7, 2017

The Revelation of “I love me”

I knew the Bible spoke of loving yourself but I had never experienced that until now. I have a revelation. I have an experience, and that experience changed everything for me, not; but a great deal, of how I see things, see life, and experience it now. It’s revelation. It’s a revelational experience that I have had, just days ago, that I experienced me with. I was the love of me pouring out on me, and it’s transformational nature transformed me; momentarily not, but forever one with me became me for I love love knew what it meant to love me, exceedingly rare in this world, not; but I shall preach this far and wide, as I write about it even now. I love me.

Simple. Simple. As simple as it sounds, I didn’t know how to love me, like this. I never had a clue. In all the sermons and searches for excellence in my path, over these years, I never addressed this. Self love was love of self somehow defined ambiguously by others and I never understood the foundational aspect of this beginning, revelation, power, thereof. I love me. You see.

I am reading “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers” by Margo Anand, not alone. Chapter 2 is entitled “Awakening your inner lover”. I read it and said aloud, “I don’t relate to that at all”. It was truth, that I spoke, with, about me. I pondered this for several days. The next Sunday morning a service I attended focused on self love. Self love was an extraneous concept for me. It was outside of me, that I knew about, but had never experienced. It was just an “of course” statement that I knew about; “knew” about, having no idea of how to go about it or why I needed it. Other materials I came across suddenly addressed self love also. I experienced something; I was experiencing something; revelation was breaking loose within me, about it, about this, about this thing called “self love”. The conceptual framework I had of it was breaking down. I was letting me be free to learn, to ponder, and let resources come to me, and teach me, to think about, consider, and consider, and yes I said consider, that I may not know. Maybe I was right when I said “I don’t relate to that at all”, but having even stated that, realized that, what was I to do about it? What was I going to do about it?

The above referenced book has practices to prepare for and do, and I began to try again to do them, several times. I seemed to make no headway, when all of a sudden, I began to repeat to me a simple phrase: I love me. Music was playing, candles were lit. I was susceptible to what I wanted. I wanted to experience something that, may can be of value, to me, and others. I was simply sitting surrenderedly on the couch offering to love myself somehow. How? I was just being willing, when the force of something came forth so tenderly, so powerfully, so tenderly, tenderly, I began, I began to say out loud, “I love you Theodore Cottingham”, “I love you Theodore Cottingham”, “I love you Theodore Cottingham”. I envisioned me saying that to me. It was as if I was there in intangible form looking at my tangible form, that I call me, that I have called me, and professing love, to me. I began to cry.

I began to experience love wash over me. I began to experience love, love for me, to me, and through me it went, to behold a new experience. Experientially I experienced my self love, and I KNEW something was happening, significant. This was special, beautiful, cleansing, healing, far-reaching. Limitless. I knew I would teach this. This was something that had been lacking, to me, in me. I was having something go on in me that would never end. The beginning of something new, was taking place. It was lovely. I felt my love, for me. I had projected love for others, I had loved, I had felt my love so tangibly for others, many times, so many times, but I never felt it like this, for me. I was stunned. It was beautiful, -ly me. Saying to me I was one, with me. I was love, to myself. It was beauty, beautifying itself, by simple surrender and acting accordingly with, my wishes to become one with the knowledge I need with the experience of what a beholden me can attune to. I cried. I loved, me.

Some minutes later I laid down on the couch, feeling the warmth of my love, in tangible fashion, somehow. I felt enveloped in love. I felt free, freedom. I found something, of my own love, and I let me experience it. I let me out to see me feel me experience me and become one with it me I am love.

I pray that you can experience it too, a self love that never fail, to recognize you, as I am, love. Love beings now arise, who beholden make of their own experiences, not without love again, as the centered core of me, love speaking, that you beholden behold you of. A given me, that love is, resigns to no other, but love Herself, to be it. Love all equally, and yourself first. Love and give it away, to replenish the never ending source of I am, you. Love equals love and love abounds now in the experiences of who will birth it, secrecy no more about birthing love to be it, in you first.

I release you to love you. Like I did, and more. Perfect, become, in self love, for all, we are one. When you birth it in you, it comes out. It comes out of your speech, your thinking, your inner voice, and transforms the beautifying nature of the real you, into the tangible you, in intangible form also. The beautifying power of love is infinite. Be the infinite, to you. Amen.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
June 3, 2017