When you’re ready for more than man can teach you

Haven’t you said “Is this all there is” as you sat in church or tried to pray, meditate or read a holy book? Have you examined what you believe yet, or the limitations of what has been taught you, through external ways? Are you willing to teach yourself? Are you willing to let the mind of the eternal immortal essence of creation, create through you, through its word, that comes into your consciousness, to learn from, to recreate you?

Are you ready to be out from under the authority of those that teach the writings that put you under their authority, or that of a church, religion, or set of practices that restrict you from developing your own mind?

When you decide to operate in your own authority and not someone else’s, it’s costly; for most cultures depend on tradition that makes some subservient to others. But you are not made to serve another. You are made to be you, hear your own voice, and learn from it. You have a built-in education system that needs no man to teach you. This learning system is the operation of The New Covenant that teaches you directly, directly from within, through your own voice and vocabulary, and uses your own experiences to commune and communicate with you, the essence of. The essence of you is your own energy programmed not by another. Your original essence is creativity, creativity of the creator, creation of, by your word. Religion squelches your word; I set it free. And who am I? A simple man in Eureka Springs starting a school for the surrendered who will learn to learn from their inner voice. It requires surrender, time and effort. There is no shortcut to this. You can learn to be the real consciousness of God that needs no God of separation from your own creativity, but you must learn it. You surrender to you, and your word becomes of value. Your word becomes valuable; not squandered. You learn to learn from the Consciousness of One, that one becomes, The One, along the way.

When you’re ready, consider Eureka Springs; consider the University of Light Love and Peace that I am beginning; consider my love that frees, and the methods that set one free, to be The One, The One you really are; a Consciousness of One developing it.

Theodore Cottingham