A Model for Life

Jesus became a pattern for every woman, man, and child of every nation, to become what he became and do the things he did

I have written 5 booklets that take us from orthodox Christianity into the cosmos of creation for you to create The Creator again, that’s you. Please understand that these booklets were written over a period of some 10 years, and foundationally change as you go through them. What that means is that where they begin, they do not end. They redefine the Christ message to be a metaphor for you and your life, your family, and the worlds.

Click the links below to read and download these booklets that resurrect the message that’s been lost through ritual and religion. I pray to you to open your heart to a radical redefining of who you are, and all that’s before you, as you walk out the pattern, to become it.

Jesus the Pattern -1 The Commoner

Jesus the Pattern -2 A New View

Jesus the Pattern -3 A New Path

Jesus the Pattern -4 A New Reality

Jesus the Pattern -5 The New Kingdom of True Israel

Jesus the common person is our pattern for all peoples to see the potential and capacity of every person on earth. Jesus learned how to see the unseen, hear the unfathomable, experience the unimaginable, and became the pattern for all mankind to recreate itself as God one consciousness with.

Theodore Cottingham
Eureka Springs Center for Spiritual Healing
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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