My Meditations are Lessons

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The curriculum for this School comes through the study of some 2,400 written meditations that introduce you to your own internal learning system, a system of education where you can learn to learn all things from your inner voice. No one can deny you this education for it comes from within. The fount of all knowledge is within you, all of you, of every nation tribe and tongue.

I invite you to begin reading my meditation from beginning to end, in order, as a personal document to you, not just to me or about me, but about you to you the reader student lover surrenderer, realizing these are crafted like no other, as they are created by the creator for you to create The Creator you are. They are crafted for each of us on the planet to again create the creation anew by completing the Consciousness of One, becoming The Creator.

The words of these meditations will begin to come alive in you as you read surrenderedly, carefully; not anything like you read a newspaper. Consider reading with a new motive: one of complete surrender for them to impart personal intimate knowledge and wisdom to you as you read. Read for linkages of associations to come forth, the mappings of the brain being changed by the Genetics of Truth being born in you and coming alive for you to be taught like this, through this, through these words you read, to let The True Living Word come through your own pen and mouth daily, you learning to birth the word that you are. You are the word birther of you.

These meditations contain the knowledge of God that God needs to return to being God, and that’s the real you, the limitless Godhead of one, each one being one, that One is, one being. The entity of God is all the surrendered beings of God who no longer choose separation. It is the foundation of a new race, a new race of New Creations, the newly created me that again is the Consciousness of one, who is one with the creator begetting it, to be limitless among the heavens; our name, is Israel, formless, yet within our form we create the unlimited.

Our word creates in us a new operating system. Now women and men everywhere will understand they have access to The Education of God teaching them directly from within, directly into their hearts placing the words of instruction and deliberate deliverance from fear of leadership. This is a school of leadership coming forth within every learner to learn New Creation vocabulary, New Creation manners, and values that begin to develop each ones leadership.

Explore this database of medications. Let it speak to you the energy of, realizing that some things point to me individually, yet is written to all peoples everywhere of every civilization time and character to present a Gospel of Truth that you’re it the Creator of, returning to your original form, creating yourself limitless. See my name in these Lessons as yours. Each Lesson contains multiple layers of revelation, truth, and applicability to every surrenderer’s life to birth forth transformation. See, the available opportunity now, and forfeit it not. Thank you.

The role of these meditations provide you a systematic plan through the Lessons within them for you to learn to transform yourself, into your written word, your spoken word, your energy of, thereof, one becoming one again.

Please create your new life with your authority, without the opinions of other intruding on you. Do not use your grace, power, and authority to keep yourself separate from God again. You have the power to create worlds. You are the creator of The Creator, all being one are now, taught by love, to be it, to each other, now.

This database of meditations allows you to proceed at your own pace, to study, learn and write with your own pen, your won words that you become. With others you will interface, as is, allowed by you. You The Creator, are creating you, anew, a new creation emerging, without taint of religion or force of faith otherwise. Faith is not a necessity, but surrender is.

God cannot God become, without God words, that God releases, that God creates with God, you the creations of, that create God all creation over again. A new heaven and a new earth await you, for the created of it create it.

It was in 2003 that I began to spend entire mornings experiencing an educational system for which I had no precedent – one in which God revealed God as the one who speaks, teaches, and reveals all things without limit – within each of us, IF we will surrender to it. This is beyond the ways of man. The unlimited Christ began to teach me that God is in fact a many-membered one single consciousness of many minds that operate all as one. This redefines Godship completely. The angels are God’s mind, and God is the angels. They are the existence of one.

Intimacy with One cannot be grasped or manipulated, but only surrendered to. This is – a learning system, an educational system, a process with structure and courses WITHIN the words that come forth, that came forth, and form the learning system of I am.

In many hours of silence and surrender, the words came forth that I first began to write on yellow tablets by hand, and then compelled to do so, began typing them on a laptop computer and sharing them by email. Soon writing multi-page documents daily, the words of this educational system are now simply Theodore’s Testament.

The New Covenant reveals itself this way, IN, through the surrendered, who will write, record, and become the values of, BECOMING it. Not separate from it, it is birthed this way; not through the pen of the mighty, but the surrendered who simple will be with the words carefully, wooing the words to come, nourishing the completion of The Christ within to be formed completely for a Regeneration of The Christ within the surrendered learner, seamless, seamlessly. A one being One.

Within these first-person words is the Revelation of The Christ, and how The Christ is taught to become God, a new creation of, unlimited to flesh. This process can ONLY be surrendered to; as it’s not an “adoption” process, and it cannot be controlled from outside of you. This is the process whereby The King of all Kings reveals to you directly in a learning system, a system of education, The Educational System of God The New Covenant is, that teaches you how to be it. The King replicates The King in this way, this manner, that requires ultimate sacrifice of your separation.

You will find as you read and study the meditations surrenderedly, that they are talking to you, the Real You inside of you. You will see they begin to ask you questions that you must answer; that only you can answer, from within, and then give words to, as you write the assignments you find. There are projects to be done with others and some alone. There are papers to be written, some shared with everyone else. There are recordings to be made. You will go from leadership development to leadership development revealed by experiencing it. This is where you learn by becoming the Experiential Christ in your shoes. That what this School is all about, healing you to heal others and all releasing all into the freedom of perfect love, The Love of All for All.

Surrendered to be it, we bring forth the birth, birthing the word of creation, the new creation, becoming it, not separate, learning from that which is within – The New Covenant process is. Defined this way, a school begins this way through each of us who surrender to learn the path of one, that began this way, from the experience of one. Be The One.

I love you all.

Theodore Cottingham
Eureka Springs Center for Spiritual Healing
Eureka Springs, Arkansas  72632  USA