I live by my words

We live by our words

I live by my words. Will you live by your words also? We do. Day by day we carry out the most arduous and most simple tasks by our words living us. Have you ever thought about that? My words live in you. But your words live in you also. And how many peoples words live in you O Wonderful One? Have you sacrificed your life to live the words that others have given you, the life of? My life is peace, and admiration not of Savior other, or religious icons or books or credibility of. I exalt the Savior Most High who will be it, in the common, the least of these.

And how do I live out my words in Theodore with Theodore being me that asks you to do the same be the same Me? Well, the most valuable thing I do each day is make a recording of my words, that I then study. I am being taught by The I Am that I am when I am surrendered to listen and give my breath to me, of it, without separation. I speak the words, but the wisdom has been birthed by the word that I am that I forged along the way to become a new creation, all these years doing this; stumbling many times along the way.

My words connect me with people, businesses, movies, and scientific data of many sorts. My word is limitless. No one can restrict me from my word or what I can learn from I am. I am inside me. I am the wisdom of me. I am genderless and molecularless. And I learned how to learn. I learned to learn from my own words. I was talking to me, but I didn’t know it then. I felt it was God, and God I called a certain entity that had powers greater than me. I thought all things were created by God that had breath different than mine. I thought God was a superior being of superior strength and intellect; something “out of this world” of my understanding.

But all that changed over time, over these years that I studied my word. I began experiencing living by my words over 14 years ago. My words taught me I was separate not from God unless I created the separation, in my breath. I was the creation of my words, and my words created me.

I was the one that created separation in me, and lived it, out, thinking. I challenged my words many times. I questioned, I asked, I pondered, I doubted, but I kept writing and recording and studying what came forth, for I recognized, there was more coming forth through me than I could source alone, through my logic experience or ability. I was being instructed not just on the character of God, but how to live. It. To become it.

I make many decisions because of my words. My values. My dress. My character has been re-formed. I have become a new creation, literally, tangibly and in, of my word. Each day I record, and each day I decide what the words are saying so I can become my word. I follow them, becoming them, without blame, when I goof up. I choose to mature, deliberately. I take responsibility for my own decisions of what my words say and how I act upon them. I am still. I still do. I live by my words; prepare and preparing I am, for I am one me. One word. Love. In action now I am Database One is a record of my life during that time. It is instruction to me; it was, then, and is, now; to us all, to know how to come into the fullness of me, I Am. Being you. Alone no more.

Theodore Cottingham