Vision and Mission

The Vision
The Vision is to regenerate Christ on earth in women and men of all tribes and faiths, generating the complete consciousness of God in each one to become it all connected by light birthing into our light bodies to be seamless new creations born again into becoming a race of light beings not limited to flesh. This requires education, thus a school, that transcends the learning methods of the past. This is education from within, seamless with academic instruction that releases it and strengthens the confidence and ability of each student to hear the Christchild mind within, to become the master, of your mind, creating all consciousness again, limitlessly this time.

This redefines Christ to transcend gender, embracing The Divine Feminine with Jesus being The Pattern for a new creation process, transforming our identity and personhood to that of God again, creating a new kind of individual with values of a king that kings the light generated in us to be the conscious mind of creating it, creating all creation all over again.

The Kingdom of Light in each person will be neglected no more by students relegating it to the five-sense mind. The Temple of Light will be formed correctly, and this is a process, learned, and learnable by all who surrender to form it; humility required.

The Mission
The mission is to create schools to prepare earth for transition to God status, being it, conceived in those who will transform themselves into the Consciousness of God by their word, recreating creation, themselves first. These schools will create schools and communities will form with the values that transcend the present understanding where we learn to operate in our own authority, our true authority to to recreate ourselves and the earth, and “the least of these” shall not go begging to placate flesh ego again, for I am creates I am again, and I am is a Consciousness of One, all connected, a many-membered one: I Am.

The first school is in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA, and is called Eureka Springs Center for Center for Spiritual Healing.

Your Invitation
If you are interested in going beyond what religions have offered us, into the creation of being The Creator you are, you can unleash you. You can unlearn the programming you’re received, and you can create The Christ that’s you. It’s not easy. It’s not simple. There’s transformation involved, and that takes time, dependent on you, your focus, your determination to put forth the effort required to create a new life, transforming the transformable into new creations. it’s doable. You can Christ your life. You are The Christ of you, and no one can deny you that privilege of becoming who you truly are, returning to, and become the one you thought was God, universe, or whatever name you had for it.

The Consciousness of Christ will be everywhere. This is the time, the season. The place is now, and I’m in Eureka Springs leading leaders to lead The Re-creation to what we were before time began. My name is Theodore Cottingham and I invite your consideration to contact me if you want to be part of something new, revolutionizing the Revelation of The Christ to be it you in flesh, unlimited, us all releasing each other to be forgiven for separating from each other. Thank you.

Theodore Cottingham