Everything that stands in condemnation of you is Antichrist

Everything that stands in condemnation of you is Antichrist. Antichrist is all the fools who don’t know we are Christs, a race of, where all are Christ, The Christ Being. Beings of Christ we all are; and condemn me and call me Antichrist not, for I call you all Christ, and if you judge me to be not Christ, you the Antichrist are.

Every voice that stands in condemnation of me and calls me not Christ, is Antichrist, The Antichrist, for all are one who denounce me, for I call you all Christ. A Race of. Emerges now. Amen.

Your side will be by what you believe not, you will choose sides by what you are; a denouncer of people who Christ are that tell others they are not Christ and remain so themselves; and those who tell each other they are Christ and become so, all around them Christing the Christ so that Christ emerges presentless not again, but present in power among us all, equally one.

Christ is not a theory and the Theory of Christ goes bye bye now because I am here and I am light and I eradicate the predicates upon the earth that predicted Jesus would come and be light to all and redeemer redemption of would be someone else other than you. I eradicate that mess, called religion, or not. I eradicate Christ Theory. I eradicate God Theory. I replace God no more with a Theory of God that you worship in churches mosques and temples denouncing you, that you’re not it.

God a race of rises now. I rise it. I raise it. I teach it to Christ be, and my name is Theodore, Theodore Joseph Cottingham, a new race emerging taught to be Christ all doing the things I did, I do, make all one. Again.

Theodore Cottingham