Happy days are here again

Happy days are hear again

Learning to let, is quite a process. It’s fantastic, exhilarating, and it’s … exciting. You’re not in control. Controlling the situation is not what you’re about, when you’re let – ‘ing let take its place, in you, to receive your superior choice. Your Superior Choice is not to control it. Let, has its own life. Let, has life. Let, speaks. Guides, let does, and does not control. Control is not what let is about. Let is a verb, a noun also at the same time that speaks of a spectrum of opportunity that allows let to choose, and whatever the outcome, be in agreement with it not, but okay … yielded, to the outcome. Choosing not to intervene to get what you want, want becomes not a factor, and control is undermined by your authority to let let have its way. The let way, is superior, always, in the long run.

The gratification of self, is not yielded to in instant self fulfillment of the ego, the ego’s satisfaction with itself. Let is opposed to ego not, let lets. Let happen what may, is not the modus operandi of let, nor is inaction. But action to oppose let, is control, and I don’t want control, controlling me. I don’t want control exercising its ways, over me, or in me, and I don’t want to exercise want over someone else, that has a better outcome coming to them, that I don’t know about. I may not know, even though I am I Am. I Am knows all things, but not like some think. The King of Kings lets.

The King develops maturity, in the king, in the kings, and all king each other, in process. Process is a let, process. The process of let defeats control. Control suffices the ego to exist and feeds it precious memories and feelings given it by controllers and previous sufferings as well as good times. We think we had good times, “good times” when, in the past we “enjoyed” something, something we associate as fun, or pleasurable. But wait, pleasure and fun, may be changing for us. Defined differently now. Experienced differently. On a different plane.

We are no more holding to other, who let let, take its perfect place.

Let there be light. More than creates, what we think it does, as the way we thought in the past. Light creates create. Creators we become, create, the light that creates us, the way of let, there be light now, in all things. All creations move to light. Light creates creations. I create, me. Meons by choice, neurons no more control, that which is: what I’ve called me, for I have served control, up unto now, mostly. I wanted, want, and refined it, to a perfect skill, by sight, emotion, want fulfilled, by ego. Visible empirical suffering I was in, even tormented by, that which was in me. At war with myself, ego ruled, even when I served others, mostly. Ego tormentor is. I am not, that. I don’t want that! I want to be wantless 🙂

When I am wantless, I can let. The power of let, gives me power, to create, differently, very differently. I like let. Let is my friend. Enemy never. It’s all okay. Que sera, sera, not; but let, is differently creating, me’s. Me’s let. Let is my enemy, never. Quelled I have, my enemy, for it was me, who wanted to control, me, and everything that pertained to me. I had honed my want apparatus, my thinker-mind, to a skill level of professional, wanter.

I no more serve my wanter. I no more serve the wanter. Want has gone bye bye for me, not; it is ever present in me, not again. I shall kill that sucker flat, not; but I shall not be sucked dry by my own want, of others, serving me, at my skill level, I want to make kings.

Back to want? I let. Making kings and letting kings, be kinged, is differently living life, to the full, now, for me, who I influence, teach, or rub elbows with very long. For I want want to not determine their life, for them. They king their influence can, but not by light of them, that they’ve lived in so long. We are coming out of our wisdom other, to join a light race, a Light Race, that lets. Let there be light, is their mantra, not; but ours, who see ourselves, differently now. We are not subject to molecular substitutes for light, that occur in our brain, to give us light, differently. We are not processed by neurons again that want us, want to live by. I shall no more want live by. I shall not want.

When I shall not want, I let, there be light.

I am not in lack. Therefore I don’t control. I don’t need control, nor rely on it. I love you. If I love you, I don’t control you. Happy I am, to love you, instead of control you. Happier indeed. More pleasurable, it is, to let you be happier still, too! I love happiness, distributing around everywhere! I am.

I am creating a race, of let – ‘ers. I like let. Let is me. The real me, has no lack. I am, creating me. Without want, this time. I love you.

And now? I have a bike, a new one! To me. Had about 1,190 miles on it when I bought it. Wow. I “wanted” a bike, again. I did. But I let. I let her have her perfect way, for let, is a woman. Feminine pronoun not, feminine noun. Concept not, but light, perfection of. Ways of light are perfect, without want. Want can provide, and light can too. Want provides by control, by wrapping yourselves interest in motive that controls and “serves” the plates of joy to that which senses pleasure by “memory” and anticipation of future consequences that will serve it, more pleasure. Pleasure driven economies, are taught now, to be effective, capitalism at, that receives let not, but that which produces money. I am not determined by money. My happiness is not created by money. I let.

As I let there be light in me, it’s a process that I recognize, the power of, thereof. A light process, is process, of education, that lights me. I light have, the power of. I powerful, all powerful am. I control my circumstances, in let; not in power of control. I control my happiness too. Happy days are here again, is my mantra for prophecy not, but reality, reality transcendent; that which does not depend on man, or men’s theory, of happiness. Advertisers shall not determine my happiness, level. I shall not be programmed by advertisers, impressions, promotions, no matter how many times they run a commercial, “at” me, to do what they want. Buy their product? Be their customer? They don’t want want, they want money, at all cost, forfeiting their ability to be wantless, and conceive let in me. They don’t want let, customarily, they want money, for they want control, to control, and growth be the things of that hone their skill to want more, and more, things that don’t satisfy. But the common soul, wants more and more.

I have become wantless. I defeated my soul. I killed that sucker flat, not; I learned to think a different way, live a different way, and learning it I am, as I speak this, write this, about, a lifestyle that lets me let, have all things that I want, for wantlessness now lives in me. I the creator am, of me. I create my circumstances, my light, for I determiner am, of it. I can decide, think; power I have, of the most high, being it. Now not down here on the ground, of thought, pulverized by me, in; I change all things. My name is Ted not, but Theodore, and I am one I am.

In love with you all, I bought a new bike. 🙂 I had a desire, I controlled, not; I had a desire, that I let, surface, come out of me, in ways, that defy, man’s, thoughts, of how things are done. I could have bought a bike many ways, and had many different bikes, that I thought would serve me, or that I could enjoy, times on, experiences of, with. Travels? I could have controlled my want, by want. Purposeful want, is what the world teaches. But I teach light.

Light joys in marriage to light. The default Want power, has been taken out of my life. She surfaces sometimes, not; but he does, as the power of want, seems masculine, where the power of let, is feminine. Feminine is better, for me, at this time; for I have experienced it. I desire not to control me, but let Let come to me, in light, in Light’s body, that’s I am. I have a light body, and now I commence to begin in it, anew, a new life with. Seamless. The Real Me creating me. I am one, with me. Me shall be one and behold the let.

Let has brought me a bike. Let brings me friends. I control not, I let, there be light in people, circumstances of joy now abound, I limitless have become, without lack I live, the life of me. One.

So many details about the bike purchase, details that would undermine not; but write about I will; I expect to, detail want about, and detail about let also, in these words; for I have become my word, and my word lets. My words of control no more control me. I let to let, and enjoy the fruits of, superior. Superiority I seek, not; I seek to be me, in let – ‘ville. 🙂

Let there be light in you this day, and enjoy the let -‘ing process come forth in you, as it’s a child now, an idea, a concept, that needs conception on a different level, for you to live by, it – where The Creator, you’ve become. Wobbly at first, you’ll make many mistakes at first maybe, but don’t count on it. Count the creations you that you create not, count it all joy, when you create: one. Be yourself, with, in perfect love, with you.

I am. Writing more soon,

April 10, 2017