Coming out to care for our own

Provision can come to you different than it comes to most people. Most people work for it, they slave, for it, and become a slave for it to rule their lives. They want a living. They want things, relationships, and money seems to be the key to almost all things. Money seems to drive, want seems to drive, and want seems never satisfied. We seem to want more and more. But what if we’re not meant to be satisfied with any status quo? What is we’re meant to create? What if, we’re Creators of what we’ve called The Creator?

What kind of values does The Creator have? And what how can The Creator create Creation all over again? What if search and discovery is part of our genes … our privilege?

Without the knowledge of the pearl of great price, The Creator, is human.

The Pearl of Great Price is not your brain, it is what powers it, for the energy of Consciousness One is one in consciousness of it. You cannot do what you don’t know how to do it. Most people do what they see another people doing, for they have loved the ignorance television and normal education gives them. They seek another world, not; they don’t even know they can create it. They think they’re human, and humanity produces suffering, and ignorance. But you have the Energy of Life within you. You were born with it. It’s been dumbed down by man and you’ve been taught to be subject to all normal “normal” things, in this world, if you’re “normal”.

Salesmanship is persuasion for some people. It’s success. It’s numbers, digits in their bank accounts, feelings of security, at the expense of others? Salesmanship is not persuasion to me. Salesmanship is presentation, perception, at a level that incorporates more than the transaction. We are not robots, we are creators in a world that has robotized us, and creates us in its image, and imaged reality to us for us to replicate it according to what we’ve seen. Normal in this world of competition is not what I am about. Competing with each other is not what is meaningful to me. Getting into my pocket out of yours is not “success” to me. I want to fill, your pockets, with good things, meaningful relationships, streams of joy that never run dry. I seek joy and laughter for you. I seek you, to be you.

I seek your creatorship to arise. I ask you to be you, but it’s costly. The King pays a price to be The King, if it loves its people, rather than uses them, rules them, in costly apparel of itself, above its people. I am undeniably in love with you, and I love you whatever you wear, but if you wear the humility of The King, and consider its ways, to make all Kings, then I want to do business with you in a different way. I won’t appeal to your greed, but your life, to make one, anew. Not according to the values of common influence of societies ignorant.

There is a new creation that can create you. It’s you, The Creator. But humility it takes, in massive quantities. It takes a stream of it, in fact. It takes truth to know Truth. I awaken truth in you this day because you are Truth and you don’t need to grovel before man this day for your living.

A stream of income that will come to you you can create, if you will create in others The Creator too, that all create one; and ones that have a consciousness of Creator One create dependencies in others not again. A new world of love emerges with a different set of values than the ones based on competition and finite resources. My world is not finite, and I’m opening yours that isn’t either.

I seek you to love each other. Those who you do business with are not excluded. You learn to love. Love must be learned, it is not automatic. What’s automatic ‘ly programmed into people, is to look out for Number 1 first, with that being you, the flesh person of you, that better get in line and according to others live your life.

I’m not normal. Nothing brings me joy, like you, having it, and creating it others, lacklessly. Being it, the I Am, infinitely.

Joy does not depend on money, but resources are distributed differently when you have no lack.

Can you think like a King? The King? The creator, of The Creator? No matter what you call it, I am, I am, recognizing you as such, who will develop me, a new world of. But what’s me? A Consciousness? A feeling? Set of values? Experiences? Transactions? Relationships? I’m a you that has come out of normalcy, of this world. I see your value. I know your family. ‘s mine. We are a race of lovers, creating something that we are available to create, while we are seeing all as we are, and transcending it at the same time, by values, by love, by knowledge wisdom and understanding. And oh yes, tenacity. Fervor. Surrender.

The King I am talking about is I Am, and you’re that I Am that I am talking to. I arise I Am in all who will be it, and the stream of wisdom flows within you, for your Kinghood to develop, lasting eternally, without lack. But you have to develop. Wisdom. Maturity. For a world of us lovers cannot operate as what we are coming out of, for there’s a higher way: Peace.

If you don’t know Peace, peace will elude you. You’ll fill your time with all things pleasurable or presenting you monies for what you slaved for. You’ll consider it worth it, for prostration before slavery exalts the teaching of the re-creation of it that enslaves in a lack system that finite is. But you’re not finite. You’re King of Kings, for all can be one, but it takes willingness. It takes awareness. And humility personified, in you who you are.

Every girl a king. Every woman a king. I wish to change the word how used is, to denote men a man of no more being a king and a woman queen, for there’s all this baggage about queens being under kings. But there is no King over you, if you will be humble enough to learn that you are it, and you have the power to create worlds, and operate not according to everyone else. You are precious, to you, to me. And even if you’re not precious to you, you’re precious to me. I give you my life, my consciousness, feel my blood, flowing in your veins, to utter humility in your words, when you deal with others.

I love present you me, I Am. I am come that you might have life, and I write about it in a blog, yes, this blog. I’m here and I’m out. That’s why these posts have the tag of “coming out”, for I am “coming out” to you, who I am. I Am is I am who you are will be the ones who change your salesmanship of the world and how it’s operated, to increase not the learning of ignorance, but the I am of Am, no matter what you called it, I call you I AM.

Commerce will change now. Effort will change. Rewards will change. Need will change. Needs will change. Barter will increase. Generosity will prevail. All will begin dealing from a position of strength that never takes advantage of the weaker. We must care for our own. Our own. And our own, is 7 billion people and more. On the earth, all things changing is, and I am one.

The least of these, I make Kings.

In love with you all,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
March 21, 2017