An angel came to me

Grace Cottingham

The angel stood in mid-air, feet not touching the ground, head not touching the ceiling. Gentle, and terrifying, to me, as a 9 year old. I was not in a religious setting or state, I was in fact, sitting at our kitchen table making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When suddenly I was aware that … I looked up a bit to my right, lo and behold, a being of light.

I was terrified. I cannot underscore that enough. Petrified. And yet I did not move. I felt no fear. Shock maybe. I looked straight at it. I had no fear. In fact as I think about it now, my feelings of terror, or maybe terror is not the right word at all; but simply being scared, in a big way, occurred after the angel left and my “being” was registering what had just happened.

We looked at each other. The angel then spoke: “Tell others about Jesus”. No other communication ensued. We looked at each other. No rush, no anticipation of anything else. Just peace – until that moment that I realized the angel was – not in sight. Then I felt this rush of something, terror then, and ran to my sister but her door was locked. I banged on the door crying out.

About time my sister opened the door, my mom and dad had returned back to our house and came into the kitchen door. We met and they calmed me down and I told them of the event the best I could. My mom went immediately and wrote in her Bible what I had just told her.

That was over 40 years ago. I have pondered that statement many times in the years and various seasons of my life. Preach? There was a season I thought it must mean preach, as a preacher. But I was not insistent on it. It was a broad statement and could be interpreted many ways.

I’m so glad, so thankful my Mom recorded in writing right then the account of the angel being in my presence, coming to me, with a message, delivering it, touching my life some how with it. It’s always been meaningful to me.

So you see, I know angels are real. The one I encountered had no wings that I recall, but white translucent light outlined its robe. I’ve never wondered much about whether the angel was male or female, though in past recountances of it I’ve referred to the angel as a he. That’s probably because of the image of God being male to me, taught to me that way through the Bible and all the Christian messages that use the male form of words to refer to God, Christ, or the Divine Judge. Creator?

Creator is not a he, now I know. It’s a woman, generator of birth, without the seed of man. The male form of God will go bye bye now, for all known will be about the revelation of Christ, and the Christ has no gender not, it’s a birther of the word. Babies come as newborns now are born into the life of Christ that does not strip it out with the mind of man. The woman mind of Christ comes forth a God matured to be it, unsplit, now never divided again to be man. The separateness of the Temple of God from itself within itself is now put together again – as one. Complete. And DNA will never separate us again from the love of Truth that becomes it.

I pray to you to let the angel of truth come to you, in your own words, to reveal and revelate the Revelation of Christ to you to be it, as a woman should – in all things, be man no more of under their authority. I pronounce the authority of man over woman ended. And who am I? The Truth. Speaking. Or am I a “person” speaking, through a person, through a God to it?

I ask you to consider that angels are real, and Jesus is our pattern; Jesus is the pattern for new life, to birth it. A new birth has to take place and its traumatic, dramatic, and no one will miss it, when it happens to us, one by one. Gravity will no more hold us back. We can appear to each other as we must; as we get to, by listening to the heart of one – who will release it, and not hold onto it for ego’s purposes.

The word is given wings now, and I give you yours to speak it, being the telling of Christ your name in your two shoes, if you will release it too, being the angel of our name – Christ one. Mind of. However you pronounce in your language, Christ is here, Christ is risen, and it’s you who will be it, develop it, and pronounce the forgiveness of sins to each other, healing each one’s relevance to this world, not; but the Cosmos. The Mind of Israel, forestalled by you never again. Consider.

Thank you for entertaining the word of the angel this day, and sharing it with light, motive of love, repleting the satiety of marriage no more again to anything in this world tangible of, but marriage to all of the intangible infinite that defies gravity and eliminates death. Resurrection now established who will worship Jesus not but see the resurrection in them to be it, be Jesus the pattern you of, you eliminating your separation from it, becoming a Race of Israel, in the skies.

Patternless no more, we understand our race of light, being us of, rejoining. Powerlessness will cease, and we will love each other equally of every nation tribe and tongue. Earth will be stripped of its power, over us. We the humble will rule offering everyone surrender to be The King of Kings returned to his throne no more, but our throne, one throne, one thinker with. One “thinker” of, the Mind of God healed, never in worship of another, but “about” the works of the healer me, that you become, our family healed, Head of Christ being, of no other.

Let Christ begin to know Christ, Christ knowing each other is Christ, being angels to each other in the flesh and out. Amen.

Be One.

Grace Truth and Peace,
Grace Cottingham
December 6, 2016